Best Airsoft Shotguns

Airsoft guns are amazing. You probably figured that out by how many lists we’ve done on the subject.

But if you’re a shotgun lover, you might just be feeling a bit left out. After all, there’ve been lists about pistols, rifles and all kinds of guns. But the shotgun has been conspicuously absent… until now!

Today is the day. Shotgun lovers rejoice. Today, we will be posting our best airsoft shotgun list.

These guns really stand out above the crowd and will give you the best bang for your buck.

And yes. The pun is intended.


  1. Tri shot or single shot: which one is better?
  2. How to choose the best airsoft shotgun?
  3. Best airsoft shotguns reviewed

Tri Shot or Single Shot: Which One Is Better?

You might be thinking, “Well three shots are better than one, so tri shots must be better.” You wouldn’t be entirely wrong either.

However, there are different situations where each gun can be effective. The situation you think you’ll be dealing with the most will determine which type of airsoft shotgun you should get.

If you plan on using your shotgun in Close Quarter Battle (CQB), then having a tri shot shotgun is ideal. You don’t have to be as accurate as you would with a single shot shotgun because you’re more likely to hit your target.

When it comes to CQB, missing your first shot can mean the difference between winning and losing. Single shots will increase the probability of missing your target, and that’s a risk you might not be willing to take.

So when is a tri shot shotgun not as ideal?

Situations where range becomes a factor. When your airsoft shotgun has to shoot three BBs at the same time, both range and accuracy are going to suffer.

This is where single shot shotguns are more effective. They have the ability to shoot farther than a tri shot, and the shots are going to be much more accurate.

That being said, you better not miss that first shot, or else you’ll be giving your enemy the chance to return fire.

How to choose the best airsoft shotgun?

Down below are some things you want to keep in mind before buying your shotgun. Failing to acknowledge anything on this list may leave you with a hole in your wallet, and nothing to show for it.

1. CQB or Long Distance

As mentioned above, if you plan on doing CQB, tri shots are hands down the way to go. If you have a bigger area to deal with, you might want to consider single shots instead.

2. FPS

The Feet Per Second (FPS) is an important factor to consider when buying a gun because you don’t want to buy one with an FPS that’s too high.

If you plan on playing in games, make sure to check out the rules so that you can see what the FPS limit is. You don’t want to end up buying a gun you wouldn’t be able to use.

3. Spring or Gas

Two of the most common types of airsoft shotguns are spring and gas. Spring powered shotguns tend to be cheaper than gas powered shotguns. If it’s your first time dealing with airsoft guns, you’ll probably want to go with a spring shotgun.

Gas powered shotguns are pretty awesome too. They are more realistic than spring powered shotguns but they do cost more.

Gas powered shotguns will be more expensive in the long run since you’ll have to constantly pay for more gas when it runs out. Gas powered shotguns also require more maintenance to ensure that it always functions at a high level.

4. Price

How much are you willing to spend on a shotgun? Keep in mind that for the most part, the more you pay, the better your gun will be in terms of quality and consistency.

That’s not to say you can’t find a good shotgun for cheap. You just need to be aware of your budget and choose accordingly.

Best Airsoft Shotguns Reviewed

Classic Army CA870 FPS-400 Police Spring Airsoft Shotgun 

The first shotgun on our list is the CA870 from Classic Army. This gun is a single-shot shotgun with a twenty-two round magazine which prevents you from having to reload nearly as often as you might otherwise have to do.

This gun is almost solid metal. The body, barrel, magazine, magazine tube, trigger and trigger guard. The only things on this gun that aren’t metal are the fore-end and stock. These are made of real wood. Because of the solid metal construction, this gun has no creaks or rattles where the barrel meets the receiver, and will last you for years to come.

The range on this shotgun is also impressive. The high end of the range is 457 FPS, and the low end is 451 FPS. This is a bonus if you want a shotgun with the range of a sniper rifle. However, if you intend on using this gun on the field, this can be a downside as there’re not any lower FPS models.

