Daily Tip #1: Staying Low

Alright, it’s 11:00 pm where I am, and here I am writing about airsoft. (I swear I have a life….. )

I decided I would attempt to write out a tip of the day to help you guys improve when it comes to airsoft, paintball, and all things related.

Not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this up for, but it should be interesting nevertheless.

So let’s jump into today’s tip which has to do with playing in airsoft matches.

Here it is:

When you can, stay low on the ground.  Many players have tunnel vision and refuse to look down at the ground.

My guess as to why this occurs is that when you’re wearing goggles and/or masks, part of your vision is blocked by the gear and prevents you from having vision below a certain point.

You can either lie down on the ground or you can crouch. This method is verrrryy effective when peeking around corners.

Try it out and you’ll be amazed at how many people you catch off guard.

This leads me to another good point:

Don’t expect other people to be standing up all the time!

For the reasons mentioned above, being aware of people on the ground (and in some cases above you) can help you perform much better in matches.

Also, if you think someone is waiting for you to pop your head around the corner, try to poke your gun around the corner as though you’re preparing to fire your weapon.

Instead of firing though, pull back your gun quickly.

Often times, you can get someone to fire their gun, which will let you know that someone’s there.

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