How Does A Paintball Gun Work?

If you have never tried a paintball gun, there is a chance that you may find the whole idea strange and find the way a paintball gun works mysteriously. However, let me assure you that once you know how a paintball gun works, you will realize that it was not complicated after all. If you want to know how a paintball gun works, then this article is certainly for you. This article will explain you the functions and everything important related to paintball guns in the most simplistic and easy manner. Before we move to the main topic, let’s quickly summarize what a paintball gun is, how people use it, and why are they so popular in simpler words. 

What is a paintball gun?

Paintball guns are special guns that are primarily used for fun and entertainment. You must have noticed that it is quite popular among young people or those who like to spend time with their friends outdoors. Here’s how a paintball gun can of great fun – Paintball gun are used for a sport where you use the gun to shoot paints to mark your opposing team or group. However, there are always chances of getting hurt while playing the game, so the players are always advised to be cautious. There are players who prefer the word, “marker” over the term “gun” as using a term like gun may give away a wrong impression of the game being violent or too dangerous.

How to play with paintball guns?

The two crucial things that you need to play paintball are paintballs and a marker or paintball gun. The paintballs are small balls of plastic that the players fill with non-toxic paint, which is water-soluble. Further, the plastics that are used to create the balls are made in a certain way; they are designed to burst as soon as they get a minimal impact. However, these balls are not too thin and will not burst inside or just at the barrel when a player fires from the marker or paintball gun. Generally, there are two or more teams, and the paintball guns or markers are used as a weapon that they shoot on their opponents. It is much like a game of a gunfight but only safer.

What are the components?

The paintball guns have three major components, namely grip, barrel, and trigger. The three components work together usually to make up and operate paintball guns. The paintball gun has a hopper that is designed with the mechanism of loading and storing the paintballs. There is also a propellant container in each paintball gun that is designed for carrying air, carbon dioxide, and compressed nitrogen. The paintball guns come in a very simple design and do not jam or clutter. These are harmless, lightweight, and non-lethal guns that are designed just for fun and games.

How does the paintball guns function?

Most of the “firing” happens inside the paintball guns’ barrels. A paintball gun has a valve tube, which goes through the hammer, bolt, and spring where you will find the gas valve. Inside a paintball gun, there is also an air tank, which is compressed and that air tank is used to power the paintball gun or marker. In simpler terms, the air tank inside the paintball gun makes the gun work. When a player fires a paintball, that ball is shot out from the gun’s barrel by a burst of short gas, which gets released from the carbon dioxide canister and controlled valve. However, sometimes, nitrogen gases or even air are used, but that depends on the paintball gun’s type.

A player feeds a paintball by the hopper usually. The hoppers are generally located in front of paintball guns’ firing assembly, and this is to make sure that the paintball is in its right place until the player pulls the trigger. Further, the hopper makes sure that the paintballs are placed in front directly, and it also ensures that it can spring forward to fling the plastic ball in the desired direction. The firing assemblies of the paintballs vary and are different in every paintball gun. Paintball guns fire the plastic color balls at a slow speed, which makes sure that it is not lethal and does not injure any player badly.

When the player triggers the paintball gun, the paintball is shifted from its loader. The player will then have to lock the marker or the gun by pushing forward the bolt. The player will then pull the trigger, and with that, the spring will release, which will force out the air of the gas inlet, which will finally make the paintballs shot out towards the targeted direction.

Is it safe?

As mentioned earlier paintballs are safe as the markers or paintball guns fire the balls at a very low speed. Most of the paintball guns or markers come with a maximum limit of 300 feet per second, which is safe and cannot be lethal. However, this speed may leave a mark or bruise; if fired at a close range, it can’t lead to serious or lethal injury. In addition to that, players are always advised to wear the protective gear that protects the body, the face, ears, and the eyes as well. Further, the playing fields made it a rule that players won’t be allowed to play without the protective gear.

Different kinds of paintball guns

The function of the paintballs is sophisticated but simple. However, there are types of paintballs that are commonly used. Let’s take a look at each type and see how they work.

Pump action paintball gun

The pump action paintball guns were once considered as the absolute rule. Today, with more kinds of paintball guns coming out, they are gradually losing on the popularity. However, there are still some players who prefer the pump action paintball guns. Interestingly, there are still tournaments where they only allow pump action paintball gun and players are not allowed to use any other kind.

So how do they work? The mechanism and function of the pump action paintball guns are simple. They are single fire guns, and the player will have to pump after each shot because these guns have no mechanism that can reset the bolt just after the paintball is fired. This is actually the main characteristics and a drawback when compared to the other types of paintball as it offers a very low rate of fire.

Semi-automatic paintball gun

The semi-automatic paintball guns are easily the most common type of paintball guns today, and they are easier to use as compared to the pump action paintball guns. The spring of the semi-automatic paintball guns resets after each shot, and it requires no assistance from the player, and that makes the gun’s firing rate much better than the pump action paintball guns.

The semi-automatic paintball guns divert the gas and force it to the firing assembly’s front, and it pushes everything else back just after the second shot is fired. Almost every entry-level marker or paintball gun is of this class. These paintball guns are not just common but are also used without any restriction on almost every field.

Ramping paintball guns

Ramping paintball guns are complex and have more sophisticated mechanism as compared to both the types mentioned above. The ramping paintball guns set a firing level, which makes the paintball gun assist its bolt with one electric motor. Although the mechanism is complex and these paintball guns require more gear as compared to other kinds of paintball guns, it delivers a more impressive result comparatively.

When the player reaches a point where the ramping paintball gun’s motor kicks in, it will start fire more quickly. In simple terms, the firing rate increases as the player pull the gun’s trigger, until he or she fires as many as a dozen or more paintballs per second and the player will also have to maintain a same, and consistent number of trigger pulls!

To summarize: the ramping paintball guns are capable of producing an excessive firing rate, and due to that, many fields have banned this paintball gun.

Automatic paintball guns

It’s easy to explain how the automatic paintball guns work as the name itself is self-explanatory – the player will just have to pull its trigger, hold it, and it will keep firing. Therefore, the automatic paintball guns let players fire multiple paintball shots with just a single press of the gun’s trigger. The automatic paintball guns have a circuit board that is responsible for regulating the firing assembly.

The automatic paintball guns usually feature motorized hoppers. Much like the ramping paintball guns, the automatic paintball guns are also known for their excessive firing rate and for this reason the automatic paintball guns are banned in many tournaments and on most fields.


The paintball guns have a number of moving parts, and they require some maintenance in regular use. However, the maintenance is not as difficult as you would think. There is paintball gun oil that is easily available, and you need to use that oil to keep the parts lubricated. Therefore, with a basic understanding of the paintball guns, you can use them and have a great time playing with your friends.