Best Robot Dogs of 2017: A Different Kind Of Dog

Do you want a dog without all the mess that they can make? Do you live in an apartment that doesn’t allow animals or somewhere else where pets aren’t allowed? Has your child been begging for a puppy, but you’re not sure they’re ready? If you can answer a yes to any of this, then we’re here to help.

There are plenty of robotic canines out there, and the selection can be mind-boggling. Not all robotic dogs are created equal. That is why we have compiled this list of the top eight best robot dogs. Let us take all the guesswork out of finding the perfect mechanical pooch for your palace and help you get the most bang for your buck.

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog

best robot dogs wowwee chip reviewChip is the smartest robot dog ever. If you wear the included smart band that comes with him, he can follow you and will recognize you as his owner, but that isn’t the only function of the watch. It contains several buttons that let you interact with Chip, including praising him, having him do tricks and much more.

Beyond all of that, Chip is also equipped with a lot of sensors that help him interact with his world. WowWee incorporated Beaconsense technology into Chip, meaning that he can tell what is around him and where he is in relation to other things in his environment. He’s a champ at avoiding obstacles and can tell where the edges of tables are and avoid falling off.

Your new robotic pal is even smart enough to know when he needs a charge. When his batteries get low, he will go find his smart bed and plop down on it for a charge. This means you’ll never have to guess how much charge is left on his battery.

To further expand his play value, WowWee have created a free app that works with Chip. Using this app, you can feed and play with your pup. These interactions make Chip very happy… well, at least if he likes what you are doing. For more information about Chip, check out our in-depth review.


Zoomer Puppy

zoomerpuppyThe Zoomer interactive puppy is back, and better than ever. Now he knows twice as many tricks. You can teach him to lie down, sit, roll over, speak, go pee-pee and much more. There are twenty-three tricks in all and once he is trained he will follow your voice commands. Unlike most other robotic dogs who can do tricks, Zoomer can understand three languages and not just one. He understands French, English and Spanish.

Zoomer isn’t just a voice-activated trick dog. He also is a friend. Pet his head and watch him wag his tail and react with real puppy sounds. He’ll even follow you with his eyes and may scoot after you if you get too far away.

Zoomer does not walk per se. Instead, he scoots across the floor on four small wheels under his paws. Despite this, he can really scamper when he gets going, and you may find yourself chasing your puppy around the house.

Zoomer has interactive LED eyes. These flash colors and small pictures to tell you how he is feeling and what he needs.

This is one robotic pup who won’t eat your budget on batteries. Simply plug him in via the included USB cord to your computer or to a wall outlet when he needs a charge. Charging takes an hour and will give you up to half an hour of play depending upon how you use him.

The one downside to this little pup is that he does not run very well on high-pile carpets. His wheels tend to get bogged down, and he is left standing in one spot till you can rescue him. Despite that, he is a fun and charming little guy who is ready to steal your heart.


Georgie – Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy

georgiepuppyIf you prefer your robotic puppies with a bit of fur, then Georgie might just be the puppy for you. This twelve-inch-tall golden retriever is just like a real puppy in a lot of ways. He comes with an interactive chew rope that he will use to play tug-o-war with you. Simply pop the rope into his mouth, and he’ll tug at it till you give him another command.

Speaking of commands, Georgie knows twelve right out of the box. No need to train this little guy. Simply say “Hey Georgie.” and wait for him to recognize you’ve spoken, and then give one of the commands listed in his instruction book. He can say “I love you”, dance and let you know he wants to go for a walk and much more.

If that was all that Georgie did, he would be amazing, but it isn’t. This little golden retriever also has one hundred interactions of random puppy behavior. He wags his tail, pants, barks, howls and so much more.

This puppy also doesn’t require battery changes. Instead, he comes with a USB cord so you can plug him into your computer’s USB port or into an outlet if you happen to have a power brick.

The one downside to this is that the battery cable is quite short, maybe eighteen inches or so. This means that Georgie will have to be right next to your computer or outlet.


Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy Playset

little-live-pets-snuggles-my-dream-puppy-playsetAnother soft, furry robotic dog is Snuggles, my Dream Puppy, part of the Little Live Pets line from Moose Toys. This little puppy is very lifelike. She sniffs, whines, barks, pants and makes other puppy noises and will snuggle into your arms if you scoop her up.

When Snuggles is hungry, you can feed her from the included baby bottle. She’ll make sucking sounds when you put the bottle in her mouth. Eventually, though, she will get tired. This is where the really amazing part comes in.

When your Snuggles gets tired, lay her on her side. Her eyes will start getting droopy, and before you know it, she’s snoring. When she snores, her tummy rises and falls, just like a real puppy.

Snuggles features a couple of touch sensors to increase her interactivity. One of these is located on her head. If you pet this sensor, she will bark and make happy puppy sounds and snuggle. Petting the sensor on her chest will make her get tired and fall asleep. She also includes a nose sensor, used for giving you kisses.

