Quick Guide To Getting Started With Drones

If you’re unsure on where to begin on your drone adventure, then this is the guide for you. Getting started with drones can be intimidating, but I can promise you that it’s not bad at all.

It does take some time however, and if you’re patient you will understand how addictive it can be. Let’s get started!

Where Do I Begin?

Getting Started With Drones

Get a Mini Drone

Why do I say you should get a mini drone? There are two main reasons why.

The first reason is that mini drones are much cheaper than larger drones. So this means that that the price will be much more affordable for people.

The second reason why I would recommend a mini drone is that you might not like flying drones as much as you thought you did. Wold you rather spend $50o dollars coming to that realization or $30-$50?

Also, with a more expensive drone, you will fly more cautiously as to not break it. This is a big problem because you have to make mistakes in order to learn.

If you are not practicing flying at various speeds and doing turns and flips, you will not learn to fly drones at a level that you would like.

Which Mini Drone Should I Get?

I have mentioned this in my guide to Quadcopter Racing, but I will say it again. The drone I would highly recommend for a beginner would be the Hubsan X4.

Hubsan X4

I won’t go into too much detail as I have created a review of the X4, but all you really need to know is that it is affordable and reliable in getting your feet wet in flying drones for the first time.

Spare Parts!!!

Getting spare parts to your drone is crucial to learning how to fly drones. You will crash, and probably more than once. This means broken parts. If you do not have extra parts at your disposal, you’re going to have to wait a while in order for them to get shipped to your house. No one wants to wait around to fly.

On top of repairing broken parts, get extra batteries. That way, you can fly for longer periods of time without having to constantly charge your battery.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice, the better you’ll get. This sounds obvious, but it needs to be said. I have seen people get upset that they haven’t been improving, and when you ask them how long they practice for, you get excuses. “Oh I have been pretty busy lately so haven’t had time.” You can’t complain if you haven’t been practicing.

Make Sure That…

Make sure that you have the money to spend on this hobby. Drones are great, but you don’t want to spend all of the money you have on it.

Fly with Friends

Find people who you can fly with consistently. The more experienced they are, the better. That way they could mentor you, which will no doubt speed up the learning process.

Rainy Days

If you can’t fly your drone because of the weather one day, and you can’t fly the drone inside your house, something I would recommend is using a simulator. That way you can practice without worrying about the weather. This is something that is optional, but worth mentioning. I did a review of some FPV simulators in case you were interested.


So that was a quick guide on getting started with drones. The best way to learn is to just start flying. I hope this guide helped give you an idea of how and where to begin. I will update this guide as time goes on. Thanks for reading!