Can Airsoft Guns Use Metal BBs?

We’re all aware of the fact that plastic BBs are used on a wide scale in airsoft at present. You also might be doing that. However, the question that might arise here is that whether it is feasible to use metal BBs in Airsoft. In this article, we will discuss this topic: Can airsoft guns use metal BBs? 

Is it possible for Airsoft guns to use metal BBs?

The first  reason why metal BBs are not appropriate for Airsoft guns is the fact that the projectile of the metal BBs is quite small as compared to that of the Airsoft gun. However, even though it might be possible to get hold of metal BBs that are able to fit inside the barrel of the Airsoft gun, there is a constant possibility of the barrel getting damaged due to the wear-and-tear caused by the metal BBs.

Why is it not possible for Airsoft guns to use metal BBs?

One of the main reasons why Airsoft guns are not able to use metal BBs is the difference in the size of the BBs. As a matter of fact, while the diameter of metal BBs happens to be only 4.5 mm, Airsoft guns use BBs having a diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm. As a result, metal BBs will simply not fit inside the barrel of the Airsoft gun. It will not be possible to create a high pressure within the barrel of the Airsoft gun in case metal BBs are placed inside it, and therefore will not be feasible for the projectile to fly a considerable amount of distance.

Below, we will highlight several issues that might take place in case metal BBs are shot with an Airsoft gun. All these facts have been based on experience and research over a long period of time.

Significant damage can be caused by metal BBs within the gun as well as the magazine. Airsoft guns are not exactly designed to use metal BBs, although will not be a problem to shoot them initially. However,over time they’ll degrade in performance as compared to what it was providing initially. Metal BBs can cause considerable damage to the internal side of the Airsoft gun, which can result in extensive wear-and-tear within the barrel and can lead to a costly repair as well as a reduction in accuracy.

An airsoft gun is not powerful enough to fire metal BBs, which is yet another factor why it will not be a sensible idea to use metal BBs when it comes to airsoft. Although it might be feasible to shoot by replacing 4.5 mm metal BBs with 6 mm metal BBs, it will not work in that manner. As compared to plastic BBs, metal BBs are much denser. The first thing is that in case somebody gets hit accidentally it will cause him or her fatal injury which can prove to be extremely detrimental in the long run. Secondly, the projectile will not be able to fly a long distance given that the gun is not designed to handle a heavy projectile whatsoever.

There is every possibility for the projectile to enter a place where it shouldn’t: as mentioned earlier it will not be a sensible idea to use metal BBs with 4.5 mm diameter and we will mention the reasons why. It is a fact that air pressure is used by an airsoft gun for firing BBs from the barrel, and in case the projectile is quite small there is every possibility for them to remain within the barrel rather than getting out of it. And the worst thing is that in case you go on pulling on the trigger, there is every possibility for the components to become either jammed or damaged which might include the air nozzle, the cylinder head or bucking.

Always make it a point to go through the instruction manual as well as in recommendation meticulously before making use of them. This will help you to stay away from damaging the Airsoft gun and it will also save a considerable amount of cash.

Are metal BBs dangerous?

In case you are not aware, we like to inform you that you will not be able to use metal BBs in the airsoft field. This regulation has been implemented to ensure the safety of individuals who are around you. It is a fact that the weight of metal BBs is more than the plastic BBs and therefore this makes them all the more harmful as compared to their plastic counterparts. The reason for this is that metal BBs are made from a solid material which will help them to penetrate the skin easily.

In case metal BBs are shot on any hard surface like metal or concrete, there is every possibility for it to ricochet which can be extremely dangerous since it might shatter into small bits and get scattered everywhere. For this reason, you will come across lots of Airsoft fields which are only meant for plastic BBs. Make sure to be at a safe distance so as to avoid ricochet in case you are shooting with BBs gun.

We usually use metal BBs in practice ranges (or maybe for pest control on some occasions) since it is more accurate and powerful as compared to the Airsoft guns out there. The BBs guns are more powerful in spite of using 4.5 mm rounds since the metal pellet happens to be denser which makes it powerful enough to penetrate the skin easily. As a result, they are not usually used by individuals for firing at one another but rather for usage in the practice ranges.

Airsoft guns are usually used for the technical games that might be playing against one another. Given that these are made from plastic, it is safer to use them in the long run. Moreover, Airsoft guns are not as powerful as the BBs guns out there. The pellet of the airsoft gun is made from plastic which makes it fire much slower, and this does not require much energy for pushing it out of the gun’s barrel. Therefore, you will simply feel a sting in case you do get hit accidentally.

Are metal BBs costlier?

Extensive research has been performed through Amazon regarding the price of metal BBs and plastic BBS. It has been found that airsoft BBs come with an initial price in the range of $3 to $40 on Amazon while metal BBs likewise come with the identical price tag. In fact, their price might fall somewhere in between $4 and as much as $86 on Amazon.

Apart from these above-mentioned factors, the other factors which might also affect the price will be the quality as well as the number of pellets that you might want to have. It is a fact that top-quality pellet will make your Airsoft gun extremely accurate. The regular ammunition package happens to be from 1500, 3000, 2000, 6000, 5000, as well as 10, 000 pellets.

How to understand that the BBs will actually fit?

You’ll find it extremely difficult to understand exactly what ammunition is actually being used by two identical guns which happen to be airsoft BBs and the BB pistol. However, there is a simple way to find this out.

You’ll come across several handguns having white marks which are inscribed on the slide mentioning what pellet size it uses. For instance, it will be a BB gun in case it is written .177cal. BB. On the other hand, it will be an Airsoft gun in case it is inscribed Cal.6 mm BB.

Next, the mags will help you to understand what exactly is used by your gun. You may use the following method to understand whether it does fit into your gun:

For this, you simply need to take out the mags from your pistol or rifle. You will be able to see in case it is written there. If you try to put in and it does not coincide, it will suggest that they are quite small. In case the BBs fail to fit inside the mags, it implies that the pellet is excessively large. You will not find it difficult to understand since you will be able to observe it while you put it in the opening.

There is one more way to understand whether the BBs will fit properly and it can be done by putting the BB inside the hole of the barrel. In case the BB goes inside easily, it means that it will fit. Nevertheless, in case you observe that the BB becomes stuck at the barrel’s tip, it suggests that the BB is not going to fit. At times, you might find it difficult to see inside, and therefore it is advisable for you to use a flashlight.

The third and last option would be to look out for the manual of the gun that you possess or go online to look for what BBs it will be able to use. In case the receipt is still there with you, it will probably inform you regarding the type of gun that you have bought and you might likewise request the employers to inform you regarding the type of BBs that your gun can use.