Akaso X5C Review: The Affordable Durable Quadcopter

akaso x5c review cover

There are HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of drones in today’s market (which is insane!). With that in mind, how are you supposed to decide which quadcopter is worth getting?! We at TheEliteDrone try to make it easier by testing out the drones so that you don’t have to buy it without getting an idea of what to expect.

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One of these drones is the Akaso X5C. To make your job easier, we created this Akaso X5C review to see how well this little guy could perform.

You probably have questions like “What’s included?”, “How long is the flight time?”, “Will you marry me?” (Well…maybe not the last one!). These questions and a bunch more will be answered below. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Akaso X5C Specs

Length: 12 inchesWidth: 9.2 inches
Weight: 2.9 ouncesCamera: 1.3 Megapixels
Recommended Age: 8+Great for: Beginner RC quadcopter pilots

Items Included:

  • USB Connection Cable
  • MicroSD card
  • TF card reader
  • LiPo 3.7 V 500mAh battery
  • Extra blades
  • Instructions Manual
  • Screwdriver

First Thoughts

When you first receive the Akaso X5C, you will need to do some assembling prior to flying the RC quadcopter. Assembling the parts is not time consuming at all. You just need to install the blade guards and the landing gear using the screws provided. It took us about five minutes top. After that you’re good to go!

- Has blade guards, increasing its durability. This is great for beginner pilots because of this.

- Has a camera for taking pictures and shooting videos.

- Can do 360 degree flips.

- Contains headless mode setting, making it easier for beginners to pilot.
- Rather light, so may be impacted by winds greater than 5 mph.

- Camera quality is not the greatest (You get what you pay for!)

- Battery case may be difficult to open and close.


Design (Akaso…..or Picasso?)

When looking at the quadcopter, you will see two different colors, red and white. The red blades on the X5C indicate the front of the quadcopter, and the white blades indicate the back of the quadcopter. This is not too important in headless mode, so you don’t have to worry about that too much if you are just starting out.

You’re probably thinking, “But what exactly is headless mode?” Headless mode is the idea that there is no front or back on your quadcopter. For example, let’s say you wanted to move the X5C forward with respect to you. Even if the front of the quadcopter is facing you, it will still move away from you. This makes it much easier to fly since it’s one less thing beginners have to worry about.

There’s also a power button on the quadcopter. When you turn it on, the LED lights will light up, and start flashing. Once you turn on the remote, the lights will stop flashing. This indicates that the RC quadcopter is ready to fly.

Since this RC quadcopter has LED lights, it would be great for flying at night as well. The only downside to that is you would not be able to film anything. (Unless it was Christmas time and you wanted to film the lights on your house!)


The quality of the video camera isn’t great, but you can’t expect much with the price being what it is. The camera is 1.3 megapixels, with the maximum image size being 1280X960. Below are a couple of video stills taken from the Akaso X5C. As you can see, they’re alright, but not amazing.


akaso x5c review camera

How to Use the Camera

In order to use the camera, you need to press the video button once on the transmitter. This should cause the LED display on the underside of the camera to flash red. This means that the camera is on and functioning.

Akaso X5C Review Video

Here is a quick Akaso X5C review video that discusses the main features of the quadcopter. What’s great about this video is that you can see the camera quality for yourself before you have to make a decision on buying it or not.


The Akaso X5C is controlled by a 2.4 GHz transmitter, which means no interference from other transmitters. This is perfect for if you want to fly more than one quadcopter in the same area.

The transmitter was rather lacking in our opinion. It didn’t really fit well in our hands, and felt pretty clunky and old fashioned. Hopefully in the future they can change it so that it’ll fit more comfortably in someone’s hands.

akaso x5c review transmitter

In terms of functionality, there are two sets of joysticks on the transmitter. The left joystick controls turning (left/right) and height (ascending/descending). The right joystick is in charge of moving the drone forwards and backwards.

There are also four arrows below the joysticks. These arrows are used so that you can control the trim of the drone. Sometimes your drone will have a tendency to drift in a particular direction when you’re flying. If this happens, you want to adjust the trim settings so that it doesn’t drift.

The on/off switch is right in the middle of the controller, and right above it is a light to indicate whether it’s on or off. Below the switch is a small display that will show you some useful information. It’ll show you battery life, speed, throttle, etc.

The transmitter also takes 4 AA batteries, which sadly do not come with the package. I would recommend getting either a large pack or a rechargeable pack because they are useful to have.

The range of the quadcopter is about 300 feet from the transmitter, so make sure you do not pass that, since a gust of wind could push the quadcopter out of range of the transmitter. If this happens, you could end up losing the quad.

The transmitter also has a button allowing for 360 degree flips, which is pretty cool. It also has an easy button that controls the responsiveness of the quadcopter to make flying more stable and easy.

You can initiate headless mode on the transmitter, although it does cause the controller to start a very annoying beeping sound. It’s good because you know that headless mode is on, but….it does get tiring after a while.


The Akaso X5C comes with a USB cable to charge with. This means you can connect it to a computer and have it charge. It does NOT come with a wall charger unfortunately. It works well with most wall plugs that contain a USB input.

In terms of the charging time of the the Li-Po battery, it takes about an hour for it to fully charge.

More Information

Make sure to calibrate your quadcopter prior to flying it for the first time to ensure maximum stability. If you do not, you may have a much more difficult time flying the X5C.

The flight time on average is between 5-10 minutes. As with most quadcopters, if you want to fly for longer periods of time, I would recommend buying extra batteries. However, make sure you take a little break after each flight because you do not want to overheat the motors.

The X5C is pretty light, so it is affected by wind. Anything greater than 5 mph may make it much more difficult to fly. On the bright side, the quadcopter is good for indoor and outdoor use as it does include blade guards for preventing damage from walls.


This is the end of the Akaso X5C review! For being an affordable quadcopter , the Akaso X5C is a pretty decent choice. It does have an average camera, which is honestly great for a quadcopter under $50. This is a drone that is perfect for someone that is just getting started with drones. You can learn how to fly without breaking the bank!

I would be cautiously optimistic about this RC quadcopter as a couple of people have reported issues with the manufacturing. Other than that, this quadcopter is definitely worth giving a chance.

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