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Fire in the Hole!

Boom! Brrrrrt! Pow Pow! (If you didn’t figure it out, that was a bad attempt at making tank noises) RC tanks are great for pretending you’re in a war, but you have to make sure the tank you’re using is high quality to get the most out of it. That’s where we come in.What is the best RC tank? Here is a list of the best ones on the market today. These tanks are affordable,  great in quality, and are fun to play with.

What Kind of Tank Are You Looking For?

There are all sorts of tanks you can get nowadays, and you don’t just want any old boring tank. That’s why we split up the tanks into three different categories to make it easier for you to decide. The categories are airsoft tanks, infrared battle tanks, and model tanks. Just click on whatever tank you’re interested in to learn more about it.

Overall Best RC Tank




After analyzing each of these tanks, our favorite one had to be the BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank. The BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank is a 1:72 model, and the level of detail, especially for its price, blew us away. The tank resembles the Tiger I German heavy tank that was developed in 1942 and used in World War II. The manufacturers did a great job with the design of this little guy.

The tank is made from a mix of plastic and metal and is on the smaller side of RC tanks, which may not appeal to people looking for large tanks.  For comparison, the German Tiger I is about the same size as an iPhone 6. Another downside is that the tank hatch can’t open, so keep that in mind.

The quality to price ratio of this tank is really high, and is definitely worth taking a look at. For people that don’t want to spend too much to enjoy an RC tank, this would be a great option.

Note: When you first order the tank, something important to know is that the color of the tank will be random, although they all have the camouflage style.

Best Airsoft Tanks

germantiger1160x160_German Tiger I Airsoft Battle Tank1/24$$
m1a2160x160M1A2 Abrams USA RC Battle Tank1/24$$
defenseforcetypejapan160160_Defense Force TYPE 90 Japan Battle Tank1/24$$
m1a2-abrams-iraq-war-tank-rc160160_M1A2 ABRAMS Iraq War RC Tank1/24$$
german-king-tiger-porsche-turret-airsoft-rc-battle-tank160160_German King Tiger Porsche Turret Airsoft


Who doesn’t want an RC tank that can actually shoot? That’s half the fun of playing with RC tanks. Airsoft tanks are tanks that can shoot plastic BBs, or bearing balls. Below is a list of the most popular airsoft tanks for sale right now, with what we believe is the best tank placed at the top.


Please keep in mind that the pricing may change at any time, so make sure to check amazon to see current prices and availability.

#1 German Tiger I Airsoft Battle Tank



This is a 1/24 scale model of the German Tiger. The picture does a good job of showing you how the tank will look when it arrives. The only color available is the desert camouflage. The majority of the tank is made from plastic, while some parts, such as the cannon, are made from metal.

What’s really cool about this tank is that there is a Commander figurine that you can place in the hatch (which can open and close). On top of that, the tank has cool sound effects to represent the noise of the engine and the noises of cannons firing. This tank can fire up to 20 BB bullets per reload. The maximum firing range is about 9 feet, and the BB size recommended is 6mm.

This is a nice tank, and does more than necessary for the price. I would suggest that more intermediate tank drivers use this, although beginners could probably pick it up with a bit of practice.

 #2 M1A2 Abrams USA RC Battle Tank



This 1/24 scale tank is a model of the famous Abrams tank. For the price, its detail is amazing. It features a 75-foot firing range, as well as a turret that can turn to both sides and go up and down to make your aiming easier. Since this tank is an Airsoft tank, it takes 6 MM BB pellets, a bag of which are included with your purchase. Other things are also included as well. In the box you will get all the batteries you will need, including the nine-volt battery for the remote.

Charge time on this tank is really short at only fifteen minutes. On that charge, this tank will run for an hour.This tank needs to be run indoors, though if you are careful you can run it on cement or grass. For some people, this can be quite a downside, as you can’t run it in sand or dusty places. You also can’t run it near water.

Other than that, the only downside to this tank is that the remote range is fairly low so you will need to walk along with it. Note: The manual for this tank does not tell how long to charge the batteries, so you will have to guess at it.

#3 Defense Force TYPE 90 Japan Battle Tank



The Type 90 R/c vehicle is a model of a tank created by Mitsubishi Industries between 1990 and 2009. These tanks were main battle tanks of the Japan Ground Self-defense Force.This 1/24 scale version features movement forward, backward, left, right, spin and superspin and it can also climb a bit, with the climbing gradient being 35 degrees.

The remote is programmable.This tank is made of plastic primarily. It is very detailed for its size, and the quality of detail for the price is superb. The length of this tank is sixteen inches and it’s 8.5 inches wide.If you want to fight a friend who has the same tank, this is possible. More than one of these tanks can run at a time, and you can get sixty minutes of awesome tank action on a charge.

