Winning an airsoft match all starts with having the best airsoft gun on the field. With the right knowledge and the proper budget, you’ll be able to rack up some wins you can be proud of.

First things first: What you’ll need is something reliable, sturdy, and consistent. Here’s our list of airsoft guns that will help give you an edge on the field, and a guide for helping you choose the perfect one.

How to Choose the Best Airsoft Gun

If this is your first time hearing about airsoft guns, I would recommend reading our guide on what airsoft guns are.

Choosing a great airsoft gun can be a daunting task, as is compiling a “best-of” list. When searching for your next airsoft gun (or your first), consider the following factors:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Build quality
  • Playing conditions
  • Playing style
  • Experience level

This isn’t an exhaustive list, though these are perhaps the most important considerations when making a purchase.

Price – What is your Budget?

Price is a driving factor, and will help you determine which options you can choose from. Some brands are known for their pricing, both in a frugal sense and an expensive sense.

Choosing a cheaper airsoft gun doesn’t always guarantee lackluster performance. On the flip side, an expensive gun won’t necessarily perform the best nor offer good value. That said, we often separate weapons into tiers based on price and brand.


Performance is a core consideration when comparing guns. Power and accuracy, combined with range, is a crucial balance that must be struck. Depending on your environment, these preferences may change. Gas, spring, or electric powered weapons might be favorable over other alternatives.

Airsoft is a rough-and-tumble game. You’re often diving behind cover, running through claustrophobic areas, or supporting your gun with various objects. Players are prone to dropping their guns and hitting them against obstacles. For these reasons, build quality is important. Plastic is generally less durable than metal, though many polymer guns are incredibly stout. While metal frames are sturdy, they also weigh more. This can hamper handling and promote fatigue during extended matches. Internally, however, metal components are your best bet for longevity, due to their resistance to warping and sudden breakage.

Playing Conditions

Playing conditions are crucial. The ideal gun will serve you well in multiple conditions. However, if you’re in a cool climate year-round, choosing certain types of gas or spring weapons may be the way to go. Extremely cold weather is detrimental to batteries, for example. CO2 or green gas may offer better performance depending on temperature. Aside from weather, fields change. Some are short, others are long. Others are expansive and open, while others are confined and cluttered. Certain guns will excel in certain fields.

Playing Style

Your playing style will also influence your choice. Some players like to run and gun, while others choose their shots more judiciously. While players may prefer a supporting role, others prefer doing the heavy lifting during assaults. You may move frequently between objectives or camp in one location. These factors will determine which type of gun is optimal.

Experience Level

Finally, experience level is something to consider. Some airsoft guns are incredibly complex. They’re also growth platforms, allowing you to modify them as you go. While newer players may shy away from complex weapons that require maintenance, experienced players might experiment with upgrades. If you’re in the latter group, it may be best to choose a gun with flexible internals and externals. Beginners may gravitate towards spring guns or electric guns. Gas guns are suitable for most players, though upkeep can be tricky.

Best Electric Airsoft Guns

Krytac Trident MKII


  • Light
  • Amazing trigger response
  • Great range and accuracy
  • Mosfet pre-installed, meaning you can run higher voltage batteries
  • Full metal
  • Great right out of the box


  • Barrel is average. If you can, upgrade it
  • Stock has a slight wobble

A name that you’ll hear often nowadays is Krytac. Krytac is one of the best airsoft brands when it comes to the quality of their guns, and the MKII is no different.

This gun really is great out of the box and is the gun we highly recommend if you’re a beginner.

Although the MKII has some similarities to the MKI, there are some differences worth noting. For example, the body of the MKII is a bit more squared off than the MKI, giving it a unique look.

The grip is also different from the MKI since it was made to be more ergonomic. This is great since you don’t want a gun that feels uncomfortable in your hand.

The trigger of the gun is also great because it’s licensed by CMC, which produces real guns.

Right out of the box the MKII shoots around 360 FPS. It has a very high tolerance, and the hop up is very easy to adjust.

One of the few downsides to this gun is the barrel. Some people have had issues with how it was made, so if you can I would suggest upgrading it.

Quick tip: When getting this gun, make sure you get an 11.1v LiPo battery for better performance.

VFC Avalon


  • Amazing trigger response
  • Great right out of the box
  • Adjustable hop-up is phenomenal
  • Versatile rail system


  • Stock has a slight wobble
  • Slightly heavier than the Krytac

The VFC Avalon was designed to compete with the Krytac, kind of like Rocky and Apollo. This gun has a 120rd mid-capacity and an FPS of about 380 out of the box.

