Summary: Our favorite gas rifle was the KJW M700, and our favorite spring airsoft sniper rifle was the Tokyo VSR-10.

The best airsoft sniper rifles have a few things in common: They are upgradeable, have a ton of aftermarket parts available, and are made with high-quality materials.

But with so many rifles to choose from, it can be overwhelming. To help with this, we looked at reviews and received feedback for a number of different sniper rifles from the airsoft community, and that helped us build out a list of ones that were worth buying.

That means airsoft sniper rifles with great user satisfaction and few or no complaints made it to the top of our list.

Here Are Our picks for the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft Sniper Power Type
1. Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Spring
2. JG Bar-10 Spring
3. KJW Full Metal M700 Gas
4. KJW Full Metal KC-02 Spring
5. WELL MB-08 (Matrix AW-338) Spring
6. WELL L96 Spring
7. Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert Spring
8. A&K M24 (US Army SOCOM) Spring
9. ARES AMOEBA “Striker” Spring
10. Novritsch SSG24 Spring

Best Overall Airsoft Sniper Rifle

1. Tokyo Marui VSR-10


The VSR-10 comes in at a length of 1075mm (42.32 inches), with the barrel length being 430mm (17 inches) long. One of the most appealing things about this sniper rifle is how light it is, weighing a mere 2.09kg (4.6 lbs).

The VSR-10 comes in three colors: black, imitation wood, and tan. Be prepared to shell out extra money for imitation wood and tan, as they can be up to $15 more expensive than black. If you have a tight budget, save the $15 for the rest of your sniper loadout.

This rifle is able to withstand a beating if necessary, with most of the parts being made from metal. Some parts are still made from plastic, like the stock, trigger, and magazine.

The stock has a sling attachment located at the bottom for some additional convenience, and the butt pad is made from rubber. Overall, gripping the rifle should be comfortable, as the design is sleek yet ergonomic. On top of that, you’ll be able to smoothly cock and pull the trigger as the VSR-10 is able to do both with ease.

You’ll find two sights on the VSR-10. You, unfortunately, won’t be able to adjust the front sight, but the rear sight is able to be adjusted left, right, up, and down. All you have to do is use the Allen wrenches (provided with the rifle) to adjust it to your liking. One downside is that since the VSR-10 Pro has two sights, it does not come with a rail. You’ll have to buy one separately if you want to attach a scope.

The trigger is adjustable, meaning you can adjust the trigger pull and/or the stroke. Again, you’ll have to use the Allen wrenches to adjust it, but it’s still fairly easy to do.


Out of the box, the VSR-10 has a pretty solid performance. Using .20g BBs, the VSR-10 has the ability to shoot around 250 FPS, which leaves a lot to be desired. Upgrade the internals as soon as you can (Spring, trigger, etc) in order to get the FPS closer to the more impressive 500-600 FPS. The accuracy is adequate, although upgrading the barrel is recommended so that you can improve it even further.


The TM VSR-10 has a ton of aftermarket parts available, which gives you flexibility in customizing and upgrading the rifle. If a part breaks, find a replacement part is very easy as many suppliers carry these parts. You should be able to drastically improve the range of your sniper rifle as well.

Best Budget Airsoft Sniper Rifle

2. JG Bar-10


The JG Bar-10 is built with mobility and affordability in mind, sporting a hollow, polymer stock. Resultingly, the entire package is quite lightweight when compared to similar airsoft sniper rifles. For improved grip, the stock is rubberized with a subtle texture, making the airsoft rifle easier to maneuver with. Despite its price point, the Bar-10’s external construction is surprisingly sturdy. A rubber butt plate ensures greater comfort. The rifle weighs 6.0 pounds.

The Bar-10 comes outfitted with a scope out of the box if you choose. A top-mounted Weaver rail accommodates your preferred optics. Buyers can also purchase a bipod, which attaches via a Harris lug.

The Bar-10 is a bolt action, single-shot rifle. Initially, that action isn’t perfect – before breaking in the bolt mechanism, there can be some friction. Typically, this catch will smoothen out with use.

The rifle comes with an aluminum alloy trigger assembly for improved durability. An adjustable trigger break will appeal to picky shooters. Lastly, the Bar-10’s internals all fully compatible with all Tokyo Marui VSR-10 upgrade parts, making it a great long-term investment.

