Hatchimal Review: Who’s Inside?

hatchimal review

On October 7, 2016 a breakthrough in robotics occurred. For the first time ever, a totally new type of robotic pet was created, one which could really hatch from an egg by pecking its way out. People all over the world went on the hunt for these elusive surprise eggs.

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Up until October 7, Spinmaster, the company behind the Hatchimal eggs, kept them a complete secret. They removed any leaked pictures quickly, and there were not even commercials until very shortly before the release. The only thing we knew at that point was that there were large white eggs with spots in various colors with no clue what could possibly be inside.

Well, today we are going to solve this mystery. We are going to crack open this egg, so to speak, and give you a closer look at the Hatchimals with this Hatchimal review.

 **I hate to say it, but it seems as though some Amazon sellers are price gouging. Make sure the Hatchimal you purchase is under $100. Hopefully Amazon bans these guys. I will update this once Amazon deals with the sellers**

 What Is a Hatchimal?

hatchimal review final picHatchimals are magical fantasy creatures that hatch from large, spotted eggs and need you to nurture, care for and help them hatch. In fact, they cannot hatch without you holding them.

Hatching a Hatchimal takes about twenty-five minutes of nurturing. It is your choice whether you do this all at once or over a longer period of time. Either way you choose, however, the creature inside the egg needs care in order to be born.

Hatchimal creatures have light-up eyes. These eyes are clearly visible through the shell of their eggs. Use the colors of their eyes to tell you what they need at any given moment. Then provide that love by tilting the egg, petting it, tapping on it or rubbing the base of the egg.

Each eye color requires a different action on your part. If you care for your Hatchimal, eventually the egg will flash rainbow and the hatchimal creature will start to peck its way out. The time for hatching has come.

 What’s In the Box

  • Hatchimal surprise egg
  • Instruction manual
  • Cheat sheet of eye colors and their meanings

 First Thoughts

The box your Hatchimal surprise egg comes in is quite large and is made entirely of shiny cardboard except for the top. There is a small window showing your egg in front, allowing you to see what color egg you have. The top of the box is a thick, plastic egg-shaped dome. This is secured to the cardboard with a number of sticky tape strips. Simply snip the tape, remove the top and slide out the inner box.

The surprise egg is secured to the inside of the package by a number of key locks slid through holes in the packaging and into slots in the egg base. To remove them, simply turn them to the left and they come right out. This removal of the key locks will also activate your Hatchimal egg. The batteries are included.


hatchimal review egg formThe Hatchimal egg feels surprisingly like a real egg. It is made of a mat substance that feels a bit like chalk or like an actual eggshell though we’re pretty sure it’s plastic.

Be careful not to drop this egg. A Hatchimal can only hatch once. If you do happen to drop the egg and break it, there is a procedure outlined in the instruction manual for what to do to let the Hatchimal know that it has hatched.

The Hatchimal creature, once it has hatched, is a fur-covered robotic bird, something like a penguin though colors and some details do vary depending upon the type of hatchimal you have, so your Hatchimal may not look exactly like the one in this review.

It is possible to choose your egg colors, though no one is sure yet whether the egg colors have a bearing on the color of the chick inside.


 How Does It Work?

The Hatchimal creature is a fur-covered robotic pet. It rolls around on two strangely-shaped wheels that serve to make it look as if it is waddling about like a baby bird and its little wings flap up and down. It is packed full of sensors.

Pet its head, tickle its belly, tilt it and shake it for different reactions. This cute baby bird also features big, LED eyes that convey its moods and needs. Using the included cheat sheet it is easy to tell what your Hatchimal pet wants, though seeing the eye color isn’t necessary to tell as the Hatchimal makes appropriate sounds to convey their needs as well.

Your Hatchimal creature hatches from an egg as a baby. It is your job to nurture it through the three stages of its life, baby, toddler and child. Certain actions and functions are only available during certain stages. For example, when your hatchimal is a baby, you can only cuddle and play with it.

It doesn’t know any games and it can’t walk or talk. The more you play with this cute robotic pet the more it learns and progresses through its life.

Hatchimals take two AA batteries. These are included.

 In The Egg

While your Hatchimal is in the egg, there are a number of things you can do. Tilt the egg to play with the Hatchimal. Rub the base of the egg if it is cold or hungry. Cuddle the egg to show it you love it. If you hold your hand on the bottom of the egg, you can even hear your Hatchimal’s heartbeat. If you tap a pattern on the egg, your Hatchimal will tap back, imitating your pattern as well as it can.


After twenty minutes of constant play or the equivalent amount of time in play spread out over a number of days, you will see your Hatchimal’s eyes from inside the egg flash rainbow. When this occurs, it means the Hatchimal is about to hatch. Hold the bottom of the egg and rub it to encourage the Hatchimal to peck.

hatchimal review egg hatchingInside the egg, the Hatchimal will start pecking, puncturing holes through the shell. This is not a fast process. Hatching can take up to fifteen minutes. Be patient.

Eventually your Hatchimal will have pecked away enough of the shell for you to pull them out. Clear away any fragments of eggshell that may be remaining in their way, and remove the top of the egg.

Pull straight up on the Hatchimal till you hear a loud click. This will release the Hatchimal. Their wings will be held down with plastic. Unwrap the plastic and squeeze their belly to let them know you are ready to play.

Check out the video below to see what it’s like to hatch an egg!

 The Baby Stage

In the Baby Stage, your Hatchimal needs a lot of nurturing from you. They cannot talk or walk yet. This is the nurturing stage. Cuddle your Hatchimal, play with them, pat their heads and tend to their needs to help them grow. Each eye color denotes a mood and you can use these moods to know what your Hatchimal needs, such as if it is cold or sick or hungry.

 Toddler Stage

In this stage, your Hatchimal can learn to walk and talk. To teach your Hatchimal to talk, simply hold down the belly button until they say hello. Say something you want them to learn, and they will remember it and repeat it back to you during autonomous play.

As with a real toddler, nurturing is still important during this stage. You have to continue to feed and care for your hatchimal, making sure that they get enough food and sleep. Just like you, Hatchimals have moods and emotions. For example, they will get angry and you will need to pet their heads to calm them.

 Kid Stage

This is the stage in which your Hatchimal learns games. There are several games that they can learn. In Hatchimal Says, their eyes will flash different colors, indicating what action they want you to do. Be quick! As you complete each item, they will speed up. Fifteen correct actions means you win.

In Hatchimal Tag, your Hatchimal rolls around on the floor. Pat its head only when its eyes are red.

In tap, the Hatchimal taps a pattern. It’s your job to match the pattern they are tapping.

In Psychic Hatchimal, ask a yes or no question. Your Hatchimal will answer for you like a magic eight-ball.

In Dance Mode, your Hatchimal will play music and dance, rolling around, flapping their wings and spinning.

On top of all of this, you still have to nurture your Hatchimal. This keeps the play engaging and very realistic to how raising a real pet or baby would be.


That’s the end of our Hatchimal review! Hatchimals are a lot of fun. They are engaging, adorable and totally unique on the robotic pet market today.

There are a number of species to collect, some of whom are even exclusive to various stores. The color of your Hatchimal pet will be a surprise as you can’t tell the color from the egg so if you want a particular color of Hatchimal, this may be a downside as well. However, if you are looking for a cute, engaging robotic pet who will keep you entertained for hours, this little guy might just fit the bill.

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