Similar to the Krytac, the stock of this airsoft gun does have a slight wobble, so keep that in mind.

What I like about this gun is how well it performs right out of the box.  This gun is extremely accurate without any mods when firing.

The rail system is very versatile and you won’t have to worry about this gun breaking as it is very durable.

The trigger of the Avalon is straight with a short pull, and the grip is slim and very comfortable to hold.

Elite Force Beretta ARX 160


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Durable
  • Micro trigger switch
  • Front and rear sling mounts


  • Small battery compartment
  • Heavy

Another really cool rifle is the Elite Force Beretta ARX 160. This rifle was made to mirror as exactly as possible the firearms used by the Italian Armed Forces.

This gun features an ambidextrous design. There are both front and rear sling mounts as well as a fire selector switch and a bolt release below the trigger mount. The receiver is also made of carbon fiber, which will withstand high impact.

Internally, the ARX features a micro trigger switch assembly which increases the trigger responsiveness.

Other internal features include an electric blowback system for added realism and a quick change spring system. This system allows you to drop down your muzzle velocity from 400 FPS to under 350 in minutes.

The Beretta also features a metal tooth piston which can withstand the rigors of firing at higher muzzle velocities.

LCT Airsoft AK74M


  • Extremely solid feel
  • High FPS
  • Authentic styling


  • Battery is tricky to access
  • Disassembly can be difficult
  • Heavy for some

The Rolls Royce of authentic AK airsoft rifles, the LCT Airsoft AK74M is the best AK47 on our list. It is an incredibly solid package, with an all-metal receiver and gearbox. These stamped steel components, high-capacity magazine included, give the gun durability and heft. As a result, the AK74M is practically a 1:1 clone of the real thing. 

Though the standard magazine is a mid-capacity 130 rounder, LCT also includes a 600-round magazine in the box. This offers a greater value to the buyer, and grants players flexibility in the field. 

Checking in at 400-420 FPS with standard BBs, the AK74M delivers impressive power. As is typical of AEGs, a select-fire option provides both semi and full auto modes. With a high rate of fire, players can spray rounds down range with ease.     

Finally, a side rail allows for optics, while leaf sights adorn the top of the gun. 

G&G CM16 Raider 2.0


  • Good FPS
  • High-quality, metal internals
  • Upgradeable & customizable


  • Polymer replaces external metal components found in upscale models

M4 and carbine-style AEGs are some of the most popular guns in the game today, and players are trying to maximize their dollar. Meet the G&G CM16 Raider 2.0, a high-performing rifle that avoids breaking the bank. Being a budget weapon, the external body is constructed of polymer. However, this does help keep the gun’s weight down compared to similar AEGs.

The rotary hop-up system can be found behind a dust cover, and is easily adjustable by hand. Popup sights make aiming a breeze and emulates an authentic M4. A 300-round, high-capacity magazine extends play. At 350-370 FPS, the CM16 offers good power with a high ceiling. 

The G&G CM16 features an M-LOK rail ready for optics and other add-ons. The gearbox is fully metal and fully upgradeable, unlocking greater FPS and fire rates. Overall, the CM16 offers boundless potential in an inexpensive package. 

ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1

Built true to spec, the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 is an aggressive, modern firearm with striking styling. Glass-fiber reinforced polymer accompanies a CNC-machined outer barrel, flash hider, and barrel nut for superb durability. These materials elevate the EVO’s feel, resembling the real deal from CZ. Internally, gearbox components are also CNC-machined metal. Initially, the ASG Scorpion may resemble an assault rifle in length. However, its stock folds completely flat against the weapon’s side, facilitating single-handed operation. This flexibility is quite beneficial during CQB. It’s also removable, transforming the EVO into a true short-range brawler.

External controls are ambidextrous, making it easy to swap shoulders. A long top rail and bottom rail allow players to mount accessories. Finally, a functional bolt lock and a four-position fire selector round out one genuine Scorpion package. ASG offers a black finish, which looks stunning. It has a nice heft, weighing 5.3 pounds fully assembled. The Evo is only 16.7 inches long with the stock collapsed, or 24.5 inches extended. Included in the box is the Scorpion EVO 3A1 and a 75-round magazine. Batteries aren’t included, though ASG recommends either 7.4V or 11.1V LiPo small tri-cell batteries.

