8 Best Nerf Machine Guns of 2017: Enemies Will Beg For Mercy

Rat. Tat! Rat-a-tat-tat-tat! Your in the middle of combat, and your running to take cover. Darts whiz by your head as you hide behind a barrier. You get ready to fire back at the enemy, until you realize your out of ammo. As you wave your white flag, you wonder how the battle would have gone if you had a better Nerf gun that could hold more darts.

No need to wonder anymore! We will be exploring the best Nerf machine gun on the market today, giving you the info you will need to compete in all your Nerf battles. Prepare to be the talk of the battlefield and make your opponents run home with their tails tucked.

#1 Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

best nerf machine gun-nerf-zombie-strike-doominator-blasterFighting zombies is hard work, even if you are only doing it with friends in a local humans vs. zombies event. You need an amazing blaster to help you win the battle for humanity. The Doominator from Nerf is the perfect blaster for any game of humans Vs. zombies you want to participate in.

This blaster features four drums that hold six zombie darts each. These drums flip around as you fire, allowing you to fire twenty-four darts before you need to reload again. Twenty-four Nerf darts also come with this blaster. If you wish to fire more than that without going to collect your darts, it is necessary to have spare clips of ammunition handy.

The Doominator blaster also features a special handle that can be positioned three ways, bottom, left and right to stabilize shots. The three connection points allow for quick reconfiguration of the blaster as your zombie-fighting circumstances change. It also allows left-handed and right-handed fighters to use it with equal ease.

This blaster is also versatile enough to allow you to choose how you fire your darts. If there are only a few zombies, fire one dart at a time. However, when things get dicey, simply use slam fire mode to release a barrage of all twenty-four darts, allowing you to pulverize every zombie in your path.


#2 Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

nerf-n-strike-elite-hyperfire-blasterDo you want to pack the ultimate fire power into battle? If so, be sure to bring your Hyper Power Blaster.

This gun is the fastest motorized dart blaster Nerf has ever made. You’ll be ready to pound your opponents.

If you want to be able to fire a large amount of darts at once, then this is the perfect weapon. The Hyper Fire Blaster comes with a drum that will hold twenty-five darts. The blaster fires at a rate of five darts per second. That’s plenty of power to pummel your opponents into submission..

The Hyper Fire Blaster even comes with enough darts to fill the drum completely once. If you want to fire continuous volleys, you will need a lot more darts, which will be sold separately.

The range on this blaster is up to ninety feet. That way you can find good cover to hide behind before firing. The person you are battling will not know what they are up against.

This blaster takes four D batteries. The batteries are located in the shoulder stock.

The one downside to this blaster is that it is relatively heavy when the batteries are in. However, compared to similar blasters, this one is actually relatively balanced and comfortable.


#3 Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

nerf-zombie-strike-flipfury-blasterMany people play Humans Vs. Zombies on their local college campuses every year. Perhaps that is why Nerf has created the special Zombie Strike series. If you want to lay down a quick barrage of fire, the Flip Fury is the blaster for you.

This blaster looks like a pistol, but fires like a machine gun. It comes with twelve Zombie Strike Darts. These darts fit into the included dual flipping drums. Load the blaster and prepare to wipe out the zombie menace stalking your streets.

The Flip Fury is incredibly accurate for both long range and close range fire. It shoots perfectly where you aim and has a range of up to ninety feet, making it easy to pick off single zombies if you feel thus inclined.

Switching between the two drums on this excellent blaster is simple. Just pull a trigger and the drum flips flawlessly so you can keep on fighting.

Reloading the Flip Fury is also a breeze. Simply slide in the darts and make sure that they are completely seated in the drums. If your darts happen to jam, there is a door that will allow you to unjam the blaster.

The wood texture grip on this blaster is extremely comfortable, making firing it very enjoyable. It makes the perfect sidearm as well, if you happen to have a sling for it.

The CS18 requires four C batteries. These batteries are sold separately, and the blaster cannot be fired at all without batteries.


#4 Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

nerf-n-strike-elite-rhino-fire-blasterEvery combatant wants to have plenty of fire power at their disposal when facing an opponent. That’s where the Rhino-Fire Blaster comes in. This gun features two magazines, each holding twenty-five elite darts. The motorized firing also puts you in control. Decide the rate of fire and then blast away, pelting opponents up to ninety feet from you.

The Rhino-fire blaster also features extreme versatility. Remove the included tripod when you are on the move or use it to steady your shots when you happen to be firing from a safe location.

The blaster requires six D batteries. This can be considered a downside to some people, as the batteries make this blaster a bit heavier than some others. However, to combat this, the blaster also allows for single-dart firing if you don’t put batteries inside.

Another downside to the blaster is that it sometimes jams. All dart blasters will occasionally jam, but the more moving parts they have the more this tends to happen. Jams are not hard to fix. However, when you are in the middle of a battle, a jam is the last thing you want.


#5 Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

nerf-n-strike-elite-rapidstrike-cs-18-blasterMoving quickly when you are on a mission is paramount. The CS18 Blaster makes that mobility possible while still giving you fire power and versatility.