This gun gives you a lot of value for the price. The range is on par with AEGs and even some sniper rifles, and the hop-up is adjustable.

ASG Franchi SPAS-12 FPS-246 Spring Airsoft Shotgun 

The next shotgun we will feature today is the Franchi Spas-12 from ASG. This gun should be familiar to anyone who has watched Jurassic Park as it was the gun used to repel velociraptors. Though there are no actual dinosaurs, this gun is still an amazing firearm and versatile enough to handle both close quarters combat and ranged fire.  and ranged fire.

This is a sportline shotgun, officially licensed by Franchi. For extra authenticity, it even uses shells that look real, as opposed to BB’s.

The barrel of this gun is made of metal for both durability and authenticity. This gun will last for quite a long time.

The magazine holds thirty rounds that are fired in three-round bursts to stop your opponents in their tracks whether they be man or beast. The FPS tops out at a maximum of 246, making it perfect for field work, and the sites are made of iron.

The only downside to this gun is that the hop-up is fixed. This means that you can’t adjust it to get every shot perfect but even so, this gun will shoot straight and true and that’s exactly what you need when taking out giant, man-eating dinosaurs.

 Cyma P788B FPS-285 Spring Airsoft Shotgun

The Cyma P788B is a perfect shotgun for those of you who want to intimidate your opponents. When fired, this gun really kicks, letting your opponents know about the pain that is about to befall them. With its forty-round magazine and 285 FPS top firing speed, this gun is good at intimidating.

The P788B is spring-powered and shoots rounds at a speed of 285 FPS. The magazine holds forty rounds, just ready to be pumped into your opponent.

This gun, unfortunately, has one major downside. Instead of being made of metal as most of the other guns on this list are, this one has all plastic construction. This means that it is not quite as durable.

Sawed Off M3000

The sawed-off M3000 is the perfect gun for anyone who does a lot of close-quarters fighting. Since its barrel has been shortened and the stock has been removed, this gun is quite compact. Use it to pin down enemies in spaces most other shotguns can’t even hope to go.

The construction of this gun is not only solid but beautiful. The body is completely made of metal, and the grips are made of faux wood, giving you the realistic sawed-off shotgun look and feel.

This gun has amazing firing speed. 0.12 gram BB’s fly from the barrel at a whopping 450 FPs. Your opponents can’t hope to keep up.


Do you want a gun with amazing power and precision? If so, the 351 from Cyma is perfect. This gun not only has power to spare, but the firing speed is truly mind-blowing.

This shotgun has three inner barrels. It can easily fire three BB’s at a time for quick bursts of fire power.

If you like realism in your airsoft weaponry, this gun features a weighted design. It looks and feels just like a real shotgun.

The firing speed on this bad boy is 260 FPS, plenty of power but still within the limits set by most battlefields.

This gun is incredibly durable, with its polymer construction and metal barrel. It will be right there at your side for every battle you enter.

UTG Remington 870 Special Ops FPS-330 Spring Airsoft Shotgun

 Get ready to clear a room with the UTG Remington 870 Airsoft shotgun. This gun is a replica of the famous Remington 870, a gun used by police for operations where skill and precision is necessary.

The gun is durable and rugged enough to take on anything you dish out and is weighty, just like a real shotgun.

If you want to add accessories, tthe UTG Remington 870 also features a tactical rail system, making it customizable and allowing you to add scopes or sites.

The six-position stock makes this gun QBC-ready, and the added hop-up gives you a much longer range of fire.

The gun also features a sure-cocking foregrip, which makes it much easier to fire. Your opponents won’t know what hit them.

If you are looking for an excellent shotgun for a good price, the Elite Drone has you covered. Now that you have a good idea of the types of shotguns on the market, you can more effectively pick the right one for you. Remember to be safe on the battlefield and always wear proper protection… But most importantly, remember to have fun!