Best Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle

Spring-powered sniper rifles, or springers as they are sometimes called, are rifles that use a compressed spring to fire pellets out of the barrel. They are quieter than semi-automatic sniper rifles, have a higher FPS, and are the type of sniper rifle the majority of players begin with. This is because they are inexpensive and last a long time if taken care of properly. The downside to them is that the rate of fire is slower than a semi-automatic airsoft sniper rifle. You’ll have to manually compress the spring through the use of a bolt-action, which can be a little fatiguing if you’re doing it for the first time. That being said, compressing the spring adds to the realism, and makes airsoft more exciting.

Here are the best airsoft spring sniper rifles of 2019:

1. Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro (Best Overall)

Modeled after the Real Steel Remington 700, the VSR-10 is well-known in the airsoft community for its quality and upgradeability. The VSR-10 has been around for many years and is considered the gold standard of quality spring airsoft sniper rifles. Keep in mind that the lower stock FPS (~290 FPS) will necessitate some upgrades (no surprises here)… read the full review

2. JG Bar-10 (Best Budget Pick)

Next, we come to the JG Bar-10, a close replica of the popular TM VSR-10. The gun features compatibility with the VSR-10’s upgrade parts and thus has a large market for premium components. Tinkerers will feel right at home, especially with a rifle that’s so user-friendly. Like its cousin, the rifle is also lightweight due to its polymer stock. Though overall quality may not measure up, players get this package at an economical price… read the full review

3. WELL MB-08 

A minor step up from WELL’s MB-01 is its cousin, the MB-08. Also a spring-action rifle, the MB-08 offers slightly higher power (430-499 FPS), with some modularity to boot. While durability doesn’t receive perfect marks, the overall build quality is good to above average. Consider the MB-08 an upgrade from the MB-01, and a solid entrant in the low-mid range market. The rifle is affordable and performs well given its price point… read the full review

4. WELL L96 

Details make all the difference when choosing a reliable sniper rifle, and the WELL L96 has some quality included features. Aftermarket parts are plentiful, and we recommend upgrading the firing mechanism to squeeze more FPS out of this rifle.  Overall, the WELL L96 is a wieldy and worthy rifle that’ll be a great tool in anyone’s hands… read the full review

5. A&K M24 

The M24 is a beloved gun of military enthusiasts and airsoft lovers alike. On the whole, the A&K M24 is a nice fringe-budget option for many players. While better performance per dollar can be found elsewhere, players won’t kick themselves for picking this rifle up… read the full review

6. Ares Amoeba “Striker”

Sitting squarely in the mid-range market is the ARES AMOEBA “Striker,” a solid option for players seeking a strong mix of performance and looks. Without needing to reload often, snipers wielding the AMOEBA can focus more on hitting their targets without the fear of running empty… read the full review