7 Gruesome and Preventable Airsoft Injuries

Airsoft is without a doubt one of the most exciting games you can play. Naturally, these adrenaline-fueled thrills introduce dynamic risks from game to game. After all, airsoft is a sport predicated upon rapidly firing projectiles at opponents.

This opens the door for accidents and shenanigans. Gunshots are some of the most common causes of injury in the field. However, games also take place across a variety of terrain, including indoor fields, outdoor fields, and everywhere in between. Aside from protecting yourself with proper gear, constant awareness is key in preventing accidents.

We’ve compiled a list featuring some of the worst airsoft injuries captured on film. While we can’t see many of the events unfolding, the aftermath is extremely telling. Many incidents could’ve been prevented with an abundance of caution, better preparation, or better luck.

That being said, our goal isn’t to worry you! We want to inspire you to be the safest player possible. Airsoft is an incredible game, and you deserve to enjoy it to its fullest.

Some clips may include strong language and graphic images.

1. Falling Down an Open Shaft

Time from 3:54 – 5:58

Our first example serves two purposes: to highlight the dangers of taking unnecessary risks, and to promote greater self-awareness. As a player gaining experience, you’ll likely find yourself playing a variety of games. That also includes fighting in a variety of environments. While many fields are officially sanctioned, unofficial sites can be dangerous. This is especially true in abandoned areas, which tend to attract airsofters. Our first video unfolds in what appears to be a partially-constructed, multistory building.

Though the extent of this player’s injuries is unclear, he did suffer from quite a hefty fall. We speculate that he stepped out onto some wooden framing, which subsequently collapsed under his weight. This led him to plummet down from the second story. We’re happy to see he was able to move – albeit assisted – with minor injuries. However, the lesson here is clear: no firing position or camping spot is worth risking your personal safety for. In addition, ensure your awareness is sharp in open areas filled with elevation changes. Players in unstaffed games should also carry first-aid kits as a precautionary measure.

2. Accidental Faceplant During POW Simulation

Time from 6:37 – 9:04

Even if you’re a newer player, you’ve likely heard the term “milsim” before. These games are enjoyed for their realism and emulate true military operations, hence their name. Accordingly, such games can be taxing and somewhat riskier. That’s especially true during games where prisoner capture is allowed, as witnessed in this video. Struggles between opponents are expected, but can throw additional uncertainty into the mix.

Well-known airsoft YouTuber “Jet” is featured here, when an unfortunate accident befalls a group of three players. While struggling against a resisting enemy, he trips and falls. Because he has a grip on his opponent, he accidentally drags him down to the ground simultaneously. The player whom Jet dragged down lands on the side of his head. Against the hard ground, the impact causes a massive cut on his ear. This required on-site medical attention and stitches thereafter.

Nothing is technically done wrong here, though it’s important to note even mundane accidents can cause gruesome injuries. Simply put, take steps to prevent sillier injuries from happening if possible. Simulations are immersive, but try your best not to take things too seriously. Keep your wits about you and don’t take your safety for granted.

3. Rooftop Tumble

Time from 5:26 – 6:34

Another great example of lacking spatial awareness, this video captures a fall of about 15-20 feet. The player in question positioned himself on a rooftop in an attempt to fire down at enemies. However, while backing up absentmindedly, he stepped off the edge and suddenly fell to the ground below. He landed on his back, his camera capturing the incident from start to finish.

Miraculously, the player wasn’t hurt following impact aside from his pride, perhaps. The lesson here mirrors our first example’s. No tactical advantage is worthwhile if it places you in harm’s way. It’s tempting to dismiss this fall as a product of stupidity, but a roof with no safety barriers is an invitation for trouble.

4. Face Shot Results in Embedded BB

Time from 8:57 – 9:05

We’ve repeatedly stressed the importance of proper protection, and that need is abundant when it comes to gunshots. This player was shot in the face just above the lip. The BB punctured his skin with enough force to embed itself within the tissue. Though the player appeared fairly unphased, another individual had to squeeze the BB out as if popping a pimple.

Seriously guys and girls, we encourage you to wear high-quality face protection. This player appeared to have played with exposed skin, which is a risky proposition. In open fields where this game took place, regulations often permit players to use stronger weapons. That increases the chance of injury. Make sure to wear something sturdy over your face. In a pinch, even a textile-based covering can provide decent protection.

5. Unexpected Explosion Causes Finger Injury

Time from 10:12 – 11:27

Though airsoft is dominated by guns, accessories and other tools often play important roles during battle. Players occasionally turn to BB grenades and smoke bombs. Since some of these items detonate, they demand extreme care and respect during use. However, players don’t always take necessary precautions.

The player in this video holds onto his smoke grenade longer than he should. You’ll notice the fuse steadily burn down until it finally detonates. Unfortunately, the player was still grasping the device as this occurred, thus injuring his hand. The explosion blew apart his glove, lacerating his finger and bloodying it immediately. The wound needed multiple stitches. Next time, chuck that smoke downfield. Always remember that explosive materials are dangerous and cannot be taken for granted. Airsoft players engage in battle that is relatively safe, though this illusion of security can cause bad habits to creep in.

6. Unnecessary Firework Becomes Burning Projectile

Time from 12:02 – 14:10

So, you might like a little flair or novelty with your airsoft. We respect that. However, the line between style and safety blurs rapidly when introducing fireworks into the mix. In this video, we see a player lighting a propped firework while players occupy the immediate area. This angled prop soon becomes a projectile, as ignition causes it to tip and fire straight at another player. The smoldering rocket becomes lodged in his clothing, causing severe burns to the upper chest.

This isn’t specifically airsoft related, though it’s one of the dumber things we’ve seen introduced during a game. BB-based explosives are fine, but please keep dangerous items at home. You risk harming others without adding tactical value.

7. Rules-Free Engagement Causes Multiple Arm Wounds

Time from 2:26 – 2:39

Team-based airsoft is governed by rules for many important reasons. Introducing regulations for fair-and-safe play goes a long way in keeping games enjoyable. However, there may be major consequences when players fight without safety measures. Engagement distance is one such provision – promoting safer shooting and preventing major injury.

The player in the video participates in a large skirmish without formal rules. Another player approached and shot him repeatedly in the forearm at point-blank range. This caused many deep impact craters to form, resulting in ugly injuries. This is simply not smart. When playing in large games, especially where players wield powerful guns, simple rules keep risks at bay. If a basic “bang-bang” rule at close range were implemented, this player’s fate would’ve been much different. Always adhere to distance-based engagement regulations. In addition, covering exposed helps minimize impact.