Best Nerf Pistol of 2017

Nerf warfare can be brutal, and it is necessary to have the right blaster to cream your opponents. If a machine-gun style blaster isn’t for you, then perhaps you need the best nerf pistol possible, and that’s where the Elite Drone comes in.

Today, I am going to share with you the top ten best Nerf pistols on the market today. Each of these amazing firearms is unique, and will bring something special to your next Humans Vs. Zombies battle or Nerf office war.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

nerf-n-strike-elite-strong-arm-blasterIn the heat of Nerf combat, you need a blaster that will provide both speed and mobility, something that can fire darts rapidly and accurately. That’s where the N-strike Elite Strong-arm blaster comes in.

This blaster is designed for quick draws and maximum speed. The rotating barrel holds six darts, so the amount of ammunition per reload isn’t that great. However, the blaster also features a slam fire slider. This slider allows you to release a barrage of darts as fast as you can fire. This mode is excellent for releasing bursts of darts to incapacitate enemies.

The range on this blaster is an impressive seventy-five feet. This means that you can target opponents farther away than ever before. In addition, Nerf has amped up the velocity and flight accuracy on the elite blasters, meaning that you can hit targets with ease even at great distances.

This gun is exceptionally easy to reload. Simply pop open the rotating barrel, load the elite darts and then flip the barrel closed again. The blaster also features a tactical rail, meaning you can use any tactical rail accessory you might happen to have. As usual, six elite Nerf darts are included and larger packs of darts are sold separately.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

nerf-zombie-strike-hammershot-blasterIn the war against the zombie hoards, you as a human defender have to be quick in firing your Nerf darts. You might also need to be able to fire with only one hand. If you find yourself in such a situation, then the Hammershot blaster is perfect.

This gun holds five Zombie Strike darts. Simply pull back the hammer and fire a stream of projectiles at the staggering, shuffling menace.

Reloading the Hammershot is a piece of cake. Simply cock the hammer all the way down and reload fresh darts. This way, you can be back in the battle quickly.

The range of this blaster is seventy-five feet with arcing, and thirty feet straight out. It is highly accurate and does not often jam.

The best part of this blaster is the fact that it can be both cocked and fired with one hand. Pulling back the hammer rotates the cylinder and cocks the blaster. Then you can fire and cock again.

This zombie-fighting weapon also features a comfortable wood-look cloth-wrapped grip. This makes it possible to carry the Hammershot for long periods of time without hand cramps and without getting tired.

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Nerf N-Strike Jolt Blaster

nerf-n-strike-jolt-blasterSometimes winning a Nerf war is all about stealth, but that isn’t a property of most Nerf blasters. Most of them are large and intimidating-looking. But when you want something tiny enough to sneak into a pocket for quick-action firing at a close range, grab a Jolt Blaster.

The Jolt Blaster holds two darts, so it is really only good for close-range attacks on single enemies as you sneak up on them. Sometimes, however, it is the close shots that save the day and win the battle.

This blaster is really simple. There are no moving parts, so it never jams. Simply slide in two darts and prepare to fire.

This gun is quite accurate if you are shooting in a straight line and the darts have a range of forty or fifty feet though accuracy dwindles drastically after twenty feet.

As with most Nerf blasters, two darts are included with this one. However, refill packs are sold separately. As a bonus, this gun will also work with darts that are not elite darts, as it doesn’t have a magazine, so feel free to use any kind of ammunition you might happen to own and prepare to give that person who’s been killing you the payback they deserve.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike

nerf-n-strike-elite-firestrikeHave you ever had a Nerf battle in a lowlit area? If you have, then you know that doing so is really hard as opponents can duck into the shadows. Or they could, until the Firestrike blaster came along.

This blaster features precision light-beam targeting. Simply press the light beam trigger, and illuminate targets up to fifteen feet away, making your shots easier.

The maximum range of the Firestrike is seventy-five feet. This makes it an ideal blaster for both day and night-time warfare.

The Firestrike holds two darts in reserve in chambers below the barrel. However, it can only fire one dart at a time. When it comes time to reload, simply slide another dart into the barrel, and cock the gun until the dart clicks into place. Then you are ready to fire again.

The blaster also features a tactical rail. This means you can use any tactical rail accessory and increase the blaster’s capabilities.

This gun requires two AAA batteries for the laser. However, actual firing doesn’t require batteries as there are no mechanical parts. This means you don’t have to spend all your money trying to keep your gun firing.

Most types of darts will fit in this gun. However, elite darts work best for increased accuracy. Unfortunately, whistler darts and suction darts will not fit.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster

nerf-zombie-strike-doublestrike-blasterZombies are a force to be reckoned with. They do not always fall down with just one shot. That’s where the Zombie Strike Doublestrike comes in.

This blaster fires two darts at a time from its vertically stacked twin barrels. It comes with two darts, but extra dart refill packs can be purchased.

This gun can be wielded one-handed. Simply pull back the hammer, launching two darts in a row at your opponents. It is perfect for stealth missions as you can both load and fire very quickly.

Reloading this gun is simple. Slide one dart into each of the two barrels. Then pull down the hammer to seat the darts.

The Doublestrike will accommodate all the standard types of Nerf darts. This means you do not have to buy the Zombie strike darts and you can use any spare ammunition you happen to have.

