Best Airsoft Guns of 2019


Airsoft is a game of dynamic environments, challenges, and fighting conditions. Though you might dominate opponents from afar one day, the next may see you breaching enemy strongholds. Whether you’re fighting up close or supporting from a distance, we’ve handpicked the perfect weapons to suit your needs.

The Best Airsoft Gun of 2019:


Best Gas Pistol: Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1

A high-quality gas blowback pistol with respectable power and versatility.

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  • Upgradeable with 20mm bottom rail
  • Extremely accurate
  • Gas efficient with large magazine
  • Plastic parts can degrade over time
  • Requires metal slide for reliable green gas usage

Players seeking the complete package in a gas pistol should look no further than the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1. Being a gas blowback pistol, Tokyo Marui’s offering includes a satisfying blowback recoil system. With every trigger pull, both 134A and green gas help deliver excellent power. Though Tokyo Marui specifies an FPS of 250-300, many owners report velocities exceeding these estimates. Players planning on using green gas or propane should upgrade their stock slides with metal slides to avoid excess wear and tear. Power doesn’t tell the entire story, however. TM has long been known for its excellent hop up system, and the Hi-Capa 5.1 doesn’t disappoint. Without upgrades, the 5.1 shoots both long and true, using various BB weights. With a high-capacity magazine, players will be propelling accurate shots without worry.

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Best Electric Pistol: CYMA Advanced M9

A budget-friendly, fully-automatic pistol with firing modes to suit your preferences.

  • Affordable
  • High rate of fire (adjustable)
  • Upgradeable with TM components
  • Low-average FPS for its class
  • Smaller plastic parts are vulnerable to breakage

The CYMA Advanced M9 tops our list of electric pistols, and for good reason. The select fire capability of the pistol allows players to conserve ammo or drill rounds down range. Coupled with a 29-round magazine, players can fight longer between reloads. Close range accuracy is solid, though longer-range shots may require a hop up adjustment. As airsoft reviewer Spade states, the hop up is easily to rotate into place, accessible by simply removing the upper slide. Though there aren’t a large number of external upgrades available, the CYMA M9 accepts internal components built to Tokyo Marui’s specs. This means high-quality internals are widely available – think gearbox and the like. The M9 is mostly made of plastic, so durability can be a concern. Players will want to avoid excess bumps and drops, an Achilles heel of the CYMA M9.


Best Sniper Rifle: Tokyo Marui VSR-10

A top-quality, upgradeable sniping package with unbeatable accuracy.

  • Upgrades are plentiful
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Durable with great feel
  • Expensive
  • Stock FPS may leave something to be desired

In our airsoft sniper article , we broke down the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 in detail, declaring it a standout sniper rifle. In fact, we’ve now named the VSR-10 our top sniper rifle overall – recognizing its awesome versatility and usability. Though the rifle is expensive, most players should see the VSR-10 as an investment. With a wide variety of aftermarket parts available, players can exchange both external and internal parts without worry. That flexibility allows for superior performance tuning based on both need and taste. While the FPS of the VSR-10 might be lacking on the surface, some basic modifications will help noticeably increase power. Players will want to hold onto this rifle for a long while, and it will remain a faithful servant if cared for. Without upgrades, the VSR’s accuracy is outstanding. Coupled with Marui’s hop up system, no targets are safe.

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Best M4: VFC Avalon

A durable AEG offering authentic M4 styling and premium performance.

  • Full metal body
  • Versatile with customizable rails
  • Solid FPS
  • Good magazine capacity
  • Magazine well can be picky with third-party options
  • Minor stock wobble

The subject of much chatter due to VFC’s solid reputation in the airsoft world, our pick for the best M4 is the VFC Avalon Carbine M4. A solid and reliable AEG, the Avalon offers great performance and modularity. This is especially important for modern weapons. Durability is impressive with the VFC Avalon M4, and the all-metal body is incredibly solid. Players don’t feel like they’re holding a cheap weapon – and they’re not, as the VFC Avalon is quite expensive. The rifle features select-fire capability, capable of both full and semiautomatic modes. Out of the box, the Avalon M4 is quite accurate. As reviewers and RedWolf Airsoft claim, accuracy is impressive with both fire modes. Groupings are solid, and BBs shoot at an impressive 380 FPS. Some hop up adjustments are necessary but easy to access without tools. Included metal rails allow players to attach a wide variety of accessories. Lefties rejoice - the Avalon also has ambidextrous fire selectors.


Best AK-47: LCT Airsoft AK74M NV AEG

A rock-solid, true-to-life AEG with impressive performance and build quality.

  • Extremely solid feel
  • High FPS
  • Authentic styling
  • Battery is tricky to access
  • Disassembly can be difficult
  • Heavy for some

The Rolls Royce of authentic AK airsoft rifles, the LCT Airsoft AK74M is the best AK47 on our list. It is an incredibly solid package, with an all-metal receiver and gearbox. These stamped steel components, high-capacity magazine included, give the gun durability and heft. As a result, the AK74M is practically a 1:1 clone of the real thing. Though the standard magazine is a mid-capacity 130 rounder, LCT also includes a 600-round magazine in the box. This offers a greater value to the buyer, and grants players flexibility in the field. Checking in at 400-420 FPS with standard BBs, the AK74M delivers impressive power. As is typical of AEGs, a select-fire option provides both semi and full auto modes. With a high rate of fire, players can spray rounds down range with ease. Finally, a side rail allows for optics, while leaf sights adorn the top of the gun.


Best Gas Shotgun: Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical

A scatter shot, pump-action shotgun with good power and flexibility.

  • Select fire mode
  • Good customization options
  • Respectable FPS
  • Wobbly outer barrel for some
  • Some generic shells can cause issues

The full stock variant of the M870 Breacher, Tokyo Marui’s M870 Tactical is our top gas shotgun. With a great balance of performance and customization, the M870 is just as eager to snipe from mid-range as it is clearing rooms. Tuned to shoot either 3 or 6 round bursts, the M870 is ready to sling rounds. Tokyo Marui claims an FPS of 300-350. With each standard shell holding 30 rounds, make sure you bring a number of extras into your firefight. Players report that one gas cannister propels in excess of 60 shots. The M780 Tactical also supports green gas usage. The gas operated system allows for easy reloading, allowing faster follow-up shots than spring powered guns. Players with a more deliberate approach can attach a scope for long-range shooting. A metal receiver, barrel, and magazine feed ensure good durability despite the polymer stock.


Best Electric Shotgun: Tokyo Marui “Sledge Hammer” AA12

A select-fire CQB dominator with high capacity and authentic AA12 looks.

  • Three-barrel configuration
  • Separate hop up per barrel
  • Metal reinforced frame
  • Relatively-low FPS
  • Limited range

Nobody wants to incur a shotgun’s wrath, and the Tokyo Marui “Sledge Hammer” takes intimidation to a whole new level. Made to resemble an AA12, Tokyo Marui’s offering promises to part both enemies and teammates like the Red Sea. The AA12 carves out a successful niche in close quarters usage. However, 260 FPS won’t blow anyone away, limiting the “Sledge Hammer” to closer ranges. Players won’t mind though – this is an excellent breaching weapon. Players can fine tune each barrel’s hop up, controlling the overall shot spread. With this customization, fighters will be ready to conquer any environment. The gun is quite accurate thanks to its hop up system, provided you keep to a reasonable range. Groupings are solid, and shots are impactful enough to get the job done. Coupled with an easy-release magazine that holds 93 rounds, players will have plenty of opportunity to run amok.

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