The JG Bar-10 makes a great choice for those looking for a great airsoft sniper rifle with a tight budget.

Quick Look
  • Rifles are about 38 inches long

  • Not including any attachments, the JG Bar-10 weighs about 6 pounds

  • Bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle

  • The stock magazine capacity is 30 rounds

  • Without upgrades, the FPS is about 300


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The JG Bar-10 is built with mobility and affordability in mind, sporting a hollow, polymer stock. Resultingly, the entire package is quite lightweight when compared to similar airsoft sniper rifles. For improved grip, the stock is rubberized with a subtle texture, making the airsoft rifle easier to maneuver with. Despite its price point, the Bar-10’s external construction is surprisingly sturdy. A rubber butt plate ensures greater comfort. The rifle weighs 6.0 pounds.

The Bar-10 comes outfitted with a scope out of the box if you choose. A top-mounted Weaver rail accommodates your preferred optics. Buyers can also purchase a bipod, which attaches via a Harris lug.

The Bar-10 is a bolt action, single-shot rifle. Initially, that action isn’t perfect – before breaking in the bolt mechanism, there can be some friction. Typically, this catch will smoothen out with use.

The rifle comes with an aluminum alloy trigger assembly for improved durability. An adjustable trigger break will appeal to picky shooters. Lastly, the Bar-10’s internals all fully compatible with all Tokyo Marui VSR-10 upgrade parts, making it a great long-term investment.

The safety may catch some people off guard. It’s a push-button mechanism near the back of the bolt. Accordingly, the airsoft gun’s safety can be inadvertently switched on by racking the bolt without fully raising the handle.


The Bar-10 claims a stock muzzle velocity of 450-470 with .20g BBs. As you’ll want to shoot heavier rounds out of this sniper, expect that velocity to drop accordingly. If preserving stock velocity is important with heavy rounds, expect to upgrade some key internals.

The rifle is spring powered with a relatively smooth bolt pull. Bear in mind that if you don’t fully return the bolt handle to its downward position, the gun will not fire. This is something to look out for in quick-shot scenarios when reloading is rapid.

The standard magazine holds 30 rounds and the package includes one-speed loader. Caution, however – the magazine does have a reputation for double feeding at times. An adjustable, metal hop up helps shots fly more accurately downfield. This hop up can be tricky to configure, unfortunately.

Accurate shots are relatively easy to place when the rifle is dialed in. Despite occasional feed issues, the rifle is reliable and slings rounds consistently. We can easily say that the appraisal this airsoft gun has been getting from the airsoft community absolutely warranted.


Just like the TM VSR-10, the JG Bar-10 has a ton of aftermarket parts available, which gives you flexibility in customizing and upgrading the rifle. If a part breaks, find a replacement part is very easy as many suppliers carry these parts. You should be able to drastically improve the range of your rifle as well.

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