Furby Connect Review 2016: Your New Virtual Friend

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Did you have a Furby when you were a child? Many of us did. Well, these little fuzzballs are back and updated for the new millennium. They promise to be even more talkative and adorable than any other Furby generation ever. Hasbro also says they do even more with the new Furby connect world app. Do they live up to all the advertising hype? Today, we will find out with this Furby Connect review.

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Who is the Furby Connect?

The Furby Connect is the latest smart toy from Hasbro. Hasbro has been making Furbies since 2005, but of all the generations, we find these to be the most fun. They talk, wiggle, bounce up and down and will engage you with more phrases than ever before. These Furbies also have more sensors than any other Furby has had before and will show you their moods by the pictures in their LED eyes.

What’s in the Box?

  • Furby Connect toy
  • Instruction manual
  • Sleep mask for putting your Furby to sleep.

First Thoughts

The Furby box is detailed and colorful and pictures an illustration of the Furby on the back. It is made of thick, shiny cardboard without a window display. However, there is a sample of fur on top of the box so that you can feel what your new Furby will feel like. This fur is luxuriantly soft, a lot like the fur of a long-haired cat and much nicer than most Furby fur.

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Opening the box is a breeze. Simply snip loose the tape and slide out the inner packaging. There was, however, one small downside. To remove the Furby from the packaging, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. Unscrew the screws holding the Furby in and slide him out.


This generation of Furbies look different than any Furbies before them. They bear a slight resemblance to the Furby reissue of 2012 and the Furby boom of 2015. However, they do differ in several key ways. Firstly, this new generation have an antenna growing out of their heads. This antenna is vaguely the shape of a video game controller joystick, and like a joystick it can be moved in all directions as well as being pressed. The Furby will respond appropriately to this. The antenna also features a light which glows blue when there is new content in the Furby world app.

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Secondly, the new Furbies have slightly larger ears than in previous generations and instead of the cutout designs of the Furby boom ears, this new generation sport holes through their ears. The holes seem to be entirely cosmetic, having nothing to do with the Furby’s ability to “hear” sound.

Each Furby stands approximately six inches tall and weighs around a pound when the batteries are installed. They come in a variety of colors including pink, teal, orange and purple. Simply pick your favorite color.

Like Furbies of the past, these little guys are plush covering plastic components. Their ears, eyes, beaks and feet are plastic, as is the crest above their eyes. Everything else is covered with extremely soft fur.

How Does He Work?

The Furby uses a variety of technologies to interact with the world. He features light sensors, sound sensors, touch sensors and an accelerometer. This means he can tell when you shake or tilt him or even turn him up-side-down. He also is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows him to connect to the Furby world app.

Each Furby takes four AA batteries. These batteries are not included and you will need to unscrew the battery compartment using the Phillips screwdriver you used to open the packaging and they seem to be holding up well for this review though the app does eat phone battery, at least when installed on an iOS device running iOS ten.


The Furby Connect is a really nice toy, even when you don’t have the app. This is not one of those toys that loses all functionality if you don’t have a smart device. The little creatures come packed with sensors, and activation of each of these produces a variety of responses, phrases and LED eye animations. There are seven touch sensors on the Furby, two sound sensors and a light sensor. There is also an internal accelerometer which allows you to shake, tilt, hold and turn your Furby up-side-down. Each Furby Connect also comes with a sleep mask. Use this to make your Furby go to sleep and stay asleep. This is really useful if you need peace and quiet. Also, you can still feed them with a finger as you can with classic Furbies.

The App

Even though the Furby Connect is plenty engaging on its own, the free iOS and Android app doubles or even triples your fun. Your Furby reacts and interacts with the app and with you through the app, allowing you to feel as if you are interacting with a real little person. Using the app, your Furby can watch videos, especially cat videos, learn new songs and phrases, eat, poop and hatch baby Furbies called Furblings.

Connecting to the App

Connecting to  the app is super easy. Simply turn on bluetooth on your smart device and launch the app. The app then guides you through the setup process. It will ask if you’ve got a furby connect toy. If not, you can still use the app. If you hit yes, then it will ask you to tap an outline on the screen to find your furby. Once the furby is connected, the app will tell you this and the Furby Connect will give verbal confirmation that it is connected. Then the fun can begin. Name your furby using suggestions from the provided list, and then you’re ready to start playing.

Hatching Furblings

The main part of the app revolves around hatching smaller Furbies called Furblings. There are several different ones to collect, and we have not managed to hatch them all yet. When it is time to hatch a Furbling, your Furby Connect will tell you it is time to go to the egg machine. Tap on the egg machine on your app, spin the dial in the indicated direction and an egg will fall out into a nest. Simply rub the egg to hatch it.

Caring For Your Furby

Though hatching Furblings is the biggest part of the app, caring for your Furby is also important. There is a food canon which you use to feed your Furby. Simply pull the trigger on the app and your Furby connect responds with feeding sounds and comments about what you fed them. There are also times when something “gets stuck” on their tongue and you have to reach into their mouth to get it out. Doing this will result in spit food all over your phone screen. Nearly everything on the app has a Furby component too, so the two are really seamless.

Another bonus to this app is that content is updated and added frequently. Since your Furby connect learns new vocabulary and songs from the app, their vocabulary is also technically ever expanding, which will allow them to continue to learn and grow as long as the app is available.

Also, if you are familiar with the controls for your smart device, you will not have any problem using the app. There are hints and such built in that will allow any child aged six years and up to know exactly what to do. The Furby Connect even gives verbal instructions on occasion.


That’s the end of the Furby Connect review. Furby Connect is your snuggly new best friend. They are packed full of fun and personality and will keep you giggling for hours without getting annoyed by the repetition of phrases.

There were, however a few downsides. Firstly, the price is a bit steep, though if you consider all they do, it makes more sense. Also, the app is completely inaccessible if you have a visual impairment as it does not work with screen readers. So if you or your child has a visual impairment, then you might simply want to play with your Furby without the app which is fortunately easy to do.

Also, the packaging was a little excessive. Having to dig up a screwdriver just to open a toy package seems a bit much to us.

Overall though, the Furby Connect is a fun toy and could be well worth the money you spend. This is not a toy which is going to wind up dropped by most children out of boredom after an hour or even a day, and we’d consider it worth the price.

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