10 Best Airsoft Pistols: A 2018 Review and Guide

What makes a good airsoft pistol?

Well for starters, it has to be accurate, reliable, and dependable.

Why use it otherwise? You don’t play airsoft to have fun, you play to win (Although the fun part is nice too).

After careful consideration, and researching more pistols than we’d like to admit, we felt the KWA ATP had the most to offer on the field as a gas pistol.

Best Gas Airsoft Pistol: KWA ATP
It’s high quality, uses green gas, and has a tactical rail. Others who bought this gun had nothing but good things to say as well.
Best CO2 Airsoft Pistol: H&K USP
The H&K USP is an affordable C02 pistol that has a 16 round magazine, tactical rail, and two firing modes.

Preview Product Price
H&K USP Pistol (Medium) H&K USP Pistol (Medium) from $32.66

Comparison of the Best Airsoft Pistols

More InfoViewViewViewViewViewViewViewViewViewView
Gas/CO2CO2Green GasGreen GasCO2CO2Green GasGreen GasGreen GasGreen GasGreen Gas
Size10 inches7.6 inches8 inches7.6 inches8.5 inches8.5 inches8.5 inches9 inches8 inches8.5 inches
Tactical Rail?

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  1. Best airsoft pistols reviewed
  2. Why should you get an airsoft pistol?
  3. Difference between Gas and CO2
  4. Hop up (Explained)
  5. Lubricating your gun
  6. Tips to improve your pistol skills
  7. Can you use a pistol as a primary?

Best Airsoft Pistols Reviewed

KWA ATP-SE FPS-330 Blowback Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

Have you always dreamed of owning a fully automatic airsoft pistol? If so, I have a treat for you. KWA Airsoft created the KWA ATP-SE, a fully automatic airsoft pistol. However, it’s not just any automatic.

This pistol is a monster with a twenty-three round magazine so you can pick off your enemies with speed and precision without having to reload quite as often. With its included tactical rail, you can add laser sites or flashlights, making figuring out which targets to hit a snap.

This gun is green gas powered. This means that, instead of being a pistol powered by electricity and running on AA or AAA batteries, this one is powered by a mixture of propane and silicon oil. The box even comes with a bottle of silicon oil.

The hop up on this pistol is adjustable. This means you can adjust the backspin on your projectiles, just like a real gun.

This airsoft pistol also features a green gas blowback for that real recoil feeling. Your gun, when fired, will recoil just like an actual pistol.

For carrying, there is also an adjustable back strap.

This pistol is ready to fire. It comes with some sample BBs, the hop up adjustment tool, a bottle of silicon oil, adjustable back strap and ninety day warranty in case something breaks. The only thing this gun needs to make it capable of mowing down enemies is you.

Key Points

  • 23 round magazine
  • Fully automatic
  • Adjustable hop up

H&K USP Licensed Black FPS-360 CO2 Airsoft Pistol

The USP licensed pistol from Umarex is the professional’s choice if you want a good CO2-powered gun to compete with. This is an officially-licensed gun, and comes with the H&K logo. Umarex has the only permission to use this logo on their products.

As far as actual battling goes, this pistol has you covered. It has a sixteen-round magazine, which may be a downside for some people, especially those looking for high-capacity guns.

The USP also features an integrated tactical accessory rail. This means you can mount any sites, scopes or lights you happen to have.

This pistol also features a built-in hop-up system. This way you get more spin and farther flight  on your projectiles.

This double-action pistol also features two firing modes, safe and semi-automatic. The manual safety keeps you from accidentally shooting yourself or anyone else.

The USP comes with everything you will need to get started. A sixteen-round C02 magazine, sample BB’s and a user manual are included.

Key Points

  • 16 round magazine
  • Velocity is about 350-380 FPS
  • Has both a safe mode and semi-automatic mode

Umarex Walther P99 DAO FPS-320 Blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Imagine this scenario. You are having an airsoft battle with some friends. They all have pretty impressive weaponry, but you want to have the gun that they’ll be talking about all week. How do you achieve this feat? By reaching for an exact replica of a real tactical pistol, of course!

The good people at Umarex USA created the Umarex Walther P99, which is an exact replica of a Walther P99 tactical pistol. This gun is one of the most widely known pistols in the world. Since this is a direct scale replica, it comes with a fully licensed Walther insignia on the side.

