Airsoft RPG: An In-Depth Guide

When you think of RPG’s, you likely think of Dungeons and Dragons and similar sorts of games.

However, if you are an airsoft player, you would know better.

Airsoft RPG has nothing to do with role playing, and everything to do with making yourself a real nightmare to your opponents by packing grenades.

However, these aren’t your everyday airsoft grenades.


They’re rocket-propelled, which is where the R and the P in the acronym come from.

It’s possible that at this point you’re left wondering exactly how one of these grenades works, where to find them and how to get your hands on these projectiles of simulated death.

If so, fear not. All of your questions and more will be answered in this article, and all you have to do is keep reading.

What is an Airsoft RPG?

There are two answers to this question.

The short answer is that it’s a nerf dart or a collection of tightly-clustered pellets attached to the end of a projectile loaded into a rocket and shot out of an airsoft rifle.

The long answer, however, is much more fun.

Most airsoft rocket launchers use regular 40MM airsoft grenades.

These grenades are powered by green gas, like some airsoft guns are. When you pull the trigger of your gun, the gas activates and the pellets explode out. Imagine it like a big shotgun.

The goal is to scatter pellets everywhere, essentially imitating an actual grenade explosion. See? Told you the long answer was more fun.

How Useful Are Rocket Launchers?

In theory, rocket launchers would be quite useful. However, are they really?

In practice, adding a rocket launcher to your gun does several things.

The Weight

First of all, it makes your gun front heavy and adds a couple of pounds of weight. If you plan on just firing grenades, this can be a great thing.

However, if you’re one of these people who travels as light as absolutely possible, then a rocket launcher isn’t for you.

The weight also makes long games a problem. After all, who wants to be carrying around a gun that weighs a few more pounds than it should?


Something to keep in mind when  using rocket launchers is that the rules differ from game type to game type.

For example, in CQB, depending on your game’s rules, your grenades can instantly kill a room or have the effects of a giant shotgun.


Another effect of rocket launchers is that some of them have a really wide spread.

If you have teammates who happen to be standing in front of you when you fire your grenades, you will wind up with friendly casualties.

Just imagine trying to annihilate the other team, only to realize you caught several of your own team in the blast. Just like a real explosion, you can’t target who will or won’t get hit.

For this reason, if you intend on using a rocket launcher, it’s important to check your line of fire.

If any of your teammates are less than seventy-five degrees to either side of you, you’ll need to wait to fire.

Alternatively, you could announce to your friends that you are planning to fire the grenade before you do. Then they’ll be sure to get out of your way.


Is a rocket launcher practical?

Not always.

But it sure can be a lot of fun, especially if your field has rules about rockets.

Some example rules are that everyone in the room the rocket lands in is automatically dead, or everyone within a radius of ten feet is instantly killed.

That way, you can use some strategy and find a situation where it’d be tactically advantageous to blow things up.

Even if it isn’t tactically advantageous, it’s still a lot of fun. You can feel like one of those action movie heroes, hiding and just waiting to destroy a chunk of your opponents with one shot.


The area where rocket launchers do come in really handy is vehicles. If you are playing a milsim game with vehicles, it’s perfectly easy to take out the vehicles using your rocket launcher.

Depending on the rules of your particular field, certain vehicles, such as tanks, will take more rounds to destroy.

However, when they are destroyed, it’s impossible for enemy forces to use them as cover. Besides, using a rocket launcher to destroy a vehicle is just plain fun.

Flushing Out The Enemy

Imagine this situation. You and the last living members of your team are on the third story of a building.

The only way to get up to where you are is by climbing a staircase, and the enemy team is blocked by a wall.

You can easily shoot the people climbing up the stairs.

In this situation, a hand grenade would be really hard to throw successfully to reach your position.

You would probably start feeling totally safe… until your enemy break out the rocket launchers.

They could fire the rockets up the staircase, without being shot.

Since the grenade would be fired from their guns instead of thrown, it would greatly increase the accuracy and destroy your chance of surviving this game.

However, this is one specific situation. The timing must be right before you reveal your hand and use a rocket launcher.

Shock Grenades

Another useful application of a rocket launcher is flashbang grenades. You don’t have to kill anything to stun people.

The flashbang grenade is a particular type of grenade that produces a loud boom when fired.

This can stop a tide of oncoming enemies from coming at you until you can load your secondary weapon or scramble to better cover.

In short, these grenades, paired with a rocket launcher, can buy you some time to get to safety or fire off rounds to kill the opponents.

How to Find the Best Airsoft RPG

So. You’ve decided that the problems and disadvantages of having an RPG are worth the time and trouble involved.

You’ve stared longingly at them on the websites, and done a bit of research. But how do you find the best launcher?

You can?

The first step in deciding which RPG is right for you is to learn to listen. People talk about what they like to use.

For that reason, it’s a great idea to check airsoft forums and listen whenever you’re at the field.

The second step is to ask. After all, questions can be useful.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list to a few that you want to check out, it’s time to start asking questions of your fellow airsoft enthusiasts.

Write down the questions.

That way, you won’t forget any. Then set off to find people to ask.

Failing that, you could just keep reading as we are going to do a review on the RPG that we think is the best of the best.

