Can You Play Airsoft In the Rain?

We all know electricity and water don’t go well together, but how does that work with your AEG? Can you play airsoft in the rain, or should you pack it up and go home at the first sign of a drizzle?

Let’s take a deeper dive into the misconceptions of playing in the rain, and what you can do to make sure your airsoft gun is safe.

 You might assume the ideal weather conditions for playing airsoft would be in the glorious sunshine, but we unfortunately can’t control Mother Nature and her spontaneous showers. A little bit of rain, however, should definitely not stop you from enjoying your game. Why would it? The general consensus among frequent airsoft partakers, is that rain is virtually irrelevant when it comes to the actual game. If you take the necessary precautions, you’ll be absolutely fine.  If we’re generally speaking, your main concern will most likely be exposing your AEG battery to water. Some brave, brave men won’t bother prepping their guns beforehand – (they seemingly want to take on the weather as well as their airsoft opponents) – but it’s better if you do, just to be on the safe side. In order to make sure the batteries and connections are safe, ensure the compartment is sealed. If you have a full stock, you probably won’t have a huge issue, as it’ll be relatively water resistant anyway. Another idea would be to wrap it up in a small plastic bag and secure it with electric tape. When you think about it, electric guns really aren’t complex devices – they’ve got simple circuits powered by motors, with a piston that travels back and forth. When the trigger of the gun is pressed, it acts as the switch which closes the circuit. Then, a current is allowed to flow. If you damage your battery, it won’t work. And, without the use of the battery, none of this current-flowing business can happen. You won’t be able to operate your gun, full stop. You probably wouldn’t shoot many targets if this were the case… As an airsoft player, it’s your responsibility to make sure your gear is in its best working condition at all times. It would be silly if you neglected it – equipment isn’t cheap. Most AEG (electric) guns are fairly water resistant, and little bare wiring is exposed. The internals of AEGs are well protected, with a heavy casing on top. Guns such as M4, G25, or AK will most likely be fine in a light shower. During the actual game, there are a few steps you can take in order to reduce water damage to your gun. If you’re running around, wiping your gun with your sleeve, for example, will do the trick. You need to make sure you don’t tilt the gun towards the sky, otherwise water will drip down the barrel. And, if needs be, dry off the flash hider, dust cover and lower receiver too. If you fail to dry any parts made of metal, you risk causing rust, which is highly inconvenient and definitely not a pretty sight. If you find yourself with a ton of rust covering your gun the next morning, there are many rust removers available on the market, that’ll do the job. It’s not a super-complex issue, just one that’s annoying and is better avoided. As soon as you get back from your session, it’s vital you dry off your gun, either by leaving it in your airing cupboard or simply a warm place. This will ensure it’ll dry internally, reducing risk of further water damage and rusting. It’s also important to add that if you have any quirky electronic gadgets mounted or attached to your gun, they could be at risk. If they’re not waterproof, it’s best to just remove them and restore them once the sun makes an appearance again. Some will remove their EOTechs, for example, as when rain covers its lens, it makes it almost impossible to see anything, rendering it useless for that particular game. It’d only make you more frustrated and reduce your ability to play well. Of course, the handheld part of the gun could be made slippery – if this is something that concerns you, just buy a grip. Preventing damage is the best option. This links back to that plastic bag and tape we mentioned, and further steps to take could include greasing terminals to prevent corrosion. For some, the aftercare required after having played in the rain is not a big fuss. Maintenance should be conducted regularly, regardless of the weather you play in – obviously, constant showers will cause these checks to be made more frequently. It isn’t all doom and gloom, however! The wet weather can be a great way to add thrill to your game. For many players, a little rain will never stop them. The wetness will physically slow people down, making them easier targets to shoot. Once you’ve exposed yourself to the rain, you’ve reached the point of no return(!) – it’s no use worrying about getting a little soaked! If you’re up for playing airsoft in the first place, you should most definitely have the courage to bear the weather conditions thrown at you, whatever they may be.  As mentioned, it can add to the enjoyment for many people, throwing them in situations that feel realistic and challenging. You’ll gain more experience, and this can only be a good thing, surely? The wet leaves will make a change from the dry, crunchy ones you might be sick of, making it a whole lot easier to sneak up on opponents. Success, right there! The key message to take away from this article is, don’t worry – a tiny bit of rain will do minimal damage, and that’s only if you aren’t careful. You could be perfectly fine if you simply protect it. We wouldn’t suggest going deep-sea diving or exploring underwater caves with your gun, however, as you’d definitely cause serious damage(!) Here’s a few extra tips, however, should you require them. You could use a bi pod to support your gun. This would help lift the barrel off the ground, lessening the impact of the weather. You could spend a sum as little as $5 to buy a barrel for the gun cover. They’re about three inches long, some of them made so that they will not come off, even during repeated shots. Others are made to do the opposite. If you’re concerned about water filling or blocking your barrel, an unjamming rod will do the trick. Or, if you’re short on time, a quick ‘tip and shake’ can help! Dirty rain could bring in grime and objects into the barrel, which is why it’s so important to thoroughly clean it after use. This is relatively easy, though. Many airsoft players across the world live in areas that face a lot of rain. They manage easily, so why can’t you? Let’s wrap things up with a nice conclusion. Overall, it’s honestly up to you. If you’d rather not risk it, that’s understandable. However, the risks are low. If the battery and any other connections are protected, it’ll still be able to operate. You can do this by putting it in a plastic bag and using electric tape. Having a full stock is also a good defence. During the game, you can wipe, tip and shake away rain, even removing any gadgets that might not be water resistant.Once you finish the game, dry everything off as soon as possible. Use cloths, put the gun in an airing cupboard and the internals dry. If you fail to do so, rust will most likely appear. Rust removers are easily bought, however, should you find yourself in this sticky situation. If you were to speak to other airsoft players, the majority of them will probably have played in rain. It’s just rain, after all. You’ve met it a thousand times in your life. And, as you might discover, it adds fun and excitement to the game, making it interesting and realistic. There are many strategical advantages too, as rain slows down the pace of your opponents and the damp foliage allows you to creep up on them easier. This is the perfect scenario!  Mother Nature sometimes has a few good tricks up her sleeve, after all.