Daily Tip #14: Retreat

Sometimes, the other team is good. You did all you can, but for some weird reason they’re landing all their shots and you’re not landing any of yours.  You’re starting to feel the heat, and you ran out of options.

So now what?

Well, you’ll have to retreat.

It’ll happen at some point, since it’s nearly impossible to win every single airsoft game, especially as a beginner.

So retreating isn’t that hard, right?

Wellllllll, I wouldn’t say it’s hard, but there is certainly a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

The Wrong Way

You’re getting pushed in so you’re forced to retreat. You decide to turn around and fire your gun while retreating.

The Right Way

You retreat to somewhere will you have time to gather your thoughts and formulate a plan of action.

SO what makes the wrong way….wrong?

Well, it’s because you took the time to turn around and fire back.

The reason this isn’t a good idea is because you’ll be slowed down by the time you’re taking to get some shots off, but also you’re likely to miss 99.99% percent of those shots.

So essentially you’re just letting the enemy team catch up to you, which is a big no-no. Just push back, regroup, and then go from there.


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