Best RC Tire Glue

If you’re looking for glue to repair your tires, and you are not sure what to get, I would recommend the Duratrax Pit Tech Tire Glue. This is hands down the best RC tire glue on the market today.

best rc tire glue

Item Weight: .8  oz

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14+

Size: Medium

Price: See here


  • Dries very fast
  • Has a precision applicator
  • Strong durable grip
  • Great price


  • Can get messy if not used correctly

How Is This The Best RC Tire Glue?

Duratrax is a popular company when it comes to anything related to RC cars, and that includes stands and glue. They created a specifically formulated bond adhesive designed for model car tires.

Dries Fast

This glue dries extremely fast. I would not waste any time once you apply the glue on the tires as the glue dries in under 5 seconds. You have to be quick and efficient.

Precision Applicator

The glue comes with a precision applicator as well. This will reduce the chances of creating a mess while minimizing the amount of glue you use. A little bit of this glue does go a long way.

Very Affordable

The tire glues is very affordable as well. I noticed that it was a bit cheaper than the glue at a local hobby shop, which I thought was interesting.

Can Get Messy

The only downside to this glue is that it can get messy when you are using it, especially if you are not being careful. That being said, this is a problem that occurs with all kinds of glue.

Strong Durable Grip

This glue is very strong. When using it on tires, it will not come undone unless you boil it in water.

How To Store The Glue

The best way to store this glue would be in a freezer. The reason for that is the glue won’t dry up after you use it, and it won’t harden as well.

More Information

This glue works with all kind of materials. You should not have a problem if you are using this glue on materials such as aluminum rims.

This glue is also much better than super glue because super glue tends to be brittle. If your RC car crashes into something, the super glue would be more likely to break than the Duratrax glue.

I have tried many types of glue, and I have to say that the Duratrax is the best RC tire glue I have used. It is strong, dries fast, and lasts long. I would definitely recommend try it out if you haven’t.

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