Your dream puppy takes four AAA batteries. These are stored two in each back paw and you will need a small screwdriver to remove the battery covers. The battery life is about two weeks between battery changes if you interact with your puppy daily.

Snuggles has only one downside. She is incredibly loud, especially where her servos are concerned and some children may find the mechanical noises off-putting.


Tekno Newborns

teknonewbornsTekno robotic creatures have been around in various incarnations since the late nineties but these new pups are here to wow a whole new generation of children and adults alike.

If you are looking for a realistic-looking robotic dog, this one isn’t for you. However, if you want a dog in a fun, bright color, this may be perfect.

The Tekno Newborn pup features a touch sensor to help him interact with you. Simply pet his head and he will make happy puppy sounds. He acts like an eight-week-old puppy.

This little guy is capable of doing tricks. Tell him to jump, and he will leap into your hand. You can even program him to sing.

Your new puppy has LED eyes. These eyes flash different colors depending on his mood. He also has ears that move and a tail that wags to make him even more lifelike.

Your pup loves to play. He can sit, beg, walk and jump into your hand. This is not a robotic pet you will get tired of quickly.

There is only one downside to this little pup. He takes two AAA batteries, instead of being rechargeable. However,  these batteries do last quite a while.


SainSmart Jr. Electronic RC Smart Dog

sainsmart-jr-electronic-rc-smart-dogThe Sainsmart Jr. robotic dog is incredibly intelligent. He comes packed full of actions that are guaranteed to make you giggle. He can beg, crouch, sit, roll over, dance and much more.

This little pup also has a demo/free-roam mode. This means he can roam around if you are not playing, just like a real dog and find all sorts of trouble to get himself into.

The Smart Dog is an R/C toy. The control range is about fifteen meters. There are plenty of buttons on his included remote, buttons which make him do his tricks, as well as the typical forward, backward, left and right controls that anyone who has ever owned an R/C vehicle is familiar with.

This little guy rolls around on a set of omnidirectional wheels. He will run on almost all surfaces. However, thicker carpeting can be difficult for him.

The transmitter takes four AA batteries. These are not included.

The Sainsmart R/C Smart Dog is rechargeable. Simply plug the included cord into your computer or a power brick for an hour. You get thirty to forty-five minutes of charge depending on how hard you play with him.

This little guy is also extremely well-made and durable. The age range is 12+ so do not give this toy to small children.


Paw Patrol, Zoomer Marshall, Interactive Pup with Missions, Sounds and Phrases, by Spin Master

paw-patrol-zoomer-marshall-interactive-pup-with-missions-sounds-and-phrases-by-spin-masterDoes your child like Paw Patrol? Do they like the Zoomer Pup? If they do, then the Zoomer Marshall pup is the perfect combination. This little pup comes with a lot of the same features as the regular Zoomer. He rolls around and can follow your child with a wave of their hand. However, Marshall can do things that a regular Zoomer can’t.

Firstly, he comes with his own pup pack, just like in the show. Open up the pup pack and he’ll launch his spring-loaded water cannons. Do note that these don’t actually shoot water of course. But they are fun to play with.

This Zoomer pup also talks. Press down on his head to hear 150 phrases and sound effects from the show. He even does the Pup Pup Boogie and the Paw Patrol theme.

Marshall also features interactive missions and tricks. You can team up with him to pretend to put out the coals of a campfire, or find a lost friend.

Unlike the regular Zoomer robotic dog, this pup does not have a rechargeable battery. Instead, he takes four AA batteries. This can be a bit of a downside as if your child plays with Marshall often, the batteries are likely to run out quickly.


Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & Badge, RoboDog

paw-patrol-action-pack-pup-badge-robodog  Do you have children who are fond of the hit show Paw Patrol on Nickelodeon? Do they love robotic dogs but are a bit too small for them as yet? If so, then the Robodog action Pack Pup and Badge set might just be what they need.

This toy is not actually a robotic dog in the classic sense. He can’t walk or wag his tail or do any tricks. However, press his pup badge and watch as his pup pack transforms into wings, just like on the show.

The figure is made of decent quality plastic, though he isn’t posable, so you will have to use your imagination. His head does turn, however, which means you can make him look around.

This set also comes with a Paw Patrol badge for your child to wear. This badge simply clips to the child’s shirt with a round piece of plastic. That way, there are no safety pins to worry about.

There are a few downsides to this toy. Firstly, the wings don’t take abuse well. This means they can and likely will fall off. Secondly, the novelty of the transformation wears off quite quickly for some children. Finally, as mentioned above, this little guy isn’t posable. That may make him more difficult to play with.



That’s the end of our best robot dogs list. These robotic pups are ready to roll, walk and tumble into your home and your heart. Go fetch one of these feisty canines and get ready to have a whole lot of fun.

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