Robosapien X Review: The Remote Control Humanoid Robot

robosapien x review

Back in 2004, WowWee produced a popular robot toy called Robosapien. Now, for its tenth anniversary, they’re at it again, releasing the newest generation of these programmable robots. The Robosapien X promises a lot of new features and improvements on the original, but will it live up to the hype? Today, we will take a peek inside the box and find out for ourselves with this Robosapien X review.

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Who is Robosapien X?

Robosapien X is the latest humanoid robot from WowWee. He looks a bit like a Star Wars storm trooper with a helmet with a retractable visor. He has two different types of hands.

One has flat fingers while the other resembles a claw. This makes it possible for Robosapien X to pick up a wide variety of items. To further facilitate this, he includes a small black plastic cup which can be used to hold items that are too small for him to grasp.

Robosapien X  has sixty-seven preprogrammed routines for hours of fun. Beyond that, he has the capability to program your own routines. This makes him an ever-expanding robot toy.

What’s in the Box?

  • WowWee Robosapien X robot
  • Remote Control
  • Black-and-white robot head-shaped IR Dongle which allows your Robosapien X to be controlled via iOS or Android device
  • Instruction manual
  • Black plastic cup for lifting small objects

Robosapien X Video

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of Robosapien X!

First Thoughts

The Robosapien X packaging is very detailed. It has a clear plastic front panel so you can easily see your robot inside. The back of the box prominently lists some of the many features this versatile robot has. The package was a bit hard to open, mainly due to the robot’s size making it unwieldy to move.


The Robosapien X is a humanoid robot with two types of grabbers for picking up objects. He also has a retractable visor which can be pulled