Best Remote Control Dinosaur Toys of 2017

Rawrr! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Dinosaurs are on the loose… and ready to be controlled by your children! If your little ones, (or maybe you!) have decided they want a triceratops or T-rex, the Elite Drone has you covered.

Below is the veritable bestiary of the nine best remote control dinosaurs to stomp their way into your home.

World Tech Toys Dino World RC Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was supposedly the king of the dinosaurs. Relive his glory with this RC version. He walks and roars as his eyes light up and his head turns, making him look like the most ferocious creature to roam the planet.

This magnificent dinosaur stands at eleven inches tall and twenty inches long. He is also four inches wide and takes three AA batteries.

The transmitter for this toy is also special. It is shaped like a dinosaur fossil. It takes three AA batteries as well. This can be a bit of a downside as AA batteries are rather expensive. It may be necessary to buy rechargeable batteries.

The roar on this dino is super loud. It also makes excellent, and very realistic, stomping sounds just like a proper t-rex should. Further, not only do the eyes light up, but the mouth does as well. There is even a manual switch to turn off the lights if you or your children find them too scary.

The range on the controller is also quite good. However, the dinosaur will not walk on thick pile carpet, but normal carpet, hardwood and tile should work fine. This toy is an excellent value for its price point and is definitely a good buy.

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Meccano Meccasaur

Some people prefer the challenge of building their own dinosaurs and bringing them to life to buying preassembled RC dinosaur. For those people, Meccano (the company who makes erector sets) has added a new dinosaur to their product line.

Buyers of the Meccano Meccasaur will receive everything they need to put together an entire robotic dinosaur from the ground up. As a warning, this kit is a bit challenging. However, if you’ve had experience with advanced erector sets, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The Meccasaur stands at a whopping three feet long. This isn’t your typical robotic dinosaur. He is big and impressive, and a lot of fun to play with.

This dinosaur is highly programmable. You can control and program every aspect of his behavior, which makes this a perfect toy for children ages ten and up who want to get into the world of coding and robotics.

The Meccasaur can react to touch and affection. He’s extremely partial to being petted and will show his pleasure in a variety of ways.

Another great feature of the Meccasaur is that he can be programmed to guard your room. Simply set him at your door and he will scare away any intruders with a ferocious roar and flashing eyes. You’ll never have to worry about theft as long as this dino is around.

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World Tech Toys Dino World RC Velociraptor

Another giant in the world of dinosaurs was the velociraptor. This ferocious meat-eating mega beast could give a T-rex a run for its money.

Much like the T-rex, this raptor roars, stomps, walks and has flashing eyes and mouth and a turning head. He stands at sixteen inches tall by twelve inches long and looks very realistic.

This dinosaur features an easy-to-use and responsive remote control. However, if you want to use it without the remote, that is an option. There is a button on the dino that allows it to roar and the eyes to light up.

If your child loses the remote, they can still find enjoyment with their dinosaur and have plenty of imaginative play. It is important, however, to note that the dino will not walk without the remote.

The only downside to this dinosaur is that the tail is kind of fragile and can snap off. If that happens, you will have to recoil the wires inside and then reattach it. It is advisable to make sure your children aren’t pulling the tail.

This dinosaur takes three AA batteries, and three in the transmitter. It is not the fastest, but children will definitely enjoy watching it rumble about.

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Zoomer Dino

The Zoomer line of robotic pets have been around for quite a while now, but this year they added a dinosaur to their lineup. If your child would like a dinosaur that’s also a pet, this one is a good choice. It encourages role playing as well as providing hours of interactive fun for children ages eight and up.

The Zoomer Dino features technologies that sense motion and touch. This means you can pet him and if you wave your hand in front of his face, he will even recognize that you are waving at him. It is even possible to train this intelligent dinosaur to do tricks, including following you around.

Another feature of the Zoomer Dino is his mood-indicating, color-change eyes. If his eyes are green he’s happy. If they’re red, he’s angry. Make sure to give him lots of attention and affection and you can make him your loyal pet.

If you would prefer to simply control your dinosaurs, the Zoomer Dino comes equipped with an infrared controller for complete control. Use the controller to make him spin, walk, chomp and roar.

This dino can even explore your house on his two wheels. True Balance technology means that he won’t fall down. If he bumps into objects, he will sense it and turn around to go the other way. This can be very useful as it means you don’t have to go and retrieve him if he gets into a jam.

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WowWee is a company notorious for bringing us some of the most innovative toy robots ever, and with their Miposaur, they haven’t disappointed. This ferocious dino uses many technologies to make it almost like having a real dinosaur for a pet.

One of the technologies the Miposaur features is called Gesturesense. This means that not only can your dino tell that you’ve swiped your hand in front of his face but where you swiped. Swipe in one place and you might be his new best friend. Swipe another and you become a dinner target and your Miposaur will growl and chomp at you.

