Airsoft Sniper Loadout: The Gear You Will Definitely Need

You’ve found a good vantage on the battlefield.

Your sniper rifle is trained, and you are waiting for just the right moment.

But wait:

The sun is blinding your face and your sweating profusely.

If only you had a hat and some gloves to help you out.

As you probably guessed, without the right gear you can be pretty useless during a match.

That’s why today I am going to explain exactly what gear you need and review some of the best gear to have in your arsenal.

Airsoft Sniper Loadout Checklist

 Recommended Product
HatCondor Tactical Hat
GlovesValken V-TAC Gloves
BeltFairwin Survival Military Style Tactical Rigger Belt
Knee PadValken Tactical Knee Pad
Magazine PouchCondor MA37 Triple Magazine Pouch
BootsBelleville 880ST Waterproof & Steel Toe Boots
Rifle CaseNCSTAR CVG2907 Series Rifle Case


Before you buy your sniper gear, it is important to consider some important things about sniping in general.

What is Your Role on the Team?

The role you plan to play on your team will indicate what kinds of gear you need. The best way to figure out what role you will play is to play some games of airsoft before you buy any real gear.

That way, you can judge what role works best for you as nobody can judge that for you. After you’ve played a few games, you can see which role is best for you.

For example, Novritsch is a well-known airsoft player who uses a sniper rifle.

Familiarize yourself with the airsoft positions available for your team, perhaps asking some instruction from other players as to what the various positions do, and then you’ll know what gear to buy.

Where Will You Play?

The place you are sniping is important. Not only do different fields have different rules, but also terrain is different.

For example, if you are playing in muddy conditions, you’ll need to make sure that your boots have proper traction.

If you are playing on a small field, several acres or less, you won’t need a ghillie suit. It’s not that the camera in your suit won’t work up close.

However, you can’t just become a bush while lying there. You’ll have to break contact.

Hiding in plain sight on a small field is pointless unless you’re very fast. Ghillie suits are hot and bulky. If you don’t need to wear one, then don’t.

If you are playing on a larger field where you can break contact momentarily, you can choose a good matching camouflage.

Remember that sky is brighter than ground. This means you should not wear black. Put the darker layers of your camouflage on the bottom, and your lighter colors on top.


Does the gear you are thinking about restricting your movement? If so, you won’t want to use that type of gear.

After all, sniping is all about mobility. You need to be able to scamper from place to place to keep yourself from being noticed.


Another factor in choosing gear is your bulk. The bulkier you are, the more it will disrupt your camouflage and make you way more noticeable.

You need to be where people least expect you, and you can’t do that if you’re dressed like an armored tank.

Load-bearing Gear

It is perfectly acceptable to layer your gear. However, any load-bearing gear that you choose to wear should be on the outermost layer.

That way, you can always access your accessories, without having to find ways to squirm out of parts of your gear while on the field. Such wiggling will destroy your ability to remain hidden.

Mags and Secondaries

If you are sniping, it is a wise idea to have magazines for carrying ammunition that is not on your legs.

You also need a quick, easy way to reach your secondary weapon if you have one. This is just another thing you won’t have to scrabble around with.


Gloves are a necessity in any sniper loadout. They don’t have to be expensive though. Just a pair of cheap mechanic’s gloves will do,  although Army surplus ones have been recommended by some snipers.

Why wear gloves? They are important for three reasons. Firstly, they keep you from cutting your hands on things like rocks.

Secondly, they will prevent you from getting eaten up by mosquitos. Finally, and most importantly, they will prevent you from having plenty of BB-shaped wounds.

Knee Pads

When you are a sniper, your knees take a lot of abuse. Depending on the site, you may be crawling around a lot and you need to prevent knee injuries.

There are two types of knee pads, neoprene and hard. The neoprene ones tend to absorb shocks better than the hard ones and are best overall.

Invest in good knee pads, and you minimize the risks of a knee injury.


Long-sleeved tops and long pants are a good place to start. As mentioned above, do not wear black. It reinforces your silhouette even in dark areas.

If you buy Army surplus, it is likely that you will find camouflage that fits your location. BDU’s are always a good choice if you’re wearing Army surplus.

Go to your team and see who is hardest to pick out. X-camo is good in most environments, but woodland camo will also work. You just need to tailor your BDU style to your environment.


Though everyone knows that wearing eye protection is important, what you may not know is that most fields require you to wear goggles which have a full seal around the eyes. That way, you don’t risk a BB to the eye.

Goggles, paintball masks, and shooting masks are all appropriate eye coverings.


Though a face mask isn’t necessary per se, a nice neoprene face mask will absorb sweat and camouflage your face.

Some neoprene face masks, however, don’t have large enough breathing holes. You might need to take a hobby knife to them.