The blaster comes with a see-through clip that will hold eighteen darts, allowing you to quickly check your firepower. You don’t even have to buy anything to get started except the batteries.

The range on the CS18 is seventy-five feet. This means that you can lay down a blanket of fire or create an all-out blitz. If you wish to fire more darts than the equipped magazine will hold, this blaster can support multiple magazines, meaning that you can just keep right on firing.

The CS18 blaster comes equipped with the acceleration button. Push this button to fire up the motor for blinding-fast shots.

There are a few downsides to this blaster. First, the CS18 doesn’t have a silencer. There is a small whirring sound that happens when you are preparing to fire. This might give your target a general idea of your location. Furthermore, the darts tend to go a bit wide of where you aim. That is why, if you plan on using this blaster, it is a good idea to use it to spray volleys of cover fire as opposed to shooting one dart at a time.


#6 Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon

nerf-n-strike-mega-mega-mastodonIf you prefer your Nerf warfare to include motorized megablasters, then the Nerf Mega Mega Mastodon might be perfect. This is the first motorized mega-blaster that Nerf has ever made, and it really lives up to the Nerf name.

The Mega Mega Mastodon features a rotating twenty-four dart drum. Darts are included with this blaster, as they are with most Nerf blasters. As a bonus, these darts can be fired up to a hundred feet away, meaning your opponents will have to run a long way to be out of range of your barrage of missiles. The blaster comes with twenty-four mega whistler darts, enough for one barrage. However, packs of extra whistler darts can be bought separately, allowing you to reload again and again.

This is a decently heavy blaster. However, it comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. This shoulder strap also allows you to properly steady your shots as you move.

This blaster is huge, perfect for intimidating your opponents. It will be very difficult for someone to rush you while you have this beast. It’s great at laying down suppressive fire while still being accurate enough to use as a single-fire rifle.

The only possible downside to the mega Mastodon is that it takes six D batteries which are not included.


#7 Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster 

nerf-rival-khaos-mxvi-4000-blasterAre you ready to graduate to a more advanced blaster? Are you ready to dominate your Nerf wars? Are you ready to overpower your opponents in head-to-head competition? If so, then the Khaos Blaster is the perfect weapon of choice.

This blaster will fire up to forty rounds of high-impact ammunition at a velocity of up to one hundred feet per second or thirty miles per second, meaning you can unleash mayhem on the competition.

Reloading this blaster is really simple. It features an ambidextrous magazine release and an easy load magazine. The magazine features four tubes, each holding ten rounds. To reload, simply pull up the flip tops on the tubes. Then push down the spring locks to lock them in place and drop in the rounds. It’s just as fast as reloading the twelve-round magazines from other Nerf blasters. If you manage to jam while reloading, there is a jam door on the right side of the body.

The Khaos also features flip up front and back sites and tactical rails. These features make aiming even easier than before, as well as adding to the authenticity of the blaster.

The Khaos blaster is quite large. This blaster is not recommended for anyone under fourteen years of age. It takes six D batteries to operate. The batteries are not included. We’d recommend buying rechargeable batteries for this blaster as it does eat batteries.


#8 Nerf N-strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

nerf-n-strike-elite-retaliator-blasterWhen you are going into Nerf battle, it is important to be prepared and to have the right blaster for the mission at hand. But you can’t prepare for every eventuality without carrying multiple blasters… Until now. The Nerf Retaliator Blaster is actually four blasters in one. Simply change components to give yourself the right blaster for any situation you may encounter.

The retaliator features an attachable stock for steadying your shots, a barrel extension with both top and bottom tactical rails and an assault grip that can be attached to any tactical rail. Furthermore, these interchangeable parts can be used on some other N-strike Elite blasters.

The core blaster is powered by a clip that holds twelve Elite darts. These darts are compatible with all Elite N-strike blasters.

The range of this blaster is slightly less than some, at only seventy-five feet. However, that is still plenty of distance to pick off your opponents.

There are a few downsides to this blaster. Firstly, it isn’t an automatic. It fires only one dart at a time. Dart accuracy is also a bit off and sometimes the darts start to corkscrew after twenty-five feet or so. Adding the barrel extension increases the accuracy but trims the range. But even with these downsides, the Retaliator is a good blaster, and it doesn’t take batteries. That means it’s ready to play with straight from the box.



If you are going into Nerf battle, make sure you have the best nerf machine gun blaster. All you have to do is pick the proper blaster for your situation and teach your co-workers or friends who is really the boss of the battle.

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  1. Just to be clear, nerf machine guns are fully-automatic, magazine-fed(most of the time), and without any manual priming.

    With that said, here’s the real list of best machine guns:

    1:Nerf Rival Nemesis
    2:Modulus Regulator
    3:Rapidstrike CS-18
    4:Rival Khaos
    5:Mega Mastodon
    6:Elite Rhinofire
    7:Elite Hyperfire
    8:Cam ECS-12
    9:Stampede ECS-18
    10:Vulcan EBF-35

    Best submachine nerf guns:
    1:Rival Zeus
    2:Elite Stryfe
    3:Modulus ECS-10
    4:Elite Demolisher
    5:Rayven CS-18
    6:Impact Zone Desolator

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