The Best Airsoft Pistol Brands

Undoubtedly, picking up a reliable airsoft pistol is one of the most beneficial decisions players can make when building a loadout. When primary weapons malfunction or empty, a trusty sidearm can play a key role in survival. In many instances, players may opt to use a high-quality pistol as their primary weapon. Making the right purchase goes a long way in helping players remain battle ready.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite pistol manufacturers. We considered the following while choosing these brands:

  • Popular appeal and community reviews
  • Reliability and performance
  • Parts availability and upgrades

Without further ado, here are the top brands players should consider when purchasing a new sidearm:

Tokyo Marui

Since Tokyo Marui first began producing airsoft guns, the brand has earned a reputation for outstanding performance and quality control. Although their one of the more-expensive manufacturers, Tokyo Marui is a brand that many airsofters hold in high regard. That demand extends to their range of pistols. Their sidearms mainly appeal to intermediate and advanced players, though they’ll serve any player well.

The brand has received heaps of praise for its MK23 SOCOM and Hi-Capa models. Players can also pick up their own 1911 or M92 variants. These are some of the most-reliable options the brand offers, though others are perfectly serviceable. Accordingly, Tokyo Marui sells a wide variety of pistols in premium designs and finishes. For those looking to stand out, a number of custom options allow players to do just that.

Though players will pay more, these pistols will last if cared for. Blending premium feel with outstanding performance, players should seriously consider choosing one of these as a secondary weapon. Those seeking either blowback and non-blowback gas pistols will find great options. Some of Tokyo Marui’s lower-end models don’t shoot the fastest compared to other brands, but reliability and build quality are typically excellent.

Upgrades are also widely available. By virtue of its popularity, Tokyo Marui has one of the largest aftermarket parts selections available. Stock internals are already high quality, but owners can find many replacements. For this reason, Tokyo Marui pistols are great platforms that can evolve to suit their owners’ changing needs. This is especially useful for owners that play in a variety of fields. If players work within the confines of joule limits and FPS restrictions, they can configure their pistol rather easily.


With probably the largest selection of pistols and upgrade parts available, WE-Tech makes sidearms for every type of airsoft player. The company makes 27 models of gas blowback pistols.  Offering traditional mainstays and modern spins on famous platforms, players can wield their favorite weapon. WE-Tech is known for offering high-performing pistols that are budget friendly. At the expense of some build quality and quality control, players gain access to solid sidearms. With proper care, these should last a long time.

WE-Tech does make some crowd favorites: the Glock 17/19, the CQB Master, and select Hi-Capa/M1911 models. Budget players can snap these up relatively easily from a variety of sellers. Furthermore, these incorporate fully metal or partially-metal frames. External build quality is solid in most cases, the same being true for WE-Tech’s additional models. These select models are also accurately built to original specifications. For that reason, WE-Tech makes quality replicas that don’t feel shoddily designed.

Let’s jump back to the topic of upgrades. Because WE-Tech makes models such as the 1911 and Hi-Capa, pistols readily accept a variety of internal, aftermarket components. Though many of its pistols are inexpensive, they are good base guns that will improve with minor tweaks. This is important when considering another factor: durability. Although WE-Tech pistols have good external durability, the internals aren’t quite as solid. Loose or plastic components aren’t always built to last. Since gas blowback pistols ask a lot of their internal components over time, this may be a consideration. As mentioned, many designs are well-known replicas, thus making them easy to disassemble and reassemble.

If players make minor changes, they’ll have a reliable secondary weapon for many matches to come. WE-Tech pistols are just as renowned for their potential as their price tags.

KJ Works (KJW)

KJW is a quality brand that fits squarely in the intermediate market, making solid pistols that offer good construction and performance. That being said, KJW’s popularity amongst players revolves around its replica pistols, which offer solid value.

The brand claims ownership of some of the most widely-used gas blowback pistols on the market. It makes one of the most highly rated mid-range 1911 replicas in the business – truly a feat, given almost all manufacturers have similar models in their arsenals. KJW also makes solid Glock replicas that perform well and share parts compatibility with other manufacturers. While KJW doesn’t quite match the sheer selection of other brands, what they do make is pretty high quality.

External and internal build quality are both superb, especially with gas options. KJW regularly incorporates fully-metal externals and fully reinforced internal components. When buying a blowback pistol, these improvements are quite important. These build upgrades also allow pistols to work with a wider range of gas types, including red gas, CO2, and propane. Players with specific preferences can rest assured knowing that KJW has options for them.

Finally, upgradeability is a big plus with KJW pistols. While a wide selection of first-party replacement parts is available, owners can seek components made by other manufacturers. Since KJW pistols tend to be replicas, they are compatible with both Tokyo Marui and WE-Tech internals. Owners can install these parts quite easily, making these pistols great base guns with room for growth. With upside and great value, KJW should not be overlooked.


Makers of hard-hitting, performant pistols, KWA offers a sizeable range of quality pistols. Aimed at the mid-to-high range markets, these pistols are intended for players serious about owning a reliable companion. KWA pistols are highly rated, and partnerships with sites like Evike have produced some promising models. The company also makes a full-auto gas blowback pistol, an uncommon sight in the gas pistol realm.

KWA makes quality replicas of the M9A1 and ATP platforms. Somewhat unique to KWA is their training weapon replicas, such as the M9 PTP. While the brand makes heavy use of metal in its sidearms, KWA’s polymer options are also superbly made. Overall, these are solid, hefty pistols with outstanding ergonomics and build quality. Almost all KJW pistols shoot at or above 300 FPS, meaning performance will never be a concern.

For those looking to upgrade, aftermarket and first-party components are available for purchase. Major online retailers regularly stock key internals, which owners can buy relatively cheaply.


Offering a wide range of pistols covering budget to high-range price points, ASG makes reliable pistols for all airsoft players. It also makes some crowd favorites – the CZ P-09 and SP-01 – which are highly rated. In most cases, ASG pistols have respectable to great power within a solid package. Players seeking a high-power gun (and likely one illegal in many fields) can even pick up infamous STI Duty One, which slings rounds at 440-499 FPS. This equates to 2 joules.

ASG does have some partnerships with official brands such as CZ, allowing them to create accurate 1:1 replicas of famous firearms. Players looking for authentic looks and strong performance will be at home here. With textured polymer or metal frames, these pistols feel extremely solid in hand and can take plenty of abuse.

ASG sells replacement parts through third-party online retailers and their own online store.