Air Swimmers Shark Review: The Flying Jaws


Can you imagine what the world would be like if sharks could fly instead of swimming in the oceans? Things would be different,, and JAWS would be the strangest movie ever. Now you don’t have to imagine.

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Okay okay. Sharks can’t really fly. But robotic sharks can. Today, we are going to be reviewing the Air Swimmers Shark from William Mark Corporation. This innovative company has been making R/C toys since 1991, including the X-Zylo flying gyroscope.

What is an Air Swimmers Flying R/C Shark?

Air Swimmers flying fish are amazing helium-filled flying R/C toys that sail through the air like their live counterparts coast through water. These helium-filled fish  feature realistic motions and promise  hours of fun, but do they deliver on those promises? With this Air Swimmers Shark review, we’ll find out!

What’s In the Box?

  • Fins for your shark
  • Electronics pod that contains the receiver and battery for your shark
  • Tail motor assembly
  • Putty
  • Rubber bands and small plastic pieces
  • Tail fin
  • Clear plastic stickers
  • Balloon for filling with helium
  • Infrared remote
  • Instruction manual

First Thoughts

The packaging for your Air Swimmers Shark is made of cardboard and has been crafted with attention to detail and usability in mind. Simply snip the tape and open the box. Everything inside is neatly wrapped in plastic with the instructions and fins on top and the balloon at the bottom.

There is some assembly required with this product. Firstly, you’ll need to fill the helium balloon that is the body of your shark. This can be accomplished anywhere balloons are sold. It is, however important to make sure you use pure helium, as opposed to party mix. Then attach the shark’s fins to their required positions on the sides of the shark. Their backs are adhesive, though you might wish to tape them down more securely with clear tape.

Assemble the tail motor and attach it to the back of the shark using the included rubber bands. Then install one AAA battery in the electronics pod and three batteries in the remote. Attach the track and the control pod to the underside of the balloon. You may need an assistant for this step. When this is done, adjust the balance of your shark using the included putty.

Over all, the assembly was a simple process, though it takes a few minutes. The instructions are easy to follow. However, if you do get stuck, the company made an instructional Youtube video on how to assemble an Air Swimmer.


The Air Swimmer Shark is a large R/C creature. It measures fifty-seven inches long with tail and thirty-six inches high with fins. The body of the shark is made of a durable nylon which can be filled again and again for hours of flight time and can remain filled and not in use for two weeks.

The remote for this creature is very simple to use. There are only three buttons. The main button has a left and right half. Use this button to move the shark’s tail left and right so it looks as if it is swimming. Use the climb button to help your shark climb. The descend button helps your shark come down from the sky.

The remote also features a wire hook for attaching to keep your shark from drifting away when you are not playing with it and a compartment on the side for your leftover putty so you will have it close at hand if you need to add more or remove some from the balance of your shark.

How Does It work?

The Air Swimmers Flying Shark is a lot of fun to fly and simple to steer. With a little practice, you can have this fish swimming through the air wherever you want it.

Overall, it is basically a giant helium balloon. The track on the bottom serves as a counterweight, keeping the balloon from floating away. In order to steer the Air Swimmer, simply flap the tail fin left and right. To turn, flap more left than right or more right than left depending on which direction you want to go. Diving and climbing are handled with two arrow buttons on the remote.

Speaking of the remote, it is infrared and has a range of forty feet. Since it is infrared, it is important to always make sure that the lights on the front of the remote are pointed in the direction of the control pod on the shark.

This toy will fly just as high as the ceiling of your room. It is not suitable for use outside, however, as there are just too many air currents. Also, turn off all ceiling fans before use as if the shark crashes into the blades, the balloon will burst.

The size of this toy is both a pro and a con. It’s huge and impressive, which means it packs a lot of wow factor. However, its size means that it is probably not appropriate for small houses or apartments. This toy needs a large space where it can fly in all its glory.


Lifelike Motion

The Air Swimmer Shark moves through the air just like a real shark gliding through the water. It looks very impressive when it is flying. Steering this giant shark is relatively easy. It takes only a little practice to get it going exactly where you want.


The shark’s balloon body is refillable. Simply take it back to the party store or buy a small portable helium tank for easy filling.


This ends our Air Swimmers Shark review! This giant, helium-filled toy will be a hit with all your family and friends. However, there are a few downsides.

Firstly, batteries and helium are not included. Both of those items are relatively easy to find though helium can be costly.

Also, this is not a toy for small children to operate without supervision. The age range on the box is seven years and up, and the parts are stuck on with double-sided tape. This means that they could be pulled off by a small child.

However, cons aside, this shark is a lot of fun and would be perfect for your next party or get-together if you have a big enough space to fly it in. It truly is impressive.

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