What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is an exciting sport played by teams, during which players shoot others with plastic (or biodegradable) pellets called BBs.  Resembling paintball in many ways, the overall goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible without getting shot. Teams compete indoors and outdoors using a variety of airsoft “weapons”, equipment, and strategies.

Whether played in a backyard or at a dedicated field, players battle to achieve dominance over their opponents. This can include depleting enemy “lives”, capturing landmarks, and completing certain objectives. Players use airsoft guns that often resemble their realistic counterparts to fire BBs at their opponents (you might notice these guns have orange tips).

Airsoft Origin

Airsoft was born in Japan during the late 1970s and early 80s. Since it was illegal for citizens to own real guns, manufacturers brought replicas to the hobby market. These imitation firearms shot plastic pellets and became incredibly-popular items nationwide. The craze spread throughout Asia, eventually finding its way to Europe, North America, and beyond. Today, the sport has a strong foothold worldwide. While early guns were spring powered, newer guns are technologically complex.

Military groups and law-enforcement agencies even use the sport for training exercises! This suggests that growth will continue for the sport, especially given its realism. Thankfully, airsoft is welcoming to all due to its relatively “low” cost and bustling community. Whether you’re a sniper, gunner, or otherwise, you’ll find immense enjoyment in airsoft.

What do you need to play?

You will need the absolute basics: a gun, ammunition, and preferably additional players. You can target shoot to your heart’s content, though the game is best enjoyed alongside others. Storage and wearable gear will help you keep extra accessories organized. While airsoft is quite safe, you will need important precautionary items to prevent serious injury. Accidents happen more often than you might expect.

Get out there!

Airsoft is growing rapidly, and for good reason. The sport is an awesome way to meet new friends and form lasting relationships. The game is what you make it – an expensive lifestyle or a casual hobby. Some restrictions aside based on location, airsoft is extremely accessible and supported by passionate players. It’s a great outlet for building teamwork and social skills, and just might scratch that itch Call of Duty no longer can.