The safety may catch some people off guard. It’s a push-button mechanism near the back of the bolt. Accordingly, the airsoft gun’s safety can be inadvertently switched on by racking the bolt without fully raising the handle.


The Bar-10 claims a stock muzzle velocity of 450-470 with .20g BBs. As you’ll want to shoot heavier rounds out of this sniper, expect that velocity to drop accordingly. If preserving stock velocity is important with heavy rounds, expect to upgrade some key internals.

The rifle is spring powered with a relatively smooth bolt pull. Bear in mind that if you don’t fully return the bolt handle to its downward position, the gun will not fire. This is something to look out for in quick-shot scenarios when reloading is rapid.

The standard magazine holds 30 rounds and the package includes one-speed loader. Caution, however – the magazine does have a reputation for double feeding at times. An adjustable, metal hop up helps shots fly more accurately downfield. This hop up can be tricky to configure, unfortunately.

Accurate shots are relatively easy to place when the rifle is dialed in. Despite occasional feed issues, the rifle is reliable and slings rounds consistently. We can easily say that the appraisal this airsoft gun has been getting from the airsoft community absolutely warranted.


Just like the TM VSR-10, the JG Bar-10 has a ton of aftermarket parts available, which gives you flexibility in customizing and upgrading the rifle. If a part breaks, find a replacement part is very easy as many suppliers carry these parts. You should be able to drastically improve the range of your rifle as well.

Best Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle

3. KJW Full Metal M700


As its name suggests, the M700’s metal construction is a major selling point in terms of durability. This means shot after shot will be propelled without a hitch. Most plastic components degrade after use, but its metal internals will stand the test of time. The bolt is known for its light pull-weight, cutting down on fatigue and reload time.

If you rest your gun against objects often or hit it accidentally, the metal barrel will hold up. A polymer stock counterbalances the weight of other components, keeping the rifle maneuverable. This stock is textured to improve grip and it’s easy to secure while moving.

The gun’s bolt pull is made to simulate that of a real rifle. However, don’t get too addicted to reloading. The M700’s magazine capacity is a paltry 11 shots, making extra mags and speed loaders essential tagalongs.

The rifle includes iron sights to make close targeting easier. For users who prefer to go scope-less, this adjustable sight will come in handy. Players can also remove this iron sight if needed.

The KJW M700 is gas powered, foregoing traditional springs in favor of green gas, red gas, or propane.


Speaking to that gas functionality, this rifle propels rounds rapidly. Though a mid-range weapon, the M700 fires rounds with top-tier velocity. Just make sure to keep new magazines and gas refills handy. In some conditions, the M700 is known for using an above-average quantity of gas per shot. FPS will also drop as you continue to shoot. Luckily, though, this gas system is very reliable. Shooting is a breeze.

KJW has included a full-length inner barrel due to the nature of its gas mechanism. Theoretically, this increases both velocity and accuracy. While the former is true, snipers may consider upgrading to a tighter-bore barrel to achieve ultimate accuracy.


There are a number of upgrade options and guides available in case you wanted to tinker with this airsoft sniper rifle.

Best of the Rest

4. KJW Full Metal KC-02


KJW certainly prides itself on its full-metal offerings, and the KC-02 is no different. Whereas other snipers stick to plastic externals, the KC-02 rocks a construction that withstands bumps, abrasions, and repeated abuse. The rifle is more compact and has a carbine form factor though, so it likely will be easier to maneuver with. This will help cut down on accidental damage.

The KC-02’s rails are durable and accept a wide variety of accessories. Whereas other airsoft snipers might be outfitted with conventional optics, KJW’s offering allows for more tactical accessories. With this versatility, the KC-02 is suitable for both long and mid-range engagements. Included pop-up sights can be removed in favor of other parts.

It features a 30-round magazine. The rifle comes with a speed loader, but this isn’t necessary. The magazine is similar in design to a typical pistol magazine, making hand loading simple and quick.

The KC-02 features a gas blowback action that boasts big-time accuracy.


Keep in mind that this airsoft rifle is built for .28g and heavier BBs. The hop-up system will not reliably handle lighter rounds, but you probably shouldn’t be using those anyway. The KC-02 excels in a plethora of environments when using weightier rounds. Since this hop up twists endlessly to the top of its thread, it can fall off if you aren’t careful.