There are a couple of downsides to this blaster. Its maximum range is twenty-five feet, but after about ten feet the accuracy starts to flag. Hitting an opponent from thirty feet away is a very lucky shot. If you have larger hands, the grip is likely to not be comfortable for you, though grip modification is an option.

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Nerf A1690 N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster

nerf-a1690-n-strike-elite-triad-ex-3-blasterDo you want to pay back that one co-worker who always shoots you during the Nerf office war? If so, the Nerf Triad is for you. This tiny blaster features three barrels and will hold three darts, allowing you a few quick, close-range shots when you have run out of ammunition in your other guns.

The blaster fires from the bottom barrel first. Then it fires from the top left barrel, and finally the top right. However, you have to lock the hammer before you fire each and every time and this can be a downside to some people.

This gun features smart technology. If you have only two barrels loaded, the gun detects which are loaded and fires that way. This means you can still fire while being in the middle of a reload. Furthermore, there are no magazines to worry about. During most Nerf wars there are darts lying around. Simply pick up other people’s fallen ammunition and reload on the fly. Because of the number of darts it holds you won’t have to reload as often as people using other blasters will. The range on this gun is also comparable to the larger Elite models at fifty feet.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster

nerf-n-strike-elite-stryfe-blasterDo you like to dual wield? Do you want a blaster that you can fire with just one hand but that still packs a lot of power? If you answered yes to these questions, check out the Stryfe blaster.

The Stryfe blaster features an acceleration trigger. Hold down the trigger to rev up the motor. Then press the firing trigger to fire a stream of darts at your opponents.

This blaster also features a tactical rail. Use it to hold almost any tactical rail accessory you might have, thereby increasing your advantage in battle.

The Stryfe is modifiable. It comes with places for adding new stocks and barrels and will fit most Nerf parts you might have. It will also shoot any type of standard elite darts so you don’t have to worry so much about finding correct ammunition.

The gun requires four AA batteries. These are not included, but they do last a while. The gun will not fire without them, however.

There is one downside to this gun. It is not backward compatible. It will work with some other clips, but it will not work with any clip that isn’t designed for the Elite series of blasters. Therefore, though you can change the number of darts this gun will fire, you can’t use clips from your older blasters.

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Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock Blaster

nerf-n-strike-mega-bigshock-blasterThe Mega Big Shock Blaster is powerful enough to dominate any of your Nerf battles. Like most of the blasters on this list, it can be wielded one-handed as opposed to the larger two-handed machine gun blasters. This means you can augment it with another sidearm nicely.

The Big Shock blaster is only slightly smaller than a Triad. This means that you can easily sneak up on an opponent and fire.

The gun features a storage compartment. This means you can store a dart in reserve so that you don’t have to load quite as often. Sadly, this gun only fires one dart at a time, two darts total. This can be a big downside, as the Mega whistler darts it takes are huge and most people don’t have space for carrying many of them.

Due to the size of the darts required for this gun, you cannot use the standard elite darts. They would simply fall out of the barrel.

The range on this gun is about fifty feet per second, so not quite as far as some other Nerf blasters.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster

nerf-n-strike-elite-mega-cycloneshock-blasterThe Mega Shock Cyclone blaster is ready to take your Nerf battle to the next level. This Mega blaster fires the Mega whistler darts. This means you should get ready to rain screaming doom down upon the heads of your opponents.

The mega Cyclone holds six darts in its rotating drum. These darts are fired one at a time from the barrel. This is plenty of fire power to bring down any opponent you might find yourself faced with.

Reloading this blaster is really simple. Load the drum with six Mega whistler darts, pull the slide back and release it, aim and fire. Your darts will shriek through the air, giving your opponents plenty of heads up to the doom that is about to befall them. The drum then rotates, allowing you to fire again.

The Mega Cyclone also features a tactical rail. This allows you to add any tactical rail accessory. It is on top of the blaster so exceptionally good for adding a scope.

The range on this gun is up to ninety feet. Be careful if you are shooting in closer ranges as these darts are bigger, and will hurt if they hit you and may knock over lighter valuables.

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Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster

nerf-modulus-ionfire-blasterHave you ever wanted to build your own Nerf blaster? Now you can, with the Modulus Ionfire. This gun comes with some customizing options. If you need more, upgrade kits are available.

The Ionfire holds four darts and fires them one at a time. However, it features dart holders that can be slid onto the tactical rails to put even more darts within range for blazing fast reloads.

If you are heading into battle, this blaster comes with a barrel extension to increase distance and accuracy of your darts. If you are doing something more covert, remove the barrel and you have a stealth-sized blaster, perfect for those sneak attacks.

If that is not enough customization for you, this blaster also features upgrade kits, making it probably the most versatile blaster out there. If you have the entire system, then you will have over a thousand combinations of blaster you can make, and that makes this blaster perfect for any battle you might enter into, and the blaster even fires all standard Nerf darts.

There is one downside to this blaster, however. The grip is rather uncomfortable, and the attachment points make it better for a primary weapon than a sidearm.

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That’s the end of our best nerf pistol list. Nerf battles can be intense. However, if you have one of these pistols, you will be set for anything your opponents can throw at you. Thanks to this list, you have all the information you will need to choose the perfect blaster, and all your opponents will cower from your might.

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