The turret on this tank has a left and right turning angle of 320 degrees and can move up and down 30 degrees. There is a seventy-five feet firing range, so your friend cannot hide from your onslaught. The range of your remote is sixty feet, meaning if you want to chase after someone with this tank you can.

The only downside to this tank is that the tracks are a rubber belt. After a while, they can slip off when you make tight turns and you will have to put them back on. That said, this tank is a lot of fun both to shoot and to look at.

#4 M1A2 ABRAMS Iraq War RC Tank



This tank is an amazing 1/24 scale model. It is modeled after an Abrams tank, painted in Army camouflage. Unfortunately, this is the only color you can get it in. This tank features six modes of movement, and a vertical climbing grade of 35 degrees. The awesome thing about this tank is it will go over anything you throw at it. Dirt, sand, rocks, grass and mud are no big deal for this beast.

It also supports multi tank fighting, as more than one of these can run at a given time. It gets sixty minutes per charge, and charging only takes fifteen minutes.This tank is ready to run. It comes with everything you will need to start playing with it right away.

You don’t even have to buy the Airsoft pellets as it comes with a bag of battle bullets. Simply charge the batteries, load the turret, install the nine-volt battery in the remote and start a war!

The only downside is that the tracks, being rubber tend to slip a bit when going in reverse or going up hills. However, that said, this tank will climb over anything it can get traction on, no matter how steep and it is quite durable.

#5 German King Tiger Porsche Turret Airsoft RC Battle Tank



This awesome tank is a model of a German Tiger II heavy tank. These tanks were produced from 1943-1945. This tank is 1/16 scale and is a great introduction to large-sized R/c tanks. The King Tiger features the tiger II’s signature camouflage paint scheme. As a bonus, these tanks are hand-painted and fully customized, though that is not the coolest part about this tank.

The Tiger II features smoke and sounds to represent engine noises and canon firing. It also can be upgraded to have metal tracks instead of rubber. The metal tracks will not slide off as easily as the rubber ones will.Furthermore, this tank features a turret that can move in all directions.

There is also no delay of gunfire, and the turret has sound effects as it turns.The King Tiger features a 2.4 GHZ radio with anti-jamming technology. This means you can have up to twenty tanks at once running for an all-out war.Further, this tank is a master at going over obstacles. Its height and size make it capable of conquering anything you choose to throw at it with absolute ease.

The only downside to this tank is it is quite loud, so there really is no sneaking up on your friends with it.

Best Infrared Battle Tanks

rcbattlingtanks160_iPlay RC Battling Tanks10 inches$
irlaserbattletank160160_Infrared Laser Battle Tank Set14 inches$$
german-tiger-1-rc-infrared-battle-tank160160_German Tiger 1 RC Infrared Battle Tank 20 inches$$$
abrams-vs-terrorist-fort-combat-fight-m1a2-usa-tank-rc-infrared-battle-panzer-by-poco-divo__51ew-dc0e8l-_sl160_Abrams vs Terrorist-Fort Combat-Fight M1A2 USA Tank9.5 inches$
2-set-main-battle-tanks-rc-1_24-infrared-led-tank-r_c-us-mbt-160160_2-Set Main Battle Tanks RC 1/24 Infrared LED Tank R/C US MBT 14.5 inches$$

If you prefer lasers to BBs, the infrared battle tanks are the way to go. These tanks use IR technology to simulate battles, which means all the fun without the mess (or pain!).

#1 iPlay RC Battling Tanks



The iPlay RC Battling Tanks come in a pair, and they’re designed to be different from each other. There is a green tank and a brown tank. The green tank is the Tiger model, and the brown one is the Abrams model. The length of each tank is about 11 inches give or take.The tanks are controlled by a simple transmitter. The color of the transmitter is the same as the tank it controls. The green transmitter controls the green tank, and the brown transmitter controls the brown tank.

When you begin firing , the tank sends an infrared beam to where you aimed it. If you get hit by one of the beams laser, the tank becomes “damaged”. This is shown by the flashing lights on the tank.  There are also 4 LED indicators that represent the amount of lives you have left.

There are tracks on the RC tanks, and they are made from rubber. Something to keep in mind about is that these tanks struggle on carpets. They can’t turn as well, and the rubber tracks will come off often. It can get pretty annoying when that happens, so try to avoid carpets.

These tanks are great especially since you can fire at one another, which makes it great for kids, (and adults!) Two tanks at a low price is not bad at all, which is why these tanks are on this list.

#2 Infrared Laser Battle Tank Set



These infra-red battle tanks are super durable. They are about fourteen inches long, give or take to the ends of their turrets. What’s better is they come in a set. That way you get more tank for your money and don’t have to go find another to give your friend. They have pre-painted camouflage bodies and color-coordinating transmitters.These tanks are great for anyone.