CO2 magazines are available and green gas is standard. These magazines can suffer from some problems, unfortunately. They can overfeed on occasion and, given their relatively-small capacity, can deplete quickly. Cocking the bolt handle again is necessary to fix these issues. Be mindful of this and carry more ammunition, especially since the KC-02 is semiautomatic.

The blowback action is pronounced yet light, an accurate representation of the real deal. The action lever can be somewhat flimsy, especially after multiple uses. However, it’s readily accessible and easy to operate.

The rifle shoots true to target and with good velocity. FPS will taper off proportionally according to BB weight, so depending on range, upgrades might be in order.


There are a fair amount of parts that can be used to upgrade the KJW KC-02, although not to the extent that the VSR-10 or the JG Bar-10 can. That being said, this rifle is fairly popular, and there are a variety of online guides that should you upgrade your rifle if you’re interested.

5. WELL MB-08 (Matrix AW-338)

A minor step up from WELL’s MB-01 is its cousin, the MB-08. Also a spring-action rifle, the MB-08 offers slightly higher power (430-499 FPS), with some modularity to boot. Let’s talk a bit about that modular aspect: the MB-08 comes with a folding stock, which aids in portability and storage. The butt of the stock adjusts forward and backward to account for arm length. A built-in cheek riser helps players utilize their sights. Lastly, the pistol grip brings added comfort to a rifle that defies the “one size fits all” approach. The MB-08 has a package that includes a bipod, but users complain that its bipod mount is flimsy. The gun can be heavy for some and accessing internals can feel like a chore. However, the rifle does shine in other areas. It’s quite accurate without being upgraded, although upgrades may be desirable. The gun is fitted with a mounting rail, making scope setup simple. The bolt is smooth and the barrel is metal. While durability doesn’t receive perfect marks, the overall build quality is good to above average. Consider the MB-08 an upgrade from the MB-01, and a solid entrant in the low-mid range market. The rifle is affordable and performs well given its price point… read the full review

  • Metal barrel and receiver
  • Folding stock with adjustable parts

6. WELL L96


Borrowing from its MB-08 cousin, the L96’s folding stock and cheek plate are welcome additions to a rich feature set. Also included is a sturdy monopod – just make sure the included screw is securely tightened.

The L96 is meant for a plethora of shooting environments and has color choices to match. WELL offers its L96 in Black, Tan, and OD Green. These colors and patterns accompany a solid polymer stock. This is nice and hefty but can be too heavy for some.

Keeping with the authentic L96 design, WELL’s offering includes a fluted barrel and muzzle break. This aggressive styling adds to an already intimidating appearance. This rifle absolutely looks the part and will draw compliments.

Most top rail systems for sniper rifles support Weaver-compatible optics. The L96 boasts both Weaver and Picatinny compatibility, opening the door for a greater range of scopes and attachments.

The feeding clip is made out of plastic and sometimes has a tendency to loosen or break. In some instances, owners can run into feeding issues.


Out of the box, the L96 hits hard and shoots straight. Without upgrades the gun has pretty exceptional range, reliably hitting targets up 150 feet away.

Paired with a high-quality scope, the L96 can cover extended ranges with heavier BBs. The hop up system is the star of the show for the rifle. Using Tokyo Marui’s famed system, shooters can quickly and accurately dial in their guns in the field.

Though the bolt can be harder to operate initially, the assembly is made from metal. This will deliver shot after accurate shot without huge fluctuations in performance.

The WELL L96 is often measured against the Bar-10 and MB-01, and offers comparable performance to those platforms.


Though the gun can be upgraded fairly easily, most owners will not need to invest to see great results. However, that option is still there, especially since the rifle fires well with high-powered springs.

7. Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert


The SRS-A1 is unique in that it offers four different barrel lengths: 16”, 20”, 22”, and 26”. Though billed as a sniper rifle, the SRS has the look and feel of a close-quarters weapon in many respects. The design is modular, sports attachment rails, and looks intimidating. The Covert also comes available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green. You can also purchase a left or right-handed model to suit your dexterity.

The magazine is inserted near the butt of the rifle, which is where the feeding mechanism resides. Because the receiver is set far back in the gun, it boasts a bullpup design with a full-length inner barrel.

