Holy Stone F180C Review


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Holy Stone F180C Review

The HolyStone F180C is a small zippy quadcopter with a 2 megapixel camera. The F180C seems to closely resemble the Hubsan X4, but does it perform the same as the X4? Let’s find out! So without further ado, let’s begin the Holy Stone F180C review!

Weight: 1 pound

Length: 5.3 inches

Recommended Age: 10+

Price: Under $100

Great for: Beginner-Amateur RC quadcopter pilots

Items included: 3.7V 350 mAh Extra Battery, 8 additional blades, 2-in-1 Battery Charger, USB Cable, 2 Megapixel SD Card , SD card reader , Protective Frame, Prop Remover, and a User Manual


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1. Controls are very responsive as well as adjustable
2. Fast and agile
3. Replacement parts are cheap
4. Great customer service

1. Very light, Flying in even the slightest bit of wind may make controlling the quadcopter very challenging
2. The propellers can come off  after a crash, which may be annoying for some. Putting  them back on  is easy enough
3. The camera is what you would expect from a quadcopter that is less than $100
4. Return to home mode is nearly useless as it rarely does its job

More Information

You get two batteries for the quadcopter, which is great since you want to be able to fly the quadcopter as long as possible. It takes about 45 minutes for the batteries to charge.

It does come with more props than usual. Rather than the 4 props you get with most quadcopters, you get 12 props, which is really convenient for when you crash.

The F180C can also do 360 degree flips. Pressing the right bumper on the transmitter will allow you to do them, and it works pretty well. The turns are not as tight if you have the protective guard on.

The LED lights are red and blue. The red LED lights are the back of the quadcopter, and the blue LED lights are the front of the quadcopter. Although the quadcopter is dark, you can still fly this quadcopter at night because of the lights.


The range of the transmitter is about 60-80 feet. With the original battery, you are going to have flight time around 6-7 minutes. The LCD screen on the transmitter panel shows your trim, camera, and light settings, which is pretty useful. You can turn the quadcopter lights on from the transmitter, which is pretty neat. Batteries do not come with the transmitter, so you have to buy them. They require four AA batteries.


There is no camera stabilization, so the pictures and videos taken will come out shaky. The video and pictures are a decent quality as long as there is plenty of light. The camera specs are 1280×720, which is decent.


A common issue that seems to come up with the F180C is the soldering issues. Many people have had complaints that the wires used to connect the battery break relatively easy, so I would be wary of that when making a decision.

Another issue that people have been having are the motors breaking. In this case the likely culprit is overuse. Holy Stone advises taking a 10 minute break in between flights to allow the motors and the circuit board to cool down to ensure the parts last as long as possible.


I would be wary of purchasing this quadcopter as I feel like it is a hit or miss on if you will like it or not. If you do and have any issues with the quadcopter, I can guarantee the customer service will do a great job in making sure your issue gets resolved.
Click here to check out the F180C!

If you are interested in quadcopters under $100, another quadcopter I would check out is the UDI 818A HD.

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