About Me

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Hey everyone! My name is James and I am an ordinary 26-year-old guy from the east coast. I love traveling and I am a hardcore tech enthusiast. Drones, robots, cars, you name it. You could even say I’m obsessed. Every time I learn about a new model, I get super excited. excited

My Story

Growing up, movies like Star Wars and Back to the Future resonated with me. Watching all these robots, spaceships, and cool tech peaked my interest.  I would ask my parents to buy me a new piece of gear to add to my collection every time Christmas or my birthday came around. If you walked into my room you would think there was a mentally deranged engineer that lived there.

I wanted to have a career one day where I could just keep getting new toys and gadgets to try out, and of course everyone thought I was ridiculous. As I got older, reality set in.

I went to college for four years and was planning to major in Engineering. What I found out in my first semester was that the work load was way too strenuous, and I did not want my passion for tech to be destroyed. So instead, I decided to be a Computer Science major.

After graduating college I had to get a full time job. I ended up landing a job that payed well, but required me to  work in a cubicle :/.

I started this website in the hopes that someday I can quit my job and run this website full time. I want this website to be a resource for anyone who is interested in drones, robots, cars, or any other piece of tech. If I can do that, I’ll be one happy person.