Airsoft face masks are an important piece of equipment if you have an open-face helmet.

Without them, a huge chunk of your face remains unprotected, prime real estate for pellets to hit you. A pellet to the face can be incredibly uncomfortable, and could possibly injure you.

However, there is a disadvantage to wearing a face mask. They can be incredibly stuffy and hot, and they generally don’t have sweat-absorbing material.

This means that you’ll wind up feeling quite uncomfortable if you wear one. However, recently mask makers have come up with a product to solve this problem.

They have started making masks with fans inside. These masks, as you can imagine, make airsoft much more comfortable.

However, it can be hard to tell which are the best masks on the market.

That is why we are here today.

In this article, we will discuss what an airsoft mask is, what safety it offers you, and how masks with fans differ from other masks.

After that, we will end the article with reviews of some of the best masks on the market.

What Is An Airsoft Mask?

There are many types of face masks out there.

There are ones used for paintball, ones used to protect your face from fumes in the air, and even ones for welding and other home tasks.

However, if you are going to play airsoft, it’s very important to wear a mask designed specifically for airsoft.

It may seem pedantic, at first, to insist on airsoft specific masks, especially if you are one of those people who have masks for other purposes lying around the house.

However, airsoft masks are specially designed for the sport. This gives them a few advantages.

  • Since airsoft masks are generally designed by companies with a lot of knowledge in the sport, they are made in such a way that they won’t obstruct your vision.
  • Range of motion: Not only will airsoft face masks not affect your vision clarity but they also have the advantage of not affecting your range of motion.
  • Light weight: Airsoft masks are incredibly lightweight, and most of them are meant to be used with helmets, so the size allowance works without you having to trim them to fit with your headgear.

Types of Airsoft Masks

Airsoft masks come in two main types, whole face masks and half masks. Whole face masks, just like the name suggests, cover your entire face.

Half masks on the other hand cover the lower half of your face and your ears.

Masks can keep pellets from hitting you in the face or ears, but they won’t block out the noise of flashbangs or other loud sounds on the field.

Experienced players tend to choose half face masks. This allows them to choose the eye protection such as goggles or glasses that they want.

If you are a novice, then you should likely stick with a full face mask at first. That way you are sure you will be covered.

Why Do I Need a Face Mask At All?

There are several reasons that a face mask is a useful piece of your gear. For one, most fields require at least some facial protection. You can’t enter the gaming area without protection.

Secondly, face masks protect all the soft parts of your face.

Though you’re not at risk of serious head trauma from airsoft pellets, they can still damage your soft facial tissue and leave you with light scarring. Pellets can also knock out an eye or go into your ears.

What materials are face masks made of?

Not all airsoft-specific face masks are made of the same materials, and each one has their advantages and disadvantages.


Plastic is a great choice for most players. It provides a lot of protection. Even a pellet shattering against it isn’t likely to touch your face.

That is also why it’s long been a favorite of paintball players who have to deal with bigger projectiles.

For those of you playing with high-powered guns, definitely go with plastic. Catching .20G pellets with your face at 300 FPS won’t feel good but a plastic mask will stop them from getting near your face.

The only disadvantage to plastic is that it doesn’t breathe very well. Before you buy a plastic mask, make sure that you select one that is well ventilated.

Steel Mesh

Steel mesh is good against individual hits. However, you may find that the pellets fragment.

However, the fragments will be traveling much more slowly after they hit your mask and therefore won’t do as much damage to your face.

The main advantage to steel mesh, though, is that it is much more breathable.

This mesh will keep your face cooler during longer games in warm climates, and you won’t have to worry about how much you’re sweating.

Strap Systems

After you have chosen the material of your mask, it’s time to choose the strap system. Strap systems ensure that the mask will fit properly.

No two human faces are exactly alike, so you’ll need more than one strap to hold things together. Some masks will offer up to six straps for ultimate adjustment.

There are two types of straps. Rubber bands will work for most people. However, the kind of straps that pull through and fasten are better in most situations, especially if you have to dive to the ground.


No matter what kind of mask you choose, venting is important, especially in hotter areas or long games.

You need a mask with vents smaller than the 6 MM size of the projectiles. That way, the projectiles won’t accidentally go through the vents.

However, vent holes are not the only way to make your mask more breathable. Some masks come with integrated fans.

These fans can keep fog from building up on your goggles and make sure your face stays cool. In the next section, we will review some of these masks.

