The Beginner’s Guide to Airsoft

We are constantly updating this airsoft guide to provide you with up-to-date information.

Welcome to our airsoft guide for beginners!

Our Beginner’s Airsoft Guide was designed to cover all major aspects of airsoft in an easy to understand way.

Airsoft is constantly growing and evolving, and this guide was created so that new airsoft players wouldn’t get overwhelmed as they begin learning the basics.

I want to also point out that although you’ll learn a ton from this airsoft guide, you want to make sure you combine this information with some real-life practice to solidify what you learned.

Keep in mind that mastering airsoft will take some time, so hang in there!

Here is how the guide will be structured:

How much of this guide should you read?

If you’re unfamiliar with airsoft, I would recommend reding this guide from beginning to end. This guide was structured to be easy to learn and understand, and something you can constantly reference.

Read the guide at your own pace, and feel free to comment with any questions you may have on each page. I will be constantly updating the guide, and will include questions and answers you have to help others with the same question.