Best Airsoft Helmets

If you read airsoft forums frequently, you’ve probably heard of helmets referred to as lame or a waste of time.

You’ve probably seen people saying they play airsoft without them at all, and perhaps you’re wondering if you really need a helmet, or which helmet is best.

Well, wonder no more.

We’re here to clear things up for you. By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll know several reasons why you need a helmet, whether a plastic toy helmet can be enough protection, and what helmets are the best.

Best Airsoft Helmets Compared

OneTigris PJ Type Helmet Tactical Fast Helmet with Protective Goggle and Mesh Face Mask for Airsoft Paintball (Grey)
Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet, Tan
Valken Airsoft ATH Helmet - Tan
OneTigris PJ Type Helmet Tactical Fast Helmet with Protective Goggle and Mesh Face Mask for Airsoft Paintball (Grey)
Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet, Tan
Valken Airsoft ATH Helmet - Tan
from $30.87
from $39.48
OneTigris PJ Type Helmet Tactical Fast Helmet with Protective Goggle and Mesh Face Mask for Airsoft Paintball (Grey)
OneTigris PJ Type Helmet Tactical Fast Helmet with Protective Goggle and Mesh Face Mask for Airsoft Paintball (Grey)
More Info
Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet, Tan
Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet, Tan
from $30.87
More Info
Valken Airsoft ATH Helmet - Tan
Valken Airsoft ATH Helmet - Tan
from $39.48
More Info

Why Get an Airsoft Helmet?

A lot of people think helmets cramp their style. After all, they can be hot and annoying to wear, and who really needs head protection when you’re playing airsoft, right?


Airsoft can be just as dangerous as any other sport.

You run the risk of having pellets fly at your head, as well as the usual spate of falls and bumps that can happen as you’re crawling or running around and you need protection.

However, these aren’t the only reasons to have a helmet.


The most important reason to get a helmet is safety. I know you might think that you don’t need it. After all, those are just little pellets. Most of them won’t even hit you. What dangers can they cause?

However, those little pellets can become quite injurious if they’re fired at close ranges, and some parts of your face and head are more susceptible than others.

For that reason, you should wear a helmet, no matter what age you are, though helmets are extra important for children as they tend to forget rules and trip as they play.

However, a helmet is important for teens and adults too, especially in fields they’re unsure of.


These days, helmets aren’t just metal buckets. They have been fitted with accessory rails, just like your gun.

This makes your helmet much more versatile and gives you a nice place to mount those night vision optics, headlamps, IR illumination for your NODS and any other accessory you might have need for on your head, even video equipment for recording all those amazing airsoft games.


One of the reasons people site for not having a helmet is the weight. However, helmets are not always heavy.

It all depends on the material that they’re made from. Most military issue helmets out there are made from kevlar, the same thing that bullet-proof vests are made from.

This means that those helmets will be much lighter than their metal counterparts, as kevlar weighs so much less.

However, kevlar isn’t the only thing that a helmet can be made from.

If you don’t expect to be hit in the head by actual bullets, you can find helmets made of carbon fiber or even impact-resistant plastic.

The options are almost endless.

Finding the Proper Helmet

Not all helmets are created equally, and not all of them will fit every head. For that reason, it’s important to find the correct helmet for you.

However, this process isn’t always self-explanatory. Read on to learn more.


The first and most important step in finding the right helmet is to check the fit.

The helmet you pick should be tight enough to stay in place without feeling like it’s going to squish your head. It should also come down at least partially over the back of your neck.

The neck is an area that people often forget to protect, but it’s one of the areas that needs protecting most as neck damage could paralyze you.

Breathing is also another thing to check. You should be able to breathe easily and properly while wearing the helmet.

If your breathing feels restricted, or the breath vents in a full-face helmet aren’t right, then you need to choose another helmet.


The next thing you must decide when choosing a helmet is what fastening you want it to have. Some helmets have straps with buckles.

Others have straps with fasteners that slide in and lock. Still, others don’t have any fastening at all. This kind simply slides onto your neck, and are the least safe.


After you’ve gotten the fit and the fastening, it’s time to choose the face design you want. Helmets have two face designs, open and close face.

If you choose an open-face design, you will have to buy goggles or safety glasses to wear. After all, you don’t want a pellet flying into your eye as it could blind you.

The closed face design effectively eliminates that second piece of gear as it protects your eyes.


The overall design and color of the helmet, while superficial, are still important. After all, nobody wants to wear a helmet out on the field that they hate.

Sadly, most helmets come in basic black or drab green. However, this is your chance to get creative.

Add a few stickers or decals. Stencil in something awesome like a firebird or phoenix.

If you don’t want to do any of that, you can always paint the helmet the color you’d want. You might want to check what the helmet is made of.

That way you can find the proper color for your aesthetics in a paint that will adhere to your helmet.

A Special Note About Plastic Helmets

Though plastic helmets will work well for protecting your head, be careful about which ones you use.