The SRS is extremely maneuverable. It is comparable in form factor to an M4 or UMP. For this reason, it’s easier to stay concealed with a lesser physical footprint. The gun is designed to be ergonomic and feel natural in the hand. You won’t be fighting against your rifle to access certain components.

Both external and internal components have been upgraded in the gen3 model. Many components such as the trigger box, bolt, and piston have been redesigned for greater durability. These parts are also more reliable – you’ll never worry about misfires or broken parts in the field.

The hop up is now a dual, flat design, making adjustments easier while boosting accuracy.

The SRS can be easily disassembled and reassembled, making maintenance and upgrades a breeze.


In almost every category, the SRS-A1 really shines – as it should for a $500 rifle. Accuracy out of the box is astounding, yet almost every stock component is upgraded already. The spring is stock, but the gun’s other components are more than solid enough to handle upgrades. The hop up system is easy to adjust. No matter which handedness you prefer, the hop up is ambidextrous.

The rifle is single shot and features a bolt mechanism. This bolt can be a little tough to pull at first but eases with use. While the hop up is accurate, some owners report that replacing it with a fast hop increases range.

With the right combination of barrel length and spring, the SRS can reach targets beyond 200 feet with ease. Muzzle energy can range from 0.9 to 1.7 joules. FPS out of the box is reasonably high, and midweight BBs are recommended, at a minimum.

Getting fully comfortable with the rifle might take some time. The bolt compresses the spring with a forward cocking motion, and the back magazine can be odd to access. However, these feel issues go away with time.


Although you have some upgrade options available, out of the box performance is pretty good.

8. A&K M24 (US Army SOCOM)


In contrast to many airsoft sniper rifles, the M24’s boldly-textured stock guarantees confident handling. However, the stock can be flimsy for some. Combined with a heavyweight, the A&K does lose some points for feel. However, the quality of the plastic used is solid.

The rifle is scope and bipod ready, and the rifle features an adjustable butt plate. The barrel is fluted, and the aluminum cylinder accommodates upgrades thanks to added durability. The internals are upgraded from the factory with metal components for longevity. However, some owners say that certain pieces can come loose during shipping and handling.

The M24 also shares its hop-up system with the Bar-10. The spring guide and trigger assembly are proprietary, however, making upgrades a bit trickier. The rifle is outfitted with a VSR-10 style spring.

With a 15-round standard magazine, you may want to consider bringing some extras into battle or carry a speed loader at the very least.


Performance in the field is mostly good for the M24, but there are some shortcomings. The gun fires at a somewhat inconsistent FPS out of the box. Though A&K claims a velocity of 400FPS, which is quite respectable, some owners are reporting velocities around 350-370FPS. However, the rifle is quite accurate without a need for extensive adjustments.

The range is solid as well. Mixed with above-average accuracy, the M24 can be a decent performer for beginner to intermediate players. Players can hit targets exceeding 200 feet after dialing in optics and the hop up.


The rifle does accept a fair variety of upgrade parts, meaning performance can get a lift if you’re willing to invest. However, there are better budget options that can become sleepers.

9 ARES AMOEBA “Striker”


The ARES AMOEBA is well suited for players who like to blend in with their surroundings. ARES offers four distinct color choices: Black, Dark Earth, Olive Drab, and Urban Grey. Sitting in the mid-range market, it’s nice to see a sniper rifle with killer looks.

One thing that stands out with the Striker is the magazine capacity. The AMOEBA comes with a 55-round magazine, meaning fewer reloads. The magazine release is ambidextrous and feeds directly.

The build quality is sturdy thanks to a weighty polymer design. The rifle features a top rail for optics and other useful accessories. The stock has a cheek riser that you might need to take advantage of – some owners say the stock is low in relation to the top rail.

Players can attach a bipod to their Striker as well for accurate prone shooting. The included bipod is pretty solid without too much wiggle.


The rifle and its components are upgradeable thanks to its compatibility with AEG springs. This will push FPS readings into the high 400s with the right enhancements. When stepping up to heavyweight BBs, players will want to consider a spring upgrade to preserve muzzle velocity.

Accuracy is a strong point for this rifle. With minor upgrades and optical adjustments, players are able to hit man-sized targets at 240 feet. This rifle certainly has potential and can be cheaply upgraded given its lower price point. The gun performs best with .30g or .32g BBs.

