Daily Tip #11: BB Brands

Brands. Sometimes they’re good to pay attention to, and sometimes they aren’t.

For example, sometimes foods that have a store brand can be just as good or better than foods that are from popular name brands.

For example, I can get bread for pretty cheap while saving money. It tastes good and it’s cheaper than Wonder Bread.

So what about in airsoft?

In the case of buying pellets, they are extremely important.

Pellets that you buy at your local sports store may be cheap, but can be expensive in the long run.

If you buy low quality pellets, they can jam and ruin your gun, which will force you to get it repaired ($$), or buy a new gun ($$$).

Don’t get airsoft pellets at a local store and instead focus on buying them from high quality manufacturers.

A website I’m a big fan of is evike.com. They have a wide selection of airsoft products and they have reviews on a variety of products.

Check out their selection of BBS, and buy a highly rated one that is in the size you’re looking for.

If you are playing outdoors, try to get biodegradable ones, because you know…the environment.

It’s harder to clean pellets outdoors than indoors.

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