For example, if you want to use a toy-grade plastic helmet, be sure to read the labels on the packaging.

Not all plastic is created equal, and some will shatter on impact. This is not something you’d want to put near your eyes.

In fact, it would be best to make sure that the plastic helmet you pick up is designed for airsoft/paintball use.

Best Airsoft Helmets Reviewed

Now that we have gone over the basics of why you need a helmet and what steps you need to take before picking one, it’s time for the reviews.

We have tirelessly searched the market, looking for the absolute helmets to protect your noggin.

OneTigris PJ Type Tactical Helmet 

If you are looking for a great paintball or airsoft helmet, this one is for you. It is made of ABS (engineering plastic) and comes with a cushiony liner to keep you from knocking your head.

Further, it has Velcro loops so you can feel safe attaching any military or other types of patches you want to attach.

If you find yourself in need of attachment sites for NODS or other accessories, this helmet will serve you well.

It comes with two tactical rails, as well as a removable NVG mount. This is plenty of room for all your accessories.

This helmet does not cover the ears. However, standard ear protection will fit comfortably inside it.

This means you won’t have to worry about whether the headband on your ear protection will interfere with your wearing the helmet.

If you are someone with a larger than average hit, the OneTigris has adjustable straps. Simply fix the straps on the back and the helmet will conform to your skull shape.

When you buy a helmet, you don’t want to have to worry about the quality, and this one delivers time and time again.

It doesn’t feel cheap or wobble. This is not a helmet that will shatter on you from the littlest impact.

The one downside is you’ll need to buy a helmet cover if you intend on playing in the rain as this helmet has holes on top the rain can get through.

Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet

Do you need a lightweight, fully adjustable airsoft helmet that is still strong enough to keep you safe no matter what crazy airsoft shinanigan you and your friends are getting up to?

Do you need a helmet that looks amazing and can be customized with stickers or stencils? If so, then the Raptors helmet is for you.

The Raptors Tactical helmet features several mounts. The versatile front mount can handle several different types of night vision systems, from monocles all the way up to the very latest technology.

The side mounts are great for mounting communication systems such as radios. This helmet can hold any and all the accessories you need to mount.

The Raptors helmet fits most head sizes. It comes with a variety of pads which you can insert into it that will adjust the head size by taking up more room.

This helmet also features several Velcro patches. You can use these to attach name plates or patches to personalize the helmet.

The tactical helmet features an open-face design. You will need to grab a mask and goggles to wear this properly. Something like a half face mask should do nicely.

V-Tac Valken Airsoft Tactical Helmet

The Valken ATH Tactical Helmet is an excellent one if you want something a bit different than the norm. It will protect your head from shrapnel, bumps, and hits from pellets at close to medium range.

The ear area allows use of communication devices, ear protection/hearing enhancement, and ballistic side up-armor.

This helmet also works well with paintball masks. You just need to make sure that the mask doesn’t rub against the rim of your helmet.

However, as long as you aren’t wearing a paintball mask that covers your entire head, you should be fine.

The only downsides to this helmet are that pellets do get stuck in the NVG mount if you don’t have something mounted there.

Furthermore, sizing runs a bit small. You’ll need to buy a size or two larger than you think you need.

ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Helmet

This helmet is super high-tech. Not only does it come with a visor, but goggles as well. The visor slides sideways, and the goggles can slide up into the helmet.

This helmet is adjustable and there are actually two versions. The one we are reviewing here is the one for rounder heads.

The tactical helmet is constructed sturdily and of good-quality materials. The goggles aren’t fully sealed, but they are shatter-proof, definitely something which is strong enough to protect your face.

The adjustments for this are easy and instinctual. Pretty much everything about the helmet is extremely user-friendly. It even comes packaged with a few extra accessories.

Helmets are an important part of your airsoft gear. However, not everyone thinks wearing them is a good idea.

For instance, a person might think that they are unnecessary or not something that is aesthetically pleasing.

However, if you are ever shot in the forehead at close range by an airsoft pellet, you’ll want to pick one up.

There are several factors to consider before you choose a helmet of your own. The helmet needs to fit you tightly enough to stay in place, while still allowing you to be comfortable.

You should also make sure to check the fastening. Not all helmets fasten the same way. Some have straps that buckle. Others have click-in straps and still others just slide down onto your head.

Thirdly, you need to make sure your helmet fits your style. Even in milsim games, if you don’t have a helmet that looks cool, you are less likely to wear it.

There are several things you can do to customize your helmet, such as applying stickers, decals, patches and other things.

You can even stencil pictures onto your helmet. Painting is also a possibility though you’ll need to find proper paint.

If you intend on using a plastic helmet, make sure that it is one designed to be impact resistent.

Now that you have read this article, you know why helmets are important, how to find one and which helmets are the best on the market.

Arming yourself with this info, you can get ahead of the game where helmet use is concerned.