Reloading is relatively simple thanks to the bolt mechanism. However, this bolt can be quite hard to pull back. This can improve with time, though it takes quite a few shots to break in properly.

10. Novritsch SSG24

Built from the ground up with custom components, the Novritsch SSG24 aims to provide solid performance without compromises. That is if players can stomach the hefty price tag. The SSG24 is a spring-powered rifle, and players can upgrade those springs to the M190 spec. That unlocks the potential for 650 FPS, a muzzle velocity capable of supporting any BB weight. The hop up is adjustable without tools and features an aluminum guide for durability. The stock is made of polymer reinforced with glass fiber, which provides no flexibility. Additional screws keep barrel wiggle eliminated. All moving parts, from the trigger assembly to the bolt mechanism, are fashioned from metal. The barrel is tightly bored for precision, providing superior accuracy. A mounted rail provides a place for optics and sights to attach to. If there are any weak points to this rifle, they are as follows: the magazine capacity is a pedestrian 28 BBs. Fortunately, the clear design makes it easy to keep track of one’s remaining ammo. Lastly, the lower-end option provides a paltry 320 FPS with .20g BBs. It’s clear we’re expecting to be upsold here to the middle tier, but such velocity can be achieved by spring pistols. Overall though, this custom rifle is a solid choice for those looking for decent performance right out of the box.

  • Capable of 650 FPS
  • Accurate, tight-bore barrel
  • Highly durable

Airsoft Sniper Rifle Buying Advice

While most guns excel at close to mid-range combat, snipers dominate the long game. Most sniper rifles outrange AEGs, and certainly pistols, meaning snipers can pick off opponents while remaining relatively safe – even under fire. Furthermore, long-distance weapons allow you to get a little more creative with your cover. Although enemies will return fire, they might not necessarily know your exact position. This allows you to operate for longer periods of time. These rifles also accept silencers, making users harder to detect in any given situation.Sniper rifles have an immense impact on the course of a battle, despite their low rate of fire. Nobody wants to get tagged and sent packing back to base. When enemies realize a sniper is operating in the vicinity, they’ll conduct themselves more cautiously. This is useful during offensives, since pinned-down enemies are easier to overwhelm. On the defensive end, a good sniper rifle can help you hinder enemy counteroffensives. Sniper rifles truly punch above their weight, offering more advantages than might be apparent on paper. Whether attacking or retreating, sniper rifles are worthy support tools.Since sniper rifles are outfitted with scopes, they’re also capable observational tools. Having a clear view of enemy movements is useful, especially during realistic milsims. Teams approach these battles more strategically, making communication crucial. Overall, sniper rifles allow you to play a more patient, deliberate game – perfect for players who prefer precision over chaos.
Are there different types of sniper rifles available?
There are two main categories of sniper rifles currently available on the market:
Spring rifles
Spring sniper rifles are far and away the most popular variety. Snipers are predominantly bolt action, which compliments the spring mechanism well. As with other guns, cocking a spring powered sniper rifle compresses and loads the spring. This energy is released when the trigger is pulled, sending your rounds at your target.All airsoft guns have varying amounts of moving parts. Spring mechanisms are quite reliable, especially when paired with upgraded internals. Since spring rifles shoot at high velocities, many of these internals are often reinforced. Reliability is important when dealing with ranged weapons. If your spring powered rifle stops working, you’ll be forced to hide or stalk enemies with your backup pistol. Sniping is a low-risk craft, and that alternative is high risk by comparison.Successful sniping relies on concealment. A major part of this is noise reduction. Spring powered rifles are much quieter than other alternatives, especially when equipped with suppressors. Objectively speaking, a spring rifle will give you the best chance to remain hidden.
Gas rifles
Not quite as stealthy, gas sniper rifles perform well for players who aren’t concerned with announcing their presence. Imagine you’re holding down a building with your teammates. Against advancing enemies, you break out your gas-powered rifle from a few steps within, picking them off one by one. In this instance your presence isn’t exactly a secret. If you’re looking to stay hidden, a silencer is a mandatory investment.Gas options are less plentiful than spring options, but do tend to be more unique. Many modular, modern sniping platforms such as the M200, DSR-1, and carbines are gas powered. These variants are customizable and tend to be a little flashier. Gas-powered snipers tend to be quite powerful on the high end, some even reaching 600 FPS using green gas. These gas weapons have immense potential from long range. Their practicality will largely depend on your use case.Gas weapons are more expensive, on average. You’ll also have to invest in replacement cartridges like you would for any gas airsoft gun. This certainly isn’t a deal breaker, but is a consideration. Gas guns require more maintenance, and thus are more prone to issues based on neglect. Based on this, we give the reliability advantage to spring rifles based on ease of use and ownership.
The gray area: AEGs
As previously mentioned, there is some crossover between the assault and sniper categories. This overlap often occurs with AEGs, which operators often use in semiautomatic mode. These can be adapted for the sniping role in mid-range fields with a scope. In traditional cases, players would flip the switch to full auto or shoot in bursts. That’s not to say AEGs are particularly-great snipers – they’re simply capable based on playing preferences.Some manufacturers like CYMA even market certain AEGs as sniper rifles. It appears gun manufacturers themselves are redefining what sniper rifles are.