The P99 is powered by CO2 and uses blowback technology. This means that the gun recoils, just like an actual pistol when you fire it. Get ready to feel as if you are firing a real pistol.

This gun is semi-automatic. It has a firing speed of 320 FPS. If you are the type of person who loves to add sites and laser systems to your guns, this one also includes a bottom tactical rail for easy customization.

The metal and polymer construction on the Umarex Walther P99 DAO FPS-320 Blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol makes it very durable. Expect this gun to be around for many years. And if you are the type of person who’d rather collect models of guns than actually fire them, this one would also look amazing in any gun collection.

Key Points

  • Semi-automatic
  • Firing speed is about 320 FPS
  • Includes a bottom tactical rail

KWA M9 PTP FPS-350 Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

Another in the series of replica pistols is the KWA M9. This pistol is modeled on the Beretta M9, which is a military grade semi automatic pistol adopted by the US military in 1985. This is an impressive pistol, and not one to tangle with.

If you want the closest thing to an M9 that you can possibly get without being military or paying for gun licensing and safety classes, then this pistol is for you.

This semi-automatic pistol will fire at a rate of 350 FPS. That’s enough firepower to stop any opponent you might have.

This replica M9 has a body that is all metal. This body has the weight of a real M9, making this green gas-powered Airsoft pistol perfect for training yourself on the real thing.

The M9 comes with a 24-round magazine. It also comes with sample BB’s and tools necessary to make all internal adjustments. Everything you need to get started is here.

There’s only one downside to this gun. It lacks a tactical rail. You cannot add scopes or sites to this one, sadly.

Key Points

  • Full metal body
  • 24 round magazine
  • No tactical rail

Green Gas KWA M226 NS2 PTP Pistol FPS-410 Blowback Airsoft Gun

Dominating your opponents in airsoft battles is always fun. However, to really rain down destruction on their heads, you need not only a serious primary weapon but an amazing secondary one too.  For those looking for a serious secondary weapon, they invented the KWA M226.

This replica pistol has a real metal body that makes it looks and feels real. This is a replica that weighs the same amount as a real M226.

Another feature of the M226 is its recoil technology. Every time you squeeze the trigger, the slide on this gun will open, letting another BB fall into the chamber, just like a real gun.

When the BB’s in the 25-round magazine are all spent, the slide will stay open. This allows you to quickly drop the spent magazine out of the gun and reload another without missing a beat. Then push the slide back into its closed position. The next time you go to fire, a BB will be put into the chamber. This is by far the coolest feature of this gun.

Key Points

  • Metal body
  • 25 round magazine
  • Doesn’t require any pumping

Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1S FPS-290 Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

Tokyo Marui is one of the most well-known manufacturers of gas-powered blow-back airsoft pistols in the world. They also are the creators of the electric Airsoft rifle. The Hi-Capa is the most popular series of weapons on the airsoft market today.

The Hi-Capa features a plastic slide that houses the most reliable gas systems out there. This is a pistol that will always fire just as you expect it to, without any glitches.

The default firing range on this pistol is 290 FPS, with standard .20G BB’s. The default hop-up system has been refined to shoot in the best possible manner.

However, that is not the coolest part of a Hi-Capa pistol. The most wonderful part of this series is that the pistols can be taken apart and customized. Take one of these bad boys home and then take it apart. There are a number of upgrades and parts available, from a variety of manufacturers.

Using these parts, you can make this gun entirely your own and have a truly customizable one-of-a-kind piece. As a bonus, these parts are readily available at most hobby shops.

Key Points

  • Customizeable
  • Shoots around 290 FPS with the standard .20g BBs
  • Semi-automatic

KJW KP08 Tactical 191 FPS-315 Blowback Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

Do you want to impress your friends? Do you want an airsoft pistol that looks, feels and acts like a real gun? Do you want a pistol that’s packed with features? If you answered yes to these questions, it may be time to try out the KP08.

This awesome airsoft pistol has a body made exclusively from metal. There are no plastic parts on this beauty of a gun. It will both look and feel exactly like a real gun.

To further enhance the realism, the KP08 also features a blow-back system. The slide on this pistol moves back and forward as you fire, giving you that real gun feel.