Neck shots really hurt. You want to minimize that pain. So wearing a scarf around your neck is a great idea.

Necks are also one of the most visible parts of a player’s body. If you wear a scarf, you take away your opponents’ chance to hit you there and reduce the risk of being spotted.


Hats disguise the top of your head when you’re hiding. They also keep the sun out of your eyes, allowing you to gain greater accuracy.

Pretty much any hat will do as long as it covers your head and shades your eyes. However, if possible it’s best to use one that will blend in.


If you are only running small games, a radio won’t be necessary. However, if you’re playing Capture the Flag with a big bunch of people, you need a means of communication.

Cheap radios will work fine here. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Kit Bag and Rifle Bag

You will need a bag to carry your gear from your home to the field. Once again, you don’t have to buy anything expensive. A simple, cheap bag with plenty of pockets will do.

You will also need a rifle case if you don’t plan to carry your weapon in the original box, as most fields require them.


Hydration is necessary. Even if it’s just a hydration pack on your back, you will need it if you’re playing in the heat, or if you get hot.

Chest Rig

Many airsoft players use a chest rig. This device straps onto your chest and contains pouches for holding magazines, radios, water bottle and anything else you should choose to have in there.

Low-end ones are non-upgradable, but through a system called the Molle system, you can add more pouches to your rig.

And really, that is all there is to picking gear. Now that you have an idea of what you might need, it’s time to move on to the reviews.

Belleville 880ST Waterproof Steel Toe Flight and Flight Deck Boot

Every sniper needs boots, and these are wonderful for the job. They are made of 100% waterproof leather with steel toes.

The shaft measures to the mid-calf from the arch. The soul combines a cushioned, direct-injected midsole with a waterproof bootie. These even come with soft, removable insoles for added comfort. They’re not even heavy like you might expect a steel-toed boot to be.

Valken V-TAC Full Finger Plastic Back Airsoft Gloves

These gloves from Valken are great to start with, especially if you’re not sure which kind of gloves you want, fingered or fingerless.

These gloves feature a flexible armor on the main part of the hand and abrasion-resistant padded palms.

If you’ve ever played airsoft and cut up your hands on rocks because you were trying to climb or crawl, then you know how important that palm can be.

These gloves have a lot of padding on top. This means that if you get a hand shot it no longer stings. You instead get a feeling like a penny tapping on your hand.

The gloves are also comfortable and don’t hinder your dexterity any at all. Plus, they also work with the touch screen on phones or other devices, because the fingertips are left uncovered.

No need to worry about losing your fast trigger finger with these.

NcStar CVG2907 Series Rifle Case

As listed above, you’re going to need a good rifle case for carrying your gun to and from the field as most places don’t allow you to just carry one out in view.

The outside of the case is constructed of a high-strength PVC material. This will take quite a beating, and can handle life’s dings and keep your rifle nice and safe.

Furthermore, that PVC shell is backed by high-density inner foam padding. Your gun won’t move within this foam, and the whole case is closed up with heavy-duty double zippers.

This case has a full range of sizes. That way you can carry almost any rifle or shotgun you want.

Fairwin Survival Military Style Tactical Rigger Belt Army Trainer Fire Rescue Webbing belt

If you don’t want to wear a chest rig while sniping, try out this rigger belt instead. It’s quick-drying and infinitely adjustable.

That way, you can get that fit just right. Simply clip your holster to it and go. It also has space for magazine clips, clip-on pouches, and anything else you can store in it.

It won’t hold a person’s weight, but it is a good light pistol or rifle belt.

Condor MA37 Triple Magazine Pouch

Magazine pouches are important for carrying your extra ammunition. After all, you can’t just shove them in your jeans pocket.

As a plus, this pouch works with a lot of different magazine types. There is even an adjustable top Velcro flap and a snap closure for locking.

The only downside to using these pouches is that they get heavy if loaded fully. For that reason, you’ll need a combat vest or a wide belt to clip them to.

Valken Tactical Knee Pad

You can never underestimate the power of good knee pads. These are made of durable nylon and high-impact polymer to protect and cushion your knees. If that isn’t enough, they also feature a soft cushion between your knee and the pad.

Unlike most knee pads, these are incredibly flexible. That will put an end to the horrible robot walk most knee pads make you do. They even move when you do, and the outer shell can absorb impact from different angles. The quick-release adjustable straps also make them remarkably easy to put on and take off.

The only downside to these is that the clips come off easily. You can fix that with industrial-strength glue, however.

As a sniper, you have one of the most exciting jobs on the team, but you can’t expect to hide without gear.

Now that you have read this article, however, you know not only what gear to buy but you can use the reviews at the end to buy a whole outfit of gear on your own.


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