RedCat Racing, the company often known for creating affordable (but relatively low-end) cars and trucks, has decided to take their company to the next level by creating Team RedCat (yay?).

RedCat Racing created Team RedCat in order to produce higher-end vehicles that were more durable and much better than the vehicles RedCat Racing had been producing.

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With that in mind, one of the trucks produced by Team RedCat was the TR-MT8E. It was really exciting to see how well this car could perform, and if it was worth purchasing.

Interestingly enough, another model of the TR-MT8E, the BE6S, was released sometime after as an upgraded version of the original TR-MT8E.

So, how do these two models compare? What do these trucks have to offer? Is it worth the money? Keep reading this Redcat Racing TR-MT8E review to find out!

What is the TR-MT8E?

The TR-MT8E is the very first RTR monster truck created by Team RedCat. With waterproof electronics and 4WD, there was no doubt this car was intended to be driven off-road.

What’s interesting about the truck is that it is very similar to the Team Magic E6III HX, but better in the sense that it has more upgrades than the E6III HX.

Here are some photos (courtesy of markarch) of the monster truck.

Side View

Front View

Inside View

What’s the difference between the TR-MT8E and the TR-MT8E BE6S?

Aside from the price (the BE6S is more expensive), what is the difference between these two versions? The main difference is in the upgrades. Below is a list of all the upgrades you can expect if you purchase the BE6S as opposed to the original TR-MT8E.

Alright enough about the BE6S. Let’s take a closer look at the original TR-MT8E.

What’s in the box?

  • TR-MT8E monster truck
  • 2.4 GHz transmitter


The TR-MT8E is a gunmetal monster that is designed to bash. It is a ready to run 1/8 scale monster truck. The only thing you need to provide are the batteries. You’ll need LiPo batteries for the truck and AA batteries for the transmitter. Do that, and this truck will be ready to run.

To help you in all your bashing, the TR-MT8E features reinforced differentials, hardened steel drive shafts and an oversized front bumper. The body is made of polycarbonate so it can take one serious beating. It even includes LED lights built into the bumper to make sure that it not only looks amazing but that you can see it at night.

This monster truck is obviously meant to be driven off-road. The tires are incredibly soft, good for getting traction on most surfaces. This beast will plow through grass, over loam and through gravels. The only downside to these tires is that they make the truck traction roll on pavement if you aren’t really  careful. However, the truck is super responsive and even with traction rolling can handle anything you throw at it.

If you like to do tricks, the TR-MT8E has you covered. It comes with a premounted wheelie bar, which you will use. This bar allows the truck to do block-long wheelies. The wheelie bar is also mounted high. This means it stays out of the way for most off road driving.

On top of that awesomeness, the TR-MT8E is capable of doing standing backflips as well as many other tricks, and if you should crash it, the polycarbonate shell is thick enough to absorb the impacts without breakage. This is one tough little truck. It clocks in at a top speed of forty-four miles per hour and will run for fourteen minutes per charge.


The TR-MT8E has a load of features to make driving it super enjoyable.

Waterproof Electronics

For those of you who like bashing or just driving in mud, rain or snow, Team Redcat designed this truck with you in mind. All of the electronics are sealed and waterproofed. This means you can plow through snow and mud with the same ease you’d plow through grass and gravel and your truck won’t short out on you.

Brushless Motor

For extra power, the TR-MT8E features a brushless 42MM high-torque 2500KV brushless motor. This motor gives you plenty of power for whatever driving conditions you have in store for your new truck, no matter how gnarly.

 2.4GHz Radio System

This amazing monster truck features the latest radio technology. With its 2.4 GHZ radio, your TR-MT8E will hop to any available frequency. That way, if you are off-roading with friends, you’ll never have to worry about frequency interference.

As for the remote itself, it is a solidly made device, and the relationship between the wheel and the trigger feels nice. The wheel is even coated in rubber for maximum comfort. However, the shape of the grip is slightly uncomfortable for some people’s hands, which may be a problem if you plan on bashing for a long time without stopping.

Pros & Cons

Should you buy this monster truck? We’ll list the pros and cons and let you decide for yourself.


+ This truck is super easy to work on. It has a very nice open layout, so if you want to change things from their stock configurations, doing so is a breeze. The truck has the perfect internal layout for those of you who like to tinker.

+ The TR-MT8E is a lot of fun to drive. Not only does it have excellent turning speeds and the ability to keep its speeds up on corners with little difficulty, but it jumps like a deer. The firm suspension ensures that it gets tons of air time but does make the truck bounce on bigger landings, however.

+ This truck is also fun to drive on-road. It can pull amazing wheelies that last for an entire block, as well as small ones in reverse. Though it traction rolls if you corner aggressively, it can do standing backflips and will power over any curb. It even drives well in grass and in the rough where other trucks can bottom out badly.

+ This is a very durable truck. It can and will take a lot of abuse and keep right on running. You literally have to try very hard to break it.


Other than the small con about the grip shape being difficult for some people, there is only one other real downside to the TR-MT8E. The parts for this truck are not easy to find. You can find some online. However, most hobby shops don’t carry them and probably won’t be willing to order them for you.

Therefore, if you do find a hobby shop that carries the proper parts, it is a good idea to buy extras of the parts that break most frequently and stockpile them for that time, possibly years in the future, when something breaks.


That’s the end of the Redcat Racing TR-MT8E review. Overall, this is a RC truck worth trying out. With it’s durability and ease of use, this truck would make a good choice for your next truck.