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We're The Elite Drone, a company that's been evolving since 2016, and we're dedicated to providing quality airsoft reviews that are thorough and well researched. You've probably realized that airsoft has a higher learning curve than a lot of other sports, which can be intimidating to beginners wanting to learn the sport.

Our aim is to make that learning curve a lot less steep. We get complex topics and try to break it down in a way that's easy to understand. That way, you can spend less time doing research and more time heading playing at your local airsoft field.

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Before you buy an airsoft gun, you need to know if the sport is right for you. We offer beginner guides on the different types of airsoft guns, finding the right airsoft gun, and more.

Airsoft Gun Reviews

Buying an airsoft gun that doesn't shoot properly or breaks easily sucks. You waste time, money, and can't enjoy airsoft as much as you should. We find airsoft products that are actually worth buying buy doing hours of extensive research and putting that research into reviews.

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