Daily Tip # 12: Hop Up

Hop up is an important aspect of airsoft that people (mainly beginners), tend to not pay much attention.

What is hop up?

It’s basically the backspin applied to an airsot pellet when fired from an airsoft gun.

Hop up is used to adjust the path the airsoft takes when it leaves your airsoft gun.

If you have an airsoft gun you think is performing poorly, it may be because you haven’t adjusted the hop up properly.

Having a properly adjusted hop up will allow your airsoft pellets to travel further and more accurately.

On top of having a properly adjusted hop up, the weight of your BBs can affect your airsoft gun’s performance. Heavier BBs tend to perform better than lighter BBs.

But you have to pay attention to the range.

Your accuracy may improve a bunch with the hop up and heavier BBs, but that doesn’t mean your shots will travel 460+ feet.

Keep an eye on range to understand the limits of your gun, and you’re on your way to being a better airsoft player.


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