Which brands should you consider?

The sniping market is robust, and many brands offer quality options for different players. Though sniper rifles aren’t as abundant as pistols, choices aren’t limited. Accordingly, good sniping performance isn’t relegated to only the high-end market. This opens the door for many mid-range manufacturers that offer superb value:
Tokyo Marui, the preeminent premium brand of airsoft, has long been known for their VSR-10 platform. This is not a cheap brand, though quality control and components are top class. Sniping is a labor of accuracy, which has been Tokyo Marui’s calling card for years. The company’s rifles are incredibly upgradeable, letting you choose your preferred components to fine tune performance.WELL is known for their high-performing MB family of rifles. Each variant has tweaked features built around modern, customizable platforms. These rifles take well to accessories, and perform admirably at their price points. Overall, the company offers over a dozen sniper rifles, making it easy to find a perfect fit.More of a budget to mid-range brand with high-end outliers, JG brings some popular options to the table. JG makes the Bar-10, a popular alternative to the pricier Tokyo Marui VSR-10. Overall, JG rifles perform quite well. However, internal components are a step down in quality. Upgrades may be worthwhile.A premium option through and through, well-known airsofter Novritsch sells the SSG24. The high-performing package is marketed to all players, though experienced players might appreciate it most. The rifle’s big draw is its out-of-the-box performance. All components are upgraded. However, the hefty price tag will be prohibitive for many.CYMA targets the mid-range market, offering clones of popular models. These are popular and highly reviewed, at a cheaper cost. Many of CYMA’s sniper rifles are military inspired, thus featuring accurate components and construction. The company even offers an M14 EBR, a unique rifle with select-fire capability.If you’re looking to purchase the very best platform in a bullpup design, choose Desert Tech. The SRS-A1 is a mean platform offering three barrel lengths, each excelling in different environments. As single-shot weapons, these are hard hitting and love accessories. The company even sells both right and left-handed models – a nice touch.How do internals and externals differ between sniper rifles?InternalsSimilar to pistols and other airsoft guns, quality internals are crucial. Sniper rifles are high-performance guns which fire BBs at faster-than-average velocities. Such output warrants reinforcement of moving parts. This is especially true for gas rifles, which should feature metal components to withstand extra stressed. Many of these gas rifles are contained systems. Thankfully, you can easily upgrade both spring and gas rifles. Sniper rifles are growth platforms, and thus are smart investments for players who have the funds. If you choose a rifle based on the VSR-10 or L96 platform, it should be quite easy to find replacement parts.Look for inner barrels, receiver assemblies, trigger assemblies, and cylinders predominantly made using metal components. These will last the longest and wear the least. If your rifle’s build quality isn’t as durable, even simple upgrades can go a long way.ExternalsSniper rifles are put through a lot – you lay prone with them, crawl across the ground, lean them against objects, and bump them inadvertently. They’re long and vulnerable to getting knocked around. In addition, subpar weather conditions can make playing conditions even more trying. For these reasons, a solid external construction is important.Metal outer barrels offer the best durability, though cheaper rifles often substitute plastic outer barrels instead. Stocks are less cut and dry, though materials differ. Polymer is extremely popular amongst rifles at all price points, though plastics and finishes aren’t made equally. Some stocks may be heavier, lighter, thinner or thicker. Rifles sometimes suffer from minor to severe stock wobble; make sure you do preliminary research. Polymer isn’t universal, however – many rifles are full metal, though these can weigh quite a bit.

