WowWee Miposaur Review: The Pet Dino


Who is Miposaur?

Miposaur is a highly sophisticated interactive robot dinosaur created by the company WowWee. WowWee was founded in 1988 and is based in Hong Kong. The main focus of WowWee is on pushing the limits of consumer technology with their products.

With their creation of Miposaur in 2015, WowWee is doing exactly that. Miposaur has a complex mixture of both technology and personality that makes him appealing as a toy robot for all ages.

Hearing about the Miposaur and its futuristic features, we decided to test it for ourselves to see if it was worth the hype it was getting. We spent hours looking at his strengths and weaknesses, and compiled it into an entire Miposaur review. Is it worth the hype? Let’s find out!

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Miposaur Specs


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Length: 14.5 inchesHeight: 9 inches
Weight: 10.6 ouncesMaterial: Plastic
Works With: Both iOS and AndroidRecommended Age: 8+

Items included:

  • One Miposaur
  • Trackball
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide

Miposaur Video

If you haven’t seen it already, below is a quick video of the Miposaur in action!

- Surprisingly good on carpets
- 3 different ways to control Miposaur
- Evolving intelligence
- Full of different modes and commands
- Built to last
- Self-balancing
- Does not come with batteries
- Hand sensors do not pick up hand gestures from time to time
- Need a screwdriver to put batteries in


When you take your Miposaur out of the package, you will see that he is painted gray, light blue, and black. As of right now this is the only color scheme available, although hopefully that will change at some point. At the bottom of each foot is a rubber wheel, which is what Miposaur uses to both grip and move along the floor with.

Miposaur has a tail made up of alternating segments of plastic and rubber. This combination of alternating segments allows Miposaur to wag his tail with ease.

On Miposaur’s back is a LED light that changes color, which is used to indicate the dinosaur’s mood. If Miposaur is curious, the LED will display a blue color. For excited the light is orange, and for red the emotion is annoyed. Each of these emotions affect how Miposaur responds to different situations, such as the commands you give him.

When you first turn on Miposaur, he should be in a curious mode. Giving Miposaur happy commands will eventually put him in an excited mood, whereas negative commands will lead Miposaur towards an annoyed mood.

If you turn Miposaur over, you will see that there is a battery compartment. The battery compartment holds 4 AA batteries, which are unfortunately not included in the package. There are three screws that stand in the way between you and the compartment. In order to remove the cover off of the battery compartment, you will need a small cross-head screwdriver.

A convenient feature of Miposaur is that there are 3 ways you can control him. You can control him with either the Trackball, hand motions, or the free app.

**When turning Miposaur on, make sure he is placed on his wheels as opposed to the struts on his legs. He won’t move otherwise.**

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Included in the package is Miposaur’s beloved toy, the Trackball. The Trackball comes with BeaconSense so that Miposaur can follow and track the ball around.

What’s great about the Trackball is that it’s more than just a ball. It has 6 different game mode possibilities accessible by a dial on the Trackball that make playing with the dinosaur much more interesting. The game modes are: Chase mode, Feed mode, Leash mode, Dance mode, Beat Box mode, and Teddy Bear mode.

Trackball ModesWhat Does It Do?
Chase ModeMiposaur chases the Trackball and pushes it around the floor.
Feed ModeThe Trackball allows you to feed the Miposaur, which leads to some intriguing sound effects.
Leash ModeThe Trackball turns into a leash that you can use to guide MiPosaur around.
Dance Mode
Shake the Trackball to see Miposaur do some cool dances
Beat Box ModeMiposaur lets out a bunch of sonic noises and growls when it's near the Trackball.
Teddy Bear ModeThe Trackball becomes a "teddy bear" that Miposaur doesn’t want to leave.

In order for the Trackball to work, it does require 4 AAA batteries, which aren’t included in the package. In order to put in batteries, you have to remove two more screws (This can be annoying after a while!) The Trackball includes eight infrared sensors, an on/off switch, and a LED light.

Hand Gestures

Another cool way to control Miposaur is with hand gestures. Different hand gestures will cause Miposaur to do different actions.

For example, if you clap your hands 3 times, it will cause him to roam around. If you swipe your hand to the left or right of him, Miposaur will turn to the left or right. Waving your arm around Miposaur will cause him to twirl. These are just some of the many hand gestures that Miposaur respons to. Keep in mind that his mood will dictate how well he responds to the different hand gestures.

Miposaur App

In order to download the free Miposaur app, go to you respective app store (App store/Google play store) and download it. A common question that gets asked a lot is whether the app would work on a device that is not a phone. The answer is this: if you can download it from the store, you can use it for the Miposaur.

The app features tons of gameplay, which will leave a child busy for hours at a time. You can drive Miposaur using the app, or you can trace a path in the app for him to follow . You can also feed it things like steaks, cavemen, and socks (Just a heads up, feeding Miposaur socks will definitely upset him!).

Another cool feature is that you can battle with other Miposaurs. You can indicate which fighting moves you want your Miposaur to do, which can be pretty fun.

More Information

  • Miposaur is compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 enabled devices.
  • When Miposaur is walking around and falls forward onto his paws, he has the ability to put himself back to an upright position. This saves you from doing it yourself, and it’s fun to watch.
  • When having Miposaur go on carpets, make sure the carpet isn’t dirty. Hair and other small things can get caught in the wheels, although they can be removed fairly easily.

How To Videos

Our Final Verdict

After concluding our Miposaur review, we decided that the Miposaur hype was warranted, and that it was in fact worth getting. It has a variety of game modes and features that will entertain anyone for hours. Its durability will keep it around for a while, which is important if younger kids are using it. The Miposaur is affordable too, and is currently well under $100. Check out the Miposaur Here!


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