All You Need To Know About Paintballs And Those Colorful Stains

Paintballs are super fun. The fact that you can engage in a sport that is exciting yet safe makes i that much more enjoyable. There are a lot of questions that come afterwards though, and one of the ones that gets asked the most is if those pesky stains actually wash out. 

Although paintballs will stain your clothing, the stains from paintballs can be removed from clothing, and you don’t have to go through a long, tedious process to get them out. See, they are designed to be water soluble, environmental friendly, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, and this includes the paint fill in them too. If you actually wash it soon enough after a day out paintballing, the stains will come completely off, and your clothes will be  as good as new.

So How Exactly Do You Get Them Out?

Well, for starters, like almost all stains, timing is a huge factor. For example, if you wash out a coffee or mud stain the minute, or soon after it gets on your clothes, there will be no stain left to see at all. But letting a stain stay on too long on your clothing is what will make it permanent, since it will dry into the clothing and blend in into the materials. The same thing goes for paintball stains. You just need to launder them like you do all your other clothes, no special detergents and bleaches needed. Now, if the stain is a bit stubborn from staying on too long and drying out, you can mix in a cup of water with one tablespoon of ammonia, and a trusted washing detergent brand of your choice. Soak your clothing in this mixture for about half an hour, then put it in the washing machine for a normal wash cycle. 

Are There Any Exceptions To This Relieving Finding?

Here is our very expert advice. If there is a clothing garment you really like, do not wear it to go shoot paintballs. Preferably, wear clothes you would not really mind getting a stain on, because after all, this is not a dinner date, you are going to get all down and dirty, quite literally, ha ha.
Also, avoid wearing light colored garments, like whites, bright yellows and pinks et cetera. Also, do not wear something with a light material too.
Jeans are pretty good to go on a paintball trip with too, especially dark colored ones. It ill also be of great advantage to you, as a paintballing business owner, and an adventure seeker, if the material used in the paintballs is food grade. Then, the stains come of easier. 
Note that if you leave your clothing out in the sun to dry before washing the paintball stains off first, you just might have a slight but permanent stain left on it.
This also goes for your shoes too. Get a pair of sneakers that you wear to do odd jobs around the house, and go with them paintballing. Getting stains off shoes is usually harder, so get a pair that you do not mind getting a bit stained. Also, plastic worker boots could be a good alternative too, since you can just wipe them down immediately.

Do Paintballs Stain Houses?

So you decided to have a bit of fun with some paintballs in your backyard, which is right next to your house. There are no rules to where and how you can shoot, so you can be sure that some, or a lot of that paint will get on your house too. Now, we are not telling you to interrupt your fun, but as soon as you are done with the game, get a sponge or a towel, put some dish soap into a bucket with warm water, and wipe the paint off. 

Why dish soap? Because it has ingredients that get the food grease off your utensils, which will help get the oil from paintballs off.
Just like with clothing, the longer the stain stays on, the harder it will be to get it off. And unlike clothes, which you ca change if stained, you really cannot change your house, unless you paint over it. A bit too much work, right? Plus how many patches will you paint over? 
Make sure to wipe the stain from side to side- not up and down or in circles- and in one clean swipe. So try and get a towel or sponge that will be big enough for the surface of the whole stain.
After you are done, make sure to hose down the whole area with some water to rinse off the dish soap and paint, s you do not have those weird runny stains on your wall afterwards. If you are wiping off more than one or two stains, then change your water often so that you do not find yourself smudging on more paint than you are trying to wipe off. Do not worry about the shell fragments that will remain, those will disappear all on their own in less than two weeks, depending on what the weather is like.
Because we mentioned a hose, do not get tempted to just hose down the stains, because they will get all runny and you will have a much harder time getting them off.
A neat and protective trick you could use is put a plastic covering over the walls that may be hit by the paintballs. 

How To Get Those Paintball Stains Off Your Car

A little interesting fact you should know about paintballs, is that they have a pretty high velocity, which allows them to penetrate easily into surfaces. Which is why, yes, it is possible to get their stain off your car, but it will not be as easy.
How do you get paintball stains on your car in the first place? Well, park your car in a war zone and you will find out. If you are reading this, you clearly did, which is why we are here to help. You can use common house detergents to get the stains off, just like with clothes, shoes and your hose too, so no need for you to go running around trying to get magic bleaches to wash it off.

First step, is to wash your car like you normally do. Once you are done, mix in some warm water with some mild car wash detergent, and repeat the process of cleaning your car. Have a towel with you too, which you can use to clean off the paint stains. 
If you are not up for this whole process, use a bug and tar cleaning agent to get the stains off, Spray them onto the stains, then keep scrubbing until the stain is completely off. They are also safe for your car so do not fret about scratching or leaving blemishes on it. Just use something not so rough to scrub the stains off.
Once the stains are satisfactorily off, rinse the towel you were using, or get a fresh one, and wipe off the car one more time with some clean water.

So, on a related note, what if the stains get on your leather car seat?
Getting paintball stains off a leather surface can be stressing. Something you should consider is the grade of leather you are working with, and what type of filler was in the paintballs. You will be a bit luckier if the paint was oil based.
Now, if it was wet paint, get to it as soon as possible. You could use a knife or a similar tool to get the stain off, by gently lifting it from your leather surface. Once you are done, wipe it down using a towel.
Use a wet rug for water based stains, but do not use too much water so as to avoid ruining the leather, so it is also important to dry up the surface using a towel once you are done.
Oil based paints can be removed, simply, by using oil. Put some olive oil on a towel or similar material, and gently rub it onto the surface, then you could follow up with a soapy towel or leather cleaner o finish it off completely.
For your car windows, you could use something to scrap the off the paint, or use chemical solvents to wipe it off.

Hopefully all this information has at least somewhat answered your question; do paintballs stain, and will it wash out? These tips and trick swill help you completely get rid of the stains, and not ruin your good clothes. A lot of paintball business owners, nowadays, will provide fun seekers with overalls to protect whatever clothes they came wearing from getting stained, but sometimes, the paint can dribble down or seep in. This article is also is also important for those paintball business owners, since they need to also wash these overalls. Have fun paintballing!