UDI 818A HD Review

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UDI 818A HD Review

The UDI 818A HD quadcopter is a light-weight, beginner-friendly drone with a lot of great qualities to it. So without further ado, let’s get the UDI 818A HD review started!

Weight: 4.6 oz

Length: 13.4 inches

Recommended Age: 14+

Price: Check here

Great for: Beginner RC quadcopter pilots

Items included: Two batteries, a usb battery charger (that can charge both batteries at the same time), a 4gb microSD card, a microSD card reader, a screwdriver, a manual, and extra propeller blades

Here is a quick UDI 818A HD review video that shows what the quadcopter is capable of doing.



  1. The UDI 818A is under $100, which is a good price for beginner quadcopter pilots. The last time I checked the price, it was around $80.
  1. The great thing about the UDI 818A is that is ready to fly right out of the box. The only assembly required is putting the batteries in both the remote controller and the quadcopter.
  1. The usb charger takes about 90 minutes to fully charge both batteries, which is a fair amount of time to wait.
  1. The UDI 818A has great stability in the air and is easier to fly than most drones.
  1. The quadcopter is also extremely durable. When beginning to fly, you might end up crashing the quadcopter from time to time. The UDI 818A has blade protectors to make sure that it can still fly after taking a lot of abuse. (Something I definitely needed when I was starting out.)
  1. It contains a setting called headless mode, which allows the drone to fly in the oriented direction in relation to the pilot, regardless of the direction the drone is facing.)
  1. One touch return home (if you lose track of your drone, this feature can be used recall drones from a distance. The white version of the drone can make it difficult spot as they can blend into the clouds)
  1. The UDI 818A has a decent forward-facing camera that is 720p HD, and it comes with a micro SD card and a micro SD card reader. The camera can take pictures, shoot videos, and record audio as well. However, I would not advise taking pictures because the drone, even while in hover mode, is still constantly moving. This makes it difficult to take quality pictures and more often than not, the pictures will end up coming out blurry.
  1. A cool feature of the UDI 818A is that it contains LED lighting, which is great if you wanted to fly the quadcopter at night (Keep in mind that if you do end up using it at night, the camera footage may not be that great.)
  1. The remote controller contains 2 speed settings for regular and fast speeds. The remote also has a LCD screen which contains a display of the battery life.


  1. A complaint that comes up often is the battery life. The batteries do have a low life span, which can be higher or lower depending on factors such as wind. The packaging does come with an extra battery however. If you have the money, I would definitely recommended buying extra batteries. On average, the battery life is between 4-10 minutes.
  1. The return home does not function as well as it should. It works about half of the time, which is unfortunate since the idea is really cool.
  1. Due to its lightweight, flying in winds higher that 5 miles per hour may be difficult, especially if you are just beginning to pilot the RC quadcopter.
  1. The flying distance of the RC quadcopter to the controller is roughly 60-100 feet, which to some may be considered short.
  1. This RC quadcopter does make noises while flying, especially when the battery is getting low. If you wanted to film animals, this may be a bit of a challenge

There is no power switch on the drone, which means once you put the batteries in it will turn on (the led lights will turn on, not the actual blades), although I would consider this a minor issue.


I hope the UDI 818A HD review helped you make a decision on whether you wanted to get one or not.

Overall, I would say this is a great quadcopter for beginners. The high stability, the durability, and the low price make it a great option for someone starting out.
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