The transmitters are simple to operate.But the real draw of these tanks is the special effects. There are lights and sounds to tell you when your tank is disabled, and if you are the person firing the tank also roars when you fire your turret. There is even a life-force indicator to show you exactly how much life you have left/how damaged your tank is and how fast you are going to have to flee from your pursuing friend.

The infra-red tanks feature a full range of turret rotation and a climbing gradient of 35 degrees which means they can climb some major slopes. They also have real tracks, allowing them to go off-road with no problem and they can reach a maximum speed of five to ten miles per hour, meaning they are not slow at all.

#3 German Tiger 1 RC Infrared Battle Tank



This 1/16 scale model of a German Tiger I battle tank is amazingly detailed and the quality for the price is stunning.This tank features a 2.4ghz radio system, and a maximum speed of 1.11 MPH. It features five channel functions, forward, back, left and right as well as the ability to turn on the spot for maximum maneuverability.

The reason we love this tank though is how real its firing is. This tank features a recoil system. This means that the gun will recoil just like a real tank gun when it is fired and will light up and make actual sound effects. There’s also a volume control, so you can turn the sounds completely off if you want to go in stealth mode.As both bonus and downside, this tank does not come with a battery pack.

If you want to run it with a battery pack, you will need to buy a pack and charger separately, so you are looking at a bit more of an expense. However, you do not need a battery pack to run this tank, as it will also run on AA batteries.

The downside of this is that it takes eight batteries, and they drain relatively quickly. If you intend on running this tank with batteries, we’d recommend buying rechargeable batteries. Though they cost a tiny bit more in the beginning, they’ll save you money in the long run.

#4 Abrams vs Terrorist-Fort Combat-Fight M1A2 USA Tank



Ever wanted to have a tank battle but none of your friends are around? Now you can! This small Abrams tank comes with its own opponent, a self-searching, self-rotating, self-firing terrorist fort. Try to destroy the fort without getting hit by its gunfire.Both the fort and tank are made of plastic and feature realistic gun firing sounds and lights to simulate that big kaboom when the fort is destroyed.

The tank also features realistic engine sounds as it moves.This USA Abrams tank can move forward, backward, left and right. It can also spin. The turret has 300 degrees of motion for accurate aiming. The firing range is nine feet, and the control range is about thirty.The tank and fort will get twenty minutes of play on a single charge, and that’s plenty of time for a good battle.

Speaking of battles, both the fort and the tank feature life force indicators, allowing you to tell just where you hit and how long the fort has left before you destroy it.

If you’re not into battling and just want to drive around, the tank also features a high-gripping caterpillar track. This means you can still go off road.This is a versatile set, and a lot of value for the money.

#5 2-Set Main Battle Tanks RC 1/24 Infrared LED Tank R/C US MBT



This 1/24 scale set of infra-red main battling tanks are a lot of fun. They are made of a durable plastic so they aren’t likely to break. They feature LED lights for tank battles in the dark and can move forward, backward and spin. They also feature high-grip caterpillar tracks for improved traction in off road conditions, being able to climb to inclines of attack of up to three inches. This means you could simulate a real battlefield to fight on.These tanks also feature realistic recoil firing action and sound effects when they fire.

As with most infrared tanks, these also feature a life force indicator so you can know exactly how long you have before your friend trounces you. As you lose life, you also lose function on parts of the tank, simulating damage for a more realistic effect. Also, when your tank is hit, it vibrates and there is a scream just to make this set even better.These battle tanks can get up to twenty minutes of playtime on a single charge at vigorous play, and more if you’re careful.

As a downside, battery packs can be hard to find for these models, but they will also run on disposable AA batteries. We would recommend rechargeable batteries if you are going to go this route.

Best Model Tanks

us-m41-walker-bulldog160_US M41 Walker Bulldog1/35$
fascinations-metal-earth-tiger-i-tank160160_Fascinations Metal Earth Tiger I Tank1/35$
tamiya-models-m4a3-sherman-model-kit160160_Tamiya Models M4A3 Sherman Model Kit1/35$
revell-1-35-m48a2-patton-tankRevell 1:35 M48A2 Patton Tank1/35$
tamiya-models-german-pzkfw-v-panther-ausf-a-model-kit-160160_Tamiya Models German Pzkfw V Panther Ausf A Model Kit 1/35$

If you’re more laid back and would rather admire tanks than drive them, then model tanks are the tanks for you. The manufacturers place a heavy emphasis on design, and these tanks look just like the real thing.