Modular sniper rifles often have adjustable butt plates and cheek risers. Some are more solid than others. Most rifles include top-mounted rails for crucial attachments, though some traditional platforms can be more limited. If you often shoot prone, look for options with bipod mounts.

Lastly, bolt pulls vary widely in size. Make sure to choose something you can easily operate based on feel. This will make consecutive shots easier while keeping your eyes on target.

So, what makes an airsoft sniper rifle good?

Consider your field and playing styles the most when choosing a good rifle. Will you be lugging your rifle from position to position? Will you camp an area and hold it down instead? What are your engagement distances? Do you require stealth or do you want to make a statement?

As always, choose a sniper rifle that feels great and performs well under a variety of conditions. Sniping is a different animal than gunning, and should be fun. Finding a trustworthy rifle, above all else, is priority one. Don’t be afraid to do your research and invest in upgrades. As you tinker with your platform, you may even become a better player.

It’s not necessary to splurge, making sniping an accessible option for all players. If you want to learn even more about snipers, checkout my guide on airsoft sniper tips.

What Are Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

There are different types of airsoft guns, and airsoft sniper rifles are guns designed for long-ranged combat. Being able to hide while taking out targets from afar is what a good airsoft sniper does well. In order to successfully accomplish this, sniper rifles have to shoot pellets far while still maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

Airsoft sniper rifles will generally have a longer barrel, which helps keep the BBs accurate when fired from the gun. Another commonality you’ll see with airsoft sniper rifles is that they usually have a higher FPS than assault rifles, and it’s because the higher FPS helps improve the potential firing range of the sniper.

What All Good Airsoft Sniper Rifles Have In Common

Buying an airsoft sniper rifle can be really easy… if you know what to look for. Top rated airsoft sniper rifles will have certain factors that help distinguish them from the rest of the crowd.

Factor #1 Upgradeability

Upgrading your airsoft sniper rifle is important because performance out of the box is generally sub-par. To get high performance, you’ll need to buy things like springs, barrels, triggers, scope and bipod, etc. If the airsoft rifle you buy isn’t upgradeable, you end up getting stuck with it until you can save money for a better gun. High-quality airsoft sniper rifles should be upgradeable.

Factor#2 Aftermarket Parts

Easy-to-find aftermarket parts are just as important as upgradeability. If your sniper rifle breaks and you can’t find the parts you need to fix it, you’re pretty much screwed. Good airsoft sniper rifles will have plenty of aftermarket parts you can get to repair or upgrade your airsoft gun.

Factor #3 Community

If a lot of people are buying an airsoft sniper rifle, then there’s some community support behind it. Users will upload tons of videos and articles about the sniper rifle, so if you ever run into any issues someone has probably already posted the solution. The more popular the airsoft sniper rifle is, the easier it is to diagnose and fix it.

How to Find Yourself  The Right Airsoft Sniper Rifle 

There are certain questions you need to ask yourself before jumping in and buying a rifle. Having an answer to these questions will help you find an airsoft sniper rifle that best suits your situation.

What is your budget?

Your budget plays a huge role in the kind of airsoft sniper rifle you can get. More money = better rifle. That being said, you can spend a little less money and still have a high-performing airsoft rifle. For example, rather than buying the Tokyo Marui VSR-10, you can go cheaper with the JG-Bar 10, which has nearly the same quality as the TM.

Out of the box or more hands on?

How hands-on do you want to get with your airsoft rifle? If you love the thought of upgrading your airsoft rifle and doing some part-swapping then building a rifle is perfect for you. If you really want to own a sniper but you hate the thought of dealing with internals, be prepared to dish out a little more for something that performs well out of the box.

Are you a beginner?

If you’re new to airsoft and have never owned an airsoft sniper rifle,  then you should definitely start with a spring airsoft sniper rifle. Cheaper, consistent, and not affected by weather, this should be a no-brainer. Spring airsoft sniper rifles will save you money in the long run. You can consider gas airsoft sniper rifles once you become experienced with the intricacies and maintenance a rifle requires.

The money you saving getting a cheap airsoft sniper rifle should be used for your sniper loadout. You want to make sure you have the necessary gear to be both comfortable and safe on the field.