Best Airsoft Masks With Fans Reviewed

Are you still with us? Good! An airsoft face mask will keep your face safe and cool with their ventilation holes.

However, that’s not the only way that airsoft facemasks can keep your face nice and frosty.

These days, masks have been created with integrated fans, as we have mentioned in the last section and we are going to review some of the absolute best ones on the market.

Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull CS Mask With Fan

If you are looking for a good mask for airsoft games, this one is awesome.

Each set comes with one mask body, two pairs of goggles, (One black and one transparent), a nylon strap and a pull-through strap to hold it firmly on your face.

The two fans inside this mask are powered with AA batteries.

Before buying this mask, keep in mind that it is only good for airsoft. You cannot use it for paintball, as it isn’t safety rated for that.

On the other hand, this mask’s fans keep you from fogging up your goggles quite well. You will only fog up if the fan batteries die. You might want to carry some extra batteries with you.

The mask is well made, of high-quality materials. The straps fit snugly enough to hold the mask on your face, even if you choose to wear a helmet.

The only downside is that a lot of moisture does build up inside the mouth area of the mask because of your breathing.

VILONG Airsoft Mask 

Are you looking for a very sturdy airsoft mask with a turbo fan system? If so, then the Vilong mask is a great choice.

This mask is made of shock-resistant engineering plastic, and comes with a turbo fan system that fits inside.

If you have a bigger head, rejoice. The Vilong mask has adjustable straps that make it possible for people of almost any head size to wear it.

The fans inside this mask make it totally fog-proof. On top of that, it also comes with two filters for use in extreme sunlight.

Sadly, this mask does have one downside. The lenses are not rated for airsoft. If they are shot at a range which is too close, they will pop out. This could really wreck some games of airsoft.

Myheartgoon Airsoft Dummy Gas Mask

Are you off to play a game of zombies? Do you want a mask that looks like a gas mask? Do you want to still be able to breathe in it, even though it’s plastic? If so, I have the best mask ever, the Myheartgoon Dummy gas mask.

This mask is appropriate for more than just zombie warfare. It’s perfect for airsoft and paintball, riding your motorcycle in the winter, and almost anything you’d want to do with it.

The sturdy, shock-resistant plastic will deflect any pellet shot at your way. You can just keep laughing to yourself as they tinkle off.

Though the mask is made of good-quality plastic, it is softer around the sides and more sturdy around the viewing ports. However, the mounts for the straps are entirely too brittle and could break.

Another problem with this mask is that the glass has bends in it, meaning that it distorts if you look through it. However, it’s not a big distortion and it can be dealt with easily enough.

The fit on this Myheartgoon mask is excellent. It is quite comfortable, even for long periods of time.

Pro-Goggle Airsoft Full Face Mask w/ Integrated Fan 

The Pro-goggle face mask system from Evike is a total face-protecting solution.

Unlike the fans in the other masks we have reviewed, this one features a high-powered blower fan instead of two small ones mounted in the cheeks of the mask.

Evike have been manufacturers of airsoft products for years, and the quality you have grown to know and love is here in spades in thhis mask.

If you wear eyeglasses, you will be happy with this mask. It has a deep design, meaning you don’t have to take off your glasses to use it.

Further, for added comfort, there is rubber around the view port. The goggles are also rubber-sealed.

The Pro-Goggle is also great for those of you who tend to play long games as it is made of lightweight, shatter-resistant polymer.

If you want versatility, you can wear just the goggles as they are removable from the mask.

The fan inside is a smart fan. This means it will run quieter and use less power when turned on. However, if the situation becomes extreme, you can revv up your fan power to high and still remain cool.

The Pro-Goggle is low profile. This means you can use your scopes and optics with ease. It is not often that a mask this versatile comes along.

In airsoft, you must protect your eyes. It is not only important but mandatory.

However, it is wise to go above and beyond the mandatory eye protection.

After all, you do not want to chip a tooth or knock out an eye.

Beyond that, it is just good practice.

There are several face masks out there, but they can all be divided into two types: half mask and full mask.

Most advanced players choose the half mask design, but novices should probably start with a full face mask, though in reality the only difference between the two is that with a full face mask, you know you’ll have full coverage and not have to worry about it.

Playing airsoft in hot conditions can be annoying. Your goggles can fog badly, and your face gets sweaty.

However, there is a technological solution to this dilemma, face masks with integrated fans. If you choose one of these masks, you can be the total definition of cool.