The Miposaur also features a track ball with six different game modes. Simply turn the knob on the ball to activate a new game. Using this ball, you can feed your Miposaur a snack, take it for a walk or even beatbox. If it is in a good mood, the Miposaur will even play fetch with the track ball.

The Miposaur is also an app-controlled dino. Download the app to your smart device and unlock the full potential of this beast. You can play with it, train it, and tame it, making it a loyal pet that will follow you and do tricks. These features are what makes Miposaur one of the best remote control dinosaurs.

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Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex Jurassic World Edition

Jurassic World’s most fearsome dinosaur has been made into a beautifully-created, collectible version of the Zoomer Dino. This dino is made to look exactly like the Indominus Rex from the film, complete with realistic movements.

Unlike regular Zoomer Dino, this one is not a pet. This is a predator stalking through your home and ready to devour you… Well, it won’t really devour you, but it is completely realistic.

This dino features advanced IR sensors, which allow it to recognize your hand. Wave your hand quickly in front of its nose, and the dinosaur will follow you. It also features an auto mode. When in this mode, your dinosaur will stomp and sneak its way around your house. It also has two pre-programmed patrol patterns.

Taunting a dinosaur is dangerous. If you taunt this Indominus Rex while it is in attack mode by waving your hand in front of its nose, it will snarl, chomp and attack everything in sight while releasing roars and growls featured in the film.

If you would rather control your Indominus Rex with a remote, that is easy to do. The dinosaur comes with a Hammond Labs inspired controller. You can even program in combo moves in control mode and then play them back. If you hit the A button on your remote, the dino will chomp its deadly teeth in a very terrifying manner.

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WowWee Roboraptor

WowWee is at it again. This time, they bring the Roboraptor. This dino is thirty-two inches long and is just ready to intimidate any smaller predators, both with his erocious looks and awesome features.

This dinosaur can “see” objects in his path with his infrared vision. This means that he can avoid obstacles, just like a real animal. He also features realistic walking, running and stalking movements, as well as a realistic sweeping tail and a swiveling head and neck.

The amazing robotic dinosaur has three distinct moods, hunting, cautious and friendly. Depending upon the mood he is in, he will react differently to stimuli.

The roboraptor features several touch sensors located in his nose, mouth and tail. Sometimes he will like to be petted, but at other times he will not, depending on how he’s feeling at the moment. This is a good way to teach children that you cannot always pet an animal, and need to pay attention to the animal’s body language.

If you would rather simply control your raptor, that is an option as well. The Roboraptor comes with a remote, allowing you to make this predator do anything you’d want him to do. He comes with forty preprogrammed moves which can then be used to program creative combinations of actions and tricks for your dino to do.

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World Tech Toys RC Creatures Remote Control Infrared T-Rex

If you or your child would like to have lifelike battles in the living room, the World Tech Toys RC Creatures Remote Control Infrared T-Rex may be perfect.

This dino stands at six inches high and eleven inches long and features a rock-shaped infrared transmitter which means that you and your children can make the dinosaurs attack each other if you have more than one.

Each remote can find a frequency to work from so there isn’t any frequency jamming. For this reason, it’s also a perfect gift for a set of twins.

Other than the spectacular controller, this dinosaur features lifelike movements and sounds. It will walk and roar just like an actual dinosaur as its eyes light up in a rather hair-raising fashion.

The body is made of a durable hard plastic, strong enough to withstand whatever abuses your child can dish out, and it’s rechargeable by a standard USB connection. Simply plug this beast into a computer for a bit and you’re ready to go. In fact, the only thing that takes replaceable batteries is the transmitter. It takes three AAA batteries.

This dinosaur is ready to stomp and roar his way into your home, and for the price, he just can’t be beat.

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ABC Dancing Dino

Do you have a toddler that loves dinosaurs? If the answer is yes, then the ABC dancing dino may be perfect. This cute and approachable dinosaur friend dances, sings, walks, talks and teaches your child, all with a push of a button on the remote.

The ABC Dancing Dino has two modes of play. In Let’s Learn mode, ABC dino asks your children questions, and confirms that they have answered correctly. In action mode, he will dance, sing and wiggle. In so doing, your children will start singing and dancing as well. This toy is good for teaching children their alphabet and other basic skills while making it so fun they won’t know they’re learning.

This RC dinosaur takes three AA batteries. Fortunately, unlike most toys, these batteries are actually included. Your child can begin playing with the ABC dinosaur right away.

This dino sings three songs to keep your children entertained, though these aren’t in conjunction with any button presses. He can sing Ba Ba Black Sheep, Bingo and This Old Man. These are tunes most children should be at least passingly familiar with, so they can sing along.

There is one downside to this toy. The learning game you can play with him is limited to three choices of letters and six colors. That prevents your child from learning as much as they possibly could.

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That’s the end of the best remote control dinosaur list. Dinosaurs are something most kids, and adults for that matter, love, and these are the best of the best. Bring one of these powerful and sometimes terrifying thunder lizards into your life, and prepare to be amazed.

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