Review: The Matrix RPG by Apple Airsoft

The Matrix RPG is a 40-MM airsoft grenade shell-powered rocket launcher. It is the most affordable and high-quality launcher on the market.

This launcher is made of machined aluminum and steel, with a solid wood heat shield which makes it look amazing as a prop.

However, it is more than just a prop. It is a properly-designed replica of the RPG7 that you can actually use on an airsoft field.

First Impressions

This RPG comes as a challenge kit in a large cardboard box with a flexible foam liner. This means that there’s some assembly required.

However, once you have it sitting in front of you, you won’t be able to stop ogling over just how amazing it is.

In the package with the launcher, you will receive one 40-MM gas-powered shell and a plastic warhead. You will need to purchase your own sling, however.

Gun Specs

  • Weight: 6.1 pounds which is surprising, considering the body is all metal.
  • Length 51.5 inches with the warhead, 35.5 without it.
  • Width: 3 inches.
  • Height: 8.5 inches.
  • Sight Radius: 13 inches.


This RPG7 replica has an all-aluminum body with steel bits scattered around in places where you would need extra strength.

It is equipped with faux-wood furniture, and is solidly put together. There are only a few minor wobbles, and none of these are structural concerns.

At the back of the weapon is a steel ring, which is attached to an aluminum backblast cone. Though this is only a cosmetic piece, it is nicely threaded throughout and screws together well during assembly.

Next up is the faux wood heat shield. This shield has a slightly bright finish but still looks amazing. It’s fitted over an aluminum inner tube.

Be warned that the shield can rotate, even with everything tightened, so you might want to put a bit of tape on the aluminum tube to close the gap.

At the rear of the heat shield, you attach the rear sling mount.

If you continue forward along the RPG, you come to the receiver, which is made of various sizes of aluminum tubes machined to be all one chunk.

On the left side is the rear grip for your non-dominant hand and above that is the rear sight.

The trigger unit is installed from below, where it slides into a rear notch and is held in place by a C-clip at the front.

This bit wobbles some, so it’s necessary to add tape or other space filler around it to prevent this. The trigger is made of aluminum with steel inner gears.

Because the trigger is linked to the hammer which is linked to the firing pin which pushes the button at the back of the shell, the trigger pull is quite heavy.

Sometimes, pulling the trigger won’t cause the shell to fire and you’ll have to do it by pushing the hammer with your thumb.

Moving forward from there, you will find the barrel, which is really short. This shortness can lead to some performance issues, so be aware.

Unlike the rear sight, the front sight located on the left side of the barrel flips up when it’s being used. The sling mount is on the right side of the barrel.


Aiming this gun is accomplished with use of the flip-up iron sights. However, they left a large chunk of metal in the front sight that makes aiming a bit hard.

You can either leave it in or use a Dremel to remove it, which makes the sight more functional.


Since this is a 40-MM launcher, it uses 40-MM gas-powered shells. It comes with one well-made, nicely anodized shell which will hold 120 rounds.

However, there is a problem here. The inner barrel of the launcher, which is muzzle-loaded, is 42.5 MM.

This means that most 40-MM shells just won’t fit inside it. For that reason, you should only buy shells with a base diameter of 42 MM or less, which are a bit rare.

If that isn’t an option for you, you might like to modify your own shells by removing a bit of the base material.

What Should You Launch?

This launcher comes with a plastic warhead. However, it is hollow and cosmetic at best. The range on it is terrible if you choose to launch it.

Instead, a good alternative is a 40MM slug round. However, without the warhead, it doesn’t look much like an RPG7.

You could also simply fire the gas-powered shell of pellets. In close range, this can be completely devestating.


The internals on this are really simple. As we said before, the trigger is connected to the hammer which doubles as the shell-release mechanism, and pushes the button on the back of the shell to activate the gas.


The performance of this launcher depends on the shell and projectile you use. However, the best results we got were achieved with 40MM foam slug rounds.


  • Affordable RPG7 replica.
  • Solid metal construction.
  • Faux-wood finish.
  • Comes with 40MM shell.
  • Included warhead is able to be launched, though not accurately or for very far.
  • Lightweight at only 6 pounds.


  • Included warhead doesn’t fly well.
  • Wobbly trigger unit.
  • Shell usage is picky.
  • No optic mount.


This is an amazing replica. You could use it for a prop and really enjoy it. But it isn’t just a prop.

It’s a functioning replica that is really a lot of fun to fire, and that is why it’s our pick for the best launcher out there.

RPGS may not be the most practical guns to have during airsoft battle, but they can definitely be the most fun in the right situation.

If you want something to scare the heck out of your opponents or provide intimidation factor, these are definitely the weapons for you.

Even with the disadvantages of the weapon, there are still plenty of situations where they are useful, such as destroying vehicles or clearing rooms.

If you are looking for the best RPG out there, the Matrix RPG replica by Apple Airsoft is a great choice.

It is affordable, well-made and includes a 40MM gas-powered shell in the package.

If you go with this launcher, remember that it is a challenge kit so you’ll have to assemble it.

Once it’s assembled, though, you can be assured that your next airsoft battle will be much more fun.

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