The EVO is traditionally a short-range weapon, though it can outperform a large majority of assault rifles. It fires at approximately 394 FPS with stock components. However, this velocity isn’t locked in. Players can utilize the EVO’s quick change system, allowing spring changes without gearbox disassembly. Smaller fields and especially CQB fields commonly have FPS or joule limits. Easy changes allow players to dial things back accordingly, or pop in an upgrade. An adjustable hop up makes tweaks easier, boosting accuracy – a trait which owners highly praise. We previously mentioned a four-position switch. That switch allows semiautomatic, automatically, and three-round burst fire. This last setting is unique and provides another dimension of usability.

ASG built the EVO’s gearbox with an ECU, monitoring water ingress, battery response, and motor efficiency. If your EVO is submerged, the ECU will disable key electrical components until internal conditions are favorable. Additionally, the gearbox will sense when magazines run empty, preventing dry firing. Complete with a reinforced short motor, the EVO 3A1 offers outstanding longevity and performance. Trigger response is nearly instantaneous, and rate of fire is impressive.

The ASG EVO 3A1 is an outstanding weapon which requires few – if any – upgrades to perform at peak efficiency. Built-in electrical smart features and outstanding external build quality make it one of the best airsoft SMGs for all players. It will lighten your wallet, however, as this is a premium gun on all fronts.

Best Gas Airsoft Guns



  • High FPS
  • Compact, even with stock fully extended
  • Picatinny and Weaver compatible rails


  • Potentially too hot for some fields, especially CQB
  • Stock wobbles minorly while extended

First thing’s first: the KWA MP7A1 is a mean-looking SMG. Though not physically imposing, it packs an incredible punch. The MP7A1 includes a two-position telescoping stock and a long foregrip. Though the gun’s externals are primarily polymer, top and side rails are metal. The same is true of its flash hider, magazine, fire selector, slide release, iron sight, and stock. These reinforced external components are resilient against bumps and extended use. Sights are flip up and adjustable.

Owners recommend installing a CQB bolt or changing springs to solve this problem. Accuracy is very good at shorter ranges, though it tends to taper off around 75-100 feet. Thankfully, the gun includes an adjustable hop up to help tune performance to your field.

This GBB kicks firmly using propane or green gas, though the former requires an adapter. The gun fires in both semiautomatic and automatic modes. Rate of fire is excellent, which is no surprise for an SMG. This gun is loud when fired, which players may or may not like depending on their preferences.

KJW KC-02 V2 Tactical Carbine


  • High FPS
  • Highly-customizable rail system
  • Fairly lightweight and easy to operate


  • Green gas only
  • Too hot for some fields

Adopting the widely-revered M4/M16 platform, the KJW KC-02 also sports a pistol grip for confident handling during battle. The gun features a mixture of ABS and metal externally, with key internals fashioned primarily from metal. This grants the KC-02 immense power, at about 400 FPS with standard ammunition. While this may be overkill in some situations, KJW’s rifle excels at long-range combat in outdoor environments. The company claims a 150-foot effective range, which may be extended via a tight-bore barrel upgrade.

Because the M4 form factor is so customizable, the KC-02 follows suit. Extensive top and bottom rail systems accept tactical accessories. The rifle comes equipped with flip-up sights – available when you need them, yet stowable when attaching aftermarket optics. It also includes an AR-style stock that extends for optimal comfort.

Overall, the KC-02 is a package that can grow with you. It fits the bill as a primary weapon in most situations, while bringing impressive accuracy and adjustability to the table.

Best Spring Airsoft Guns

FN Herstal SCAR-L


  • High FPS with lightweight BBs
  • Ultra-high capacity magazine
  • Full-length rails
  • Adjustable stock with tactical foregrip


  • Low rate of fire
  • Fixed hop up

A standout for newcomers with a budget, the FN Herstal SCAR-L offers authentic looks with superb quality-of-life features. The SCAR-L includes flip-up sights, an extendable stock (with rubber butt pad), and a 20mm Picatinny rail. The handguard includes RIS segments.

The surprising addition to the FN SCAR is its 350-round magazine. While more typical of an automatic weapon, FN Herstal has included one in this single-fire variant. Luckily, that means you’ll never have to worry about reloading during extended battles.

As a consequence of its price point, most of the rifle’s externals are polymer. However, this does benefit maneuverability and endurance. Beginner players may not be used to the physical rigors of long matches, making this lightweight construction advantageous. That said, the FN Herstal is a perfect option for budget players while offering a taste of top-flight performance.