Dash and Dot Review: The Coding Robot

dash and dot review

Have you ever wanted to get a kid interested in programming or teach them a little more about problem-solving? If you have, you know it can be a daunting task sometimes. However, it doesn’t have to be.

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The new delightful duo Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop will have your kids, or you, programming in no time, and they’ll just think they’re playing with cool robot toys. Wonder Workshop began in 2012 when the founders realized there were a lack of good toys on the market to teach coding to children. They set about to fix this problem, and we feel they have done so swimmingly.

We spent hours testing Dash and Dot, and have compiled all of the information we could get into this Dash and Dot review. What can Dash and Dot do? Is it worth the money? Let’s find out!

Who are Dash and Dot?

Dash and Dot are a robot pair. They interact with one another, and with you. Dash is the more complex of the two bots, being able to move around on his own and detect obstacles. Dot is a cute little ball of fun and though she can’t move on her own, she makes up for it with personality.

Both bots are packed with accelerometers, microphones, speakers and censors that make them hugely interactive. What makes them even more special though is that they are educational, teaching programming skills to kids ages five and up. These are not toys which will outgrow your child.

Inside the Box

  • The Dot and Dash pack comes with a lot of goodies.
  • Dash robot
  • Dot robot
  • MicroUSB connector for charging Dash and Dot
  • Lego brick connectors, if you want to use Legos to build onto your bots.
  • Single-page manual.

First Thoughts

Dash and Dot’s package is incredibly sturdy. It is also obvious that the designers paid significant attention to details. Dash and Dot are tucked safely inside their box. The lid of the box is also designed to fold down like a ramp so that Dash could, if you kept the box, drive himself right back in, which we found very cool.

Dash and Dot Video

Check out the video below to learn about Dash and Dot!


Dash is a seven-inch tall robot weighing in at just under a pound. He appears to be three balls stuck to a body with a head on top. He is blue with orange highlights. At the bottom he has three wheels, two large and one small, which give him a pretty wide range of motion.

Dash should always be run on a flat surface, as he cannot do stairs. On the front of his head, he has twelve LED lights that make up his single eye. He also has LED ears and tail lights which can be programmed to change colors.

Dash’s sibling, Dot, is smaller and appears to be a single round ball with LED lights on the front. She weighs 0.37 pounds and stands at 3.74 inches on her stand and 3.39 inches without it.

Dot does not move on her own, but she can be used in several interesting ways such as speaking to Dash and being used as a controller to move Dash around. Furthermore, she also has various phrases and sound effects and programmable color-change LED lights as well.

Both robots are made of heavy, sturdy plastic. They seem very durable and keep working, even when dropped on the floor. These are not the type of toys where pieces will break off in a day’s time.

How Do They Work?

These adorable little bots come packed with sensors. Dash comes with three microphones, a speaker, four infrared transmitters, three distance sensors and two robot receivers.

Dash can get up to five hours of playtime on a single charge. Simply plug the micro-USB into your computer or a USB-Ac adapter (not included.)

Dash is pretty speedy for a little bot. He clocks in at 3.3 feet per second.

Dot does not move on her own. She works as the brains of the robot, and can be used to control Dash if you use Blockly to make a program for it. Like her sibling, Dot can get up to five hours of playtime on a single charge and charges via USB to either your computer or a USB-AC adapter. She also contains three microphones, one speaker, twelve LED lights in her eyes, two ear lights and two tail lights along with four IR transmitters and two IR receivers.


Most of Dot and Dash’s features involve the app. However, without the app, they will still interact with each other. Simply put them close together and watch the fun as they talk and sing together.


The heart of Dot and Dash’s playability is the free IOS and Android app. This app has several features that really make your robots more fun.

Go App

The first smaller program within the app is the Go App. This program is used for controlling Dash, for changing both Dash and Dot’s LED light colors and for having both robots make various sound effects. It is simple to use and suitable for all ages.

The Path app is also suitable for all ages. This app allows you to practice programming basics even if you can’t read. Simply draw a path on your device, and Dash will follow it.


The next app is Blockly. Blockly is a programming app that allows children eight years and up to drag and drop blocks representing program elements into a specific order to make a sequence of actions for Dash and Dot to do. When you are done, simply clap your hands or press one of the buttons on either robot to begin the sequence. You’ll be programming in no time.


The next feature of Dot and Dash is the Xylo app. Use this app and the xylophone accessory (sold separately) to compose music for Dash to play. He really is quite the rocker if you get him started.

Wonder App

Finally, there’s the Wonder app. This app allows children ages eight and up to learn about programming concepts by solving puzzles and little game challenges. As they solve the challenges, they learn more and more about programming while seeing their work come to life. These challenges create new gestures and behaviors for Dot and Dash.

What’s more, you can even record your own voice and let the robots play it back in this mode. When you or your child have finished all the puzzles and challenges, you unlock free play, which will allow you to program any behavior you like. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and more ideas for things to try can be found on the company’s website.


That concludes our Dash and Dot review! Dot and Dash are cute little bots with a lot of personality and charm. They can provide a lot of fun for you and your child. We couldn’t really find any downsides for these little guys. If money is no issue, then they will be a perfect addition to your household.

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