#1 US M41 Walker Bulldog



The M41 Walker Bulldog is a light tank used by the United States since 1941. Derivatives of this type of tank are still in service today, so it is an important piece of American history.This M41 Walker Bulldog model kit is made by Tamiya. It contains about 150 pieces that you must glue together in order to build it. The build is straightforward, easy enough for a beginner to learn on.

The instructions are easy to understand and straightforward and everything fits together nicely, though there are a few seams that may need putty and sanding to be completely sound.

The really cool thing about this kit is that it comes with three soldiers you also need to build. You get one commander and two infantrymen.The details on the tank and the figures are stunning. The company did an amazing job on this kit, though Tamiya kits generally are very well-done.

The price per details ratio on this kit is absolutely amazing. For its price, you really don’t get much better.The instructions for this kit feature a very detailed history of the M41 Bulldog as well as in-depth explanations of how to paint it, which makes it a really nice kit for anyone who is a history buff.

#2 Fascinations Metal Earth Tiger I Tank



The Tiger I was introduced in August, 1942. When it was introduced, it was the most powerful tank in the world, to the point that Allied forces refused to engage it in combat. In fact, the psychological effect of this tank was so great that the fear of it was nicknamed tigerphobia. With this etched metal model kit, you can have a Tiger I of your very own.

To build this model, you will need wire cutters. The pieces come in four inch square metal sheets. It is necessary to carefully cut them out and then put them together according to the instructions to build your model.

This is not a model kit for beginners. There are many small parts, and assembling this model, especially the wheels, requires a lot of forethought. It is tedious work, and will likely take you four to eight hours. However, if you are a person who likes a challenge, this one may be right up your alley.

Though it is challenging to build, it is really satisfying to see exactly how detailed this model is when you have finished. Every little detail you would expect on a Tiger I is there. This is an extremely accurate model.

#3 Tamiya Models M4A3 Sherman Model Kit



The Sherman Tank was produced in the USA and remained in production from 1942-1955. They are still used in other countries today. This model kit comes with optional hatch position, road wheels, drive sprockets and cupolas. It also comes with four soldiers, one commander and three infantrymen.

These soldiers are dressed in winter gear and are in combat poses.This kit is easy enough for a beginner, though it does require paint and glue. These are sold separately.Tamiya’s instruction manual is very easy to follow for this kit, and even includes a brief history of the M4 Sherman, as well as suggestions on paint and decal placement.

Another great feature of this kit is that it comes with parts trees for external stowage.The figures with this kit are really amazing. They make all kinds of really good dioramas possible. As always, Tamiya has really paid attention to detail.

This tank does not move. It is completely static. If you want it to move, you will have to press down on the model and push it. However, this isn’t recommended as it could damage your build. Despite its inability to move, this is still an amazing kit with a lot of really good detail.

#4 Revell 1:35 M48A2 Patton Tank



The Patton Tank was created in the United States. This tank had a relatively long service career, remaining in service from the 1950s to the 1990s. It is a main battle tank named after General George Patton who was one of the first proponents of the use of tanks in battle in America.This plastic model kit features stunning detail on a 1/35 scale.

It also features soft black rubber treads. These treads are movable, as is the turret. This means that you can move the tank around without having to pick it up or damage it.The decals for this kit are waterslide decals and the hatches open and close.This tank comes with an amazing number of figures. With this kit you get two crew members and six military figures.

To build this model kit, you will need a hobby knife to cut out the pieces from the sheeting they are in, as well as plastic cement and several colors of paint. None of this included with the kit, but it can all be easily found at your local hardware or hobby store.

The build for this kit is extremely simple, so perfect for even a young child. However, an adult will have to help with some parts.

#5 Tamiya Models German Pzkfw V Panther Ausf A Model Kit



The Panther tank is a German tank that was in service from 1943-1947. It was a medium tank. It is considered the best tank of World War II and served alongside the heavier Tiger I.This model is not suited for people under the age of about ten or twelve, but even so it is a model with a moderate level of pieces and requiring very little glue and paint.The hatches on this tank do not open.

This kit was made back in the seventies, when models were made primarily for children. So it may not be as accurate. However, it is still beautifully detailed. Just add the paint, and bring the magic to life. This tank does not move on its own.

Back in the seventies when it was made, the company made little motors you could install in your kits to make them move around. However, these are no longer being made.Another downside is that the top and bottom of the hull doesn’t fit together seamlessly due to the kit’s age, leaving the hull with a small under bite.

Despite those downsides, this is still a good tank for anyone who wants an affordable model tank that can be built without much fuss but that still looks great.





I hope you found this tank review helpful. These tanks are cheap in price, but really good in quality. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a RC tank (unless you’re a hardcore hobbyist!), and having cheap options is never a bad thing. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message.

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