Safety is always important when in airsoft combat. This gun features safety on both the slide and the grips. This ensures that the gun will not go off when you don’t want it to and cause injuries to yourself or others. You can only fire the gun when you are gripping it properly.

The magazine on this gun is impressive, as well. It holds 26 rounds, allowing you to maximize the combat time while minimizing reloads.

Key Points

  • High flow valve
  • full metal body
  • 26 round magazine

WE-Tech 406 Baby 3.8 FPS-385 Blowback Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

High-capacity airsoft pistols are things of beauty. They allow you to fire off volleys of rounds before you need to reload, thus allowing you to fight longer and harder.

Do not let the name of this next airsoft pistol fool you. The We-Tech Baby is a high-capacity airsoft pistol with a 23-round magazine, perfect for someone who likes pistols that can deliver both superb power and absolute domination on the battlefield.

This amazing pistol looks and feels just like a real gun. The weight of this gun is due to its all-metal construction, but that construction offers another bonus as well. Because this gun is made of metal, it is totally durable. Do not expect to be replacing parts on this beauty any time soon.

Safety in combat is important. That is why the Baby comes with an ambidextrous slide safety that locks the slide to prevent accidental firing.

As an additional precaution, the gun also comes with grip safety. That means this gun will only fire when it is being gripped, which can prevent unnecessary accidents so that you can continue fighting.

Key Points

  • Semi-automatic
  • Durable
  • Grip safety

Tanfoglio Licensed FPS-453 Blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Do you want a high-powered airsoft pistol that has the ability to shoot rounds at 450 FPS? Do you want a pistol that’s as stylish as the real thing? Do you want a weapon that feels good in your hand and gives you recoil just like a real pistol? Do you want a gun that will be durable enough to handle whatever the battlefield dishes out? If this sounds like a gun you’d love to get your hands on, the Tanfoglio Licensed pistol may be perfect for you.

The Tanfoglio also features a working hammer. Finally, you can cock your gun as well as firing it.

This gun is powered by Co2 and features an adjustable Baxs Shooting System. This means that you can adjust your gun to fire just as you want it, so your shots will be more reliable and you can adjust for variables in your environment.

The Tanfoglio does not have quite as high capacity as some airsoft pistols. However, the eighteen round magazine is still quite impressive, and there is even an adjustable rear site.

Key Points

  • Shoots rounds at 450 FPS
  • Has a working hammer
  • adjustable Baxs Shooting System

KJW KP-05S FPS-415 Blowback Green Gas Airsoft Pistol

If you are going to engage in airsoft battles, then you need a gun that uses the best propellant on the market. You need a gun which will allow you the freedom to engage in all the tactical maneuvers you desire. You need a gun that is durable enough to handle anything the battlefield throws at you. KJW’s KP05S is that gun!

This beast has fire power of 415 FPS. You can pick off your opponents from across the field with ease.

If you want a realistic gun, then look no farther than this one. Not only does this gun have blowback which allows the gun’s slide to move back and forward when firing just like a real gun, but this one also features a working hammer and a slide lock.

The slide lock means that when you’ve fired all the BB’s in your chamber, the lock will stay open. Drop out the used magazine and put a new one in, just like with a real gun, thereby saving yourself a ton of reload time.

The all metal construction of the KP5S means that it will have the weight of a real gun as well as the durability you desire. This gun will easily take on anything the battlefield might offer.

Key Points

  • 415 FPS firing power
  • Slide lock
  • Realistic

Why should you get an airsoft pistol?

Pistols make great secondary weapons, and can even be good as a primary weapon (although I’m getting a bit ahead of myself).

Here’s a scenario:

Let’s say you love using a sniper on the battlefield. You find a nice area to hide, and you’re ready to shoot some unsuspecting victims.

All of a sudden, you hear the sound of leaves crunching as someone walks toward you.

You’re not going to use a sniper to defend yourself in a possible close combat situation. You’re going to need something that you can switch too quick, is light, and can fire relatively fast.

That’s why pistols are so useful.

Although they’re no assault rifle,  they’re light, can hold a decent number of rounds, and can fire faster than that sniper can.

Differences between Gas and CO2

Gas and CO2 are both two common methods used to fire a BB from an airsoft pistol.

Green gas is comprised of propane and silicone oil, whereas  CO2 (sometimes referred to as red gas) is just like the CO2 used in paintball guns.

Which form you use is dependent on your needs and situation.  Down below are some of the pros and cons of using each type.

CO2 (Red Gas)


Works better in cold weather
Doesn’t leave residue inside the pistol
More reliable
Better in the short term


Sensitive to poor maintenance
Higher pressure means more stress on the parts

Want to improve your airsoft game?

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Propane/Silicone Oil (Green Gas)


Less pressure
More quality gas pistols than CO2 pistols
Better in the long term
Can fire more rounds per bottle


Leaves residue inside the pistol
Not as effective in cold weather

Hop Up (Explained)

If you were reading the reviews and realized you didn’t know what hop up was, this section is for you.

So what is hop up?

It’s the “backspin” that occurs on a BB when it’s fired. Think of it like spinning a top, but instead of spinning side to side, the BB spins in an upwards direction. This helps increase the range of the BB so that it can travel further while maintaining accuracy.

On most airsoft guns, you’ll have the ability to adjust the hop up. This is to ensure that your shot is as accurate as possible regardless of external factors, such as weather conditions.

Credit: http://www.floridaairsoft.com/

Lubricating Your Gun

A key habit you should adopt is lubricating your pistol. By lubricating it, you’re making sure that it’ll last as long as possible without running into any issues.

So how does lubricating your gun work?

For proper lubrication, you’ll need to lubricate all of the moving parts of the gun.

That includes the magazine, cylinder, slide/frame rails, the slide lock, and any springs. You can use a lubrication like silicone oil for that.

You’ll want to use a grease like lithium grease for the parts that are metal on metal, such as the slide rails. If used oil, that oil would just slide off the metal and not lubricate the parts at all.

So, how often should you lubricate?

Think of lubricating your pistol like taking a shower. You’ll be ok if you don’t shower, but you won’t make any friends smelling bad.

You should lubricate your pistol every couple hundred rounds or so in order to maintain a properly functioning gun. Lubricating may seem like a boring chore, but it’ll be worth it when you’re on the field.

How To Improve Your Pistol Skills

Ok, now that you have your airsoft pistol, your probably wondering how to fire the damn thing properly. If you’re on the battlefield and can’t shoot accurately, you already lost the battle.

Good news.

There are some tips you can try to ensure you’re firing your gun in a way that will maximize your accuracy and show off your skill.

Tip 1

Hold the gun with two hands. Trust me, you’re not going to look cool holding the gun with one hand when you can’t even hit your target properly.

Tip 2

Use a target for practice. The best way to practice is hitting your target from close up, and then increasing the distance as your accuracy improves.

Tip 3

Practice with someone who knows what they’re doing is one of the best things you can do. They can see how you fire your gun, and can provide feedback and adjustments.

Tip 4

Learn by doing. If you want to be good during airsoft matches, play more matches. I love this tip because playing matches does two things. It allows you to have fun, all while you gain more experience and skill to perform even better during your next match.

Can you use a pistol as a primary?

Pistols are usually considered secondaries, but can you use one as a primary weapon?

It depends.

If you’re playing in an airsoft match where it’s close quarter combat (CQB), then using a pistol is totally fine, and might even give you an advantage.

If you were playing in a field match, then it would be extremely difficult to do well. The range of the pistol would be overshadowed by all of the snipers and M4s out there.

You might stand a chance IF, and that’s a big IF,  you can come up with strategies and maneuvers that get you close to your enemies. Not impossible, but very difficult to do.

Now that you have the scoop on these airsoft pistols, you can make an informed decision on which one to blow away your opponents with. Have fun out there, and remember to stay safe.

6 thoughts on “10 Best Airsoft Pistols: A 2018 Review and Guide”

  1. What pistol do you recomend that is nonblowback or otherwize most airefficient. I dont care for realism I prefer futurism.

    Large capasity and ease of maintenance are also important features.

  2. I need one to use in pistol training before my student touches a real firearm. I have some students who have never touched a firearm. I plan to incorporate this into my training. I want a full blow-back pistol with the look and feel as close to a real firearm as possible.
    I would like it to look like a concealed carry weapon like the one they will buy later , example : M&P SHIELD, SPRINGFIELD XDS COMPACT, GLOCK 42 OR 43. I ALSO WOULD LIKE A SMOLL REVOLVER IF POSSIBLY.

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