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TheEliteDrone is dedicated to helping airsoft players find the best airsoft gear, improve their game, and save some money. 
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Who We Are

We’re The Elite Drone, a company that’s been evolving since 2016, and we’re dedicated to providing quality airsoft reviews that are thorough and well-researched. Whether it’s finding the best airsoft gun, helmet, or something in-between, we want to make sure you get the answer you need.

You’ve also probably realized that airsoft has a higher learning curve than a lot of other sports, which can be intimidating to beginners wanting to learn the sport.

We also want to make that learning curve a lot less steep. We write our airsoft guides by getting complex and technical topics and breaking them down so they’re easy to undestand. That way, you can spend less time doing research and more time heading playing at your local airsoft field.

Want to help us out? Shoot us a message with any questions or concerns you have. We love feedback!