Daily Tip #8: Protection

I realized I was focusing primarily on airsoft tips this past week, so I decided I’d write about paintball today.

Edit: I realized after I finished writing this was how amusing this post was to write.

But yeah….

I love paintball almost as much as I love airsoft. There’s nothing like hitting someone with a paintball and seeing it splatter on the person.

It’s not too bad getting hit as well…depending on where you get.

So this tip is for those people who are absolutely new to the game and are unsure of certain things.

Here it is:

Buy a cup to protect your “sensitive areas”. The odds of you actually getting hit in the groin are pretty slim, but definitely not impossible.

I’m a huge fan of expecting the unexpected, and I refuse to get hit without protection.

The pain you’ll have to deal with a week after playing is not worth the couple bucks you spend to prevent the pain from happening in the first place.

Also, now that I thought about it, make sure you don’t bring valuables with you when you go play paintball. If it gets lost or stolen, chances are you won’t be getting it back.

Just lock it in your car until you finish your game, and you won’t have to have a heart attack when you reach into your pocket and realize nothing is there.

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