Henes Broon F830 Review

Think back to when you were a child. Chances are that you probably loved riding in the car. Perhaps you even made your own car from a cardboard box or had a ride-on car or pedal fire truck that you love. Perhaps you might even want to pass the magic of having a pretend car on to the children in your life.

If this is the case, the Henes Broon F830 might be an excellent investment. Your child can learn to drive this pretend car in child mode, but you will also get to feel like a kid again as you control the car that your child is riding in via the 2.4 GHZ remote control when the car is in RC mode.

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Yes. You heard right. This ride-on can be controlled like any other RC car, allowing you and your child to play together which gives you time to bond with your little one.

Henes, the company that makes the Broon F830, has been a foremost leader in kids’ ride-on cars for years. They have been the ground breakers in the field, and are the first company to put Android operating systems in their cars, along with independent suspension and power steering.  Keep reading this Henes Broon F830 review to learn more about this advanced ride-on toy for children.

What Is The Henes Broon F830?

The Henes Broon is a very advanced children’s ride-on car. It features independent suspension, a leather bucket seat, seatbelt harness for ultimate safety, and a rechargeable battery pack. It also features three driving modes—normal, comfort and dynamic. There are even working brake lights, headlights, turn signals and tail lights. This is one sweet ride!

What’s In the Box?

  • 12V Henes Broon F830 Ride on Car
  • Touch Pad (Seven-inch Android Tablet Pc for showing your child educational content as they ride.
  • Twelve-volt battery pack
  • 110-V battery charger
  • Hand-held remote for steering the car when it’s in RC mode.

 First Thoughts

This car comes partially assembled. Simply pull it out of the box, bolt on the tires and snap in the seat. To charge your car, open the trunk and flip the battery switch to charging, and then connect the charger.

The car is heavy. You are going to need something to set it on as you do the tires. Also remember to loosen the seatbelts before you put the seat in or you’ll simply have to undo it again to fix them later.


The Broon is a high-end sports car. It can be purchased in red, black, or white, and is fifty-one inches long and twenty-six inches wide.

The car features a polycarbonate outer shell which is very flexible and would absorb the impact from a crash if one were to happen. The car also features gas-filled shock absorbers in front and working independent suspension to create a ride-on that drives like a real car.

For realism, the car has bright working headlights, tail lights, brake lights and reverse lights, as well as a hood, trunk and doors which all actually work.

How Does it Work?

this car brings together several ground-breaking technologies to make a ride your child won’t ever forget. Firstly, it features a 2.4 GHZ bluetooth controller for safety or if your child is too small to drive it themselves. Secondly, it has a detachable seven-inch Android tablet. This means your child can sit in the car and play games or watch movies.

The car even has built-in wi-fi, though using it tends to shorten the time needed between charges. The car even comes with a built-in MP3 player and stereo speakers for the child who likes to listen to music on the go.

This is a speedy car. It can do a maximum of six miles per hour, plenty fast for a small child. It is smooth when it accelerates and stops as well as when you are driving, no matter where the road takes you.


 Three Riding Modes

 The Broon has three riding modes which make it more customizable. Your child can drive in normal mode, comfort mode or dynamic mode, depending on their preference. In comfort mode, the car moves a bit more slowly and starts and stops as smoothly as possible. In dynamic mode, the car moves faster, but still starts and stops softly but is more responsive to the controls. This means it reacts more quickly.

 Two Control Modes

The F830 has two control modes. In RC mode, the car’s steering wheel and pedals are disabled. The car is operated by a hand-held remote and driven by an adult. This makes it the perfect ride-on car to grow with your child. In child mode, the kid controls the car using the steering wheel, foot pedal and brake pedal. The power steering allows the car to respond smoothly to the turn of the wheel and makes controlling the car much easier for small hands.


The F830 is connected to the Henes app. This app allows you to change the riding modes and control modes and shows you the speed and other variables so you can monitor things for your child. Unfortunately, this app isn’t very intuitive. The app runs on the Android tablet inside the car, so you may have to frequently refer to the manual for guidance, especially when setting up the car’s wifi. The manual lists all the options of the app. However it does not explain all of them perfectly, so a bit of trial and error before giving this car to a child may be necessary.


That’s the end of our Henes Broon F830 review. The Henes Broon F830 is really quite a marvel of engineering. It brings together several technologies to create an unforgettable ride-on, if you can afford the price tag.

The only downside is the app. This app could have been made far more intuitive than it was.

Overall, this is an amazingly sweet car. It lived up to all the advertising hype and more. This is not the ride-on car or pedal fire truck you grew up with. This is the ride-on of the next generation.

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