The ARES AMOEBA has an aesthetic appeal and unique features that make it one of the better airsoft rifles in the market.

Quick Look
  • Rifles are about 43 inches long

  • Not including any attachments, the ARES AMOEBA weighs about 9 pounds

  • Bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle

  • The stock magazine capacity is 55 rounds

  • Without upgrades, the FPS of the M700 is about 400


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The ARES AMOEBA is well suited for players who like to blend in with their surroundings. ARES offers four distinct color choices: Black, Dark Earth, Olive Drab, and Urban Grey. Sitting in the mid-range market, it’s nice to see a sniper rifle with killer looks.

One thing that stands out with the Striker is the magazine capacity. The AMOEBA comes with a 55-round magazine, meaning fewer reloads. The magazine release is ambidextrous and feeds directly.

The build quality is sturdy thanks to a weighty polymer design. The rifle features a top rail for optics and other useful accessories. The stock has a cheek riser that you might need to take advantage of – some owners say the stock is low in relation to the top rail.

Players can attach a bipod to their Striker as well for accurate prone shooting. The included bipod is pretty solid without too much wiggle.


The rifle and its components are upgradeable thanks to its compatibility with AEG springs. This will push FPS readings into the high 400s with the right enhancements. When stepping up to heavyweight BBs, players will want to consider a spring upgrade to preserve muzzle velocity.

Accuracy is a strong point for this rifle. With minor upgrades and optical adjustments, players are able to hit man-sized targets at 240 feet. This rifle certainly has potential and can be cheaply upgraded given its lower price point. The gun performs best with .30g or .32g BBs.

Reloading is relatively simple thanks to the bolt mechanism. However, this bolt can be quite hard to pull back. This can improve with time, though it takes quite a few shots to break in properly.

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