Desert Tech SRS-A1

The Desert Tech SRS-A1 makes a great choice for those looking for a good airsoft sniper rifle right out of the box.

Quick Look
  • This rifle is about 27 inches long

  • Not including any attachments, the Desert Tech SRS-A1 weighs about 8 pounds

  • Bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle

  • The stock magazine capacity is 30 rounds

  • Without upgrades, the FPS of the M700 is about 400


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The SRS-A1 is unique in that it offers four different barrel lengths: 16”, 20”, 22”, and 26”. Though billed as a sniper rifle, the SRS has the look and feel of a close-quarters weapon in many respects. The design is modular, sports attachment rails, and looks intimidating. The Covert also comes available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green. You can also purchase a left or right-handed model to suit your dexterity.

The magazine is inserted near the butt of the rifle, which is where the feeding mechanism resides. Because the receiver is set far back in the gun, it boasts a bullpup design with a full-length inner barrel.

The SRS is extremely maneuverable. It is comparable in form factor to an M4 or UMP. For this reason, it’s easier to stay concealed with a lesser physical footprint. The gun is designed to be ergonomic and feel natural in the hand. You won’t be fighting against your rifle to access certain components.

Both external and internal components have been upgraded in the gen3 model. Many components such as the trigger box, bolt, and piston have been redesigned for greater durability. These parts are also more reliable – you’ll never worry about misfires or broken parts in the field.

The hop up is now a dual, flat design, making adjustments easier while boosting accuracy.

The SRS can be easily disassembled and reassembled, making maintenance and upgrades a breeze.


In almost every category, the SRS-A1 really shines – as it should for a $500 rifle. Accuracy out of the box is astounding, yet almost every stock component is upgraded already. The spring is stock, but the gun’s other components are more than solid enough to handle upgrades. The hop up system is easy to adjust. No matter which handedness you prefer, the hop up is ambidextrous.

The rifle is single shot and features a bolt mechanism. This bolt can be a little tough to pull at first but eases with use. While the hop up is accurate, some owners report that replacing it with a fast hop increases range.

With the right combination of barrel length and spring, the SRS can reach targets beyond 200 feet with ease. Muzzle energy can range from 0.9 to 1.7 joules. FPS out of the box is reasonably high, and midweight BBs are recommended, at a minimum.

Getting fully comfortable with the rifle might take some time. The bolt compresses the spring with a forward cocking motion, and the back magazine can be odd to access. However, these feel issues go away with time.


Although you have some upgrade options available, out of the bo performance is pretty good.

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