Daily Tip #2: Be Aggressive

Confidence is something that is important when competing in anything.

Whether it’s a UFC fight or the World Cup, having confidence means performing at your very best.

Having confidence in airsoft is no different.

So what is it that confident airsoft players do?

They play aggressively.

But what does playing aggressively mean?

It means that you should always be moving. Don’t be afraid of getting hit.

Here’s a question:

Is a moving target easier or more difficult to hit than a still target?

By moving constantly, you make it difficult for your opponent to hit you. That right there will help you win more matches.

Some players think that by standing still, they’ll avoid being hit. That’s unfortunately not the case. Players from the opposing team will sneak up on you and get you from behind if they spot you.

If you’re constantly moving and you do get hit, it’s not the end of the world either. You either respawn or get healed at some point.

Constantly moving is an important concept to understand when pushing up. For those that don’t know what pushing up is, it just means advancing towards the enemy.

If you’re too afraid to push up, you give the enemy time to respawn and/or get into a more advantageous position.

By not moving, you’re essentially helping the other team win.

I totally understand that as a beginner things may seem overwhelming. But the sooner you can feel comfortable with the pace of the game, the more comfortable you’ll feel moving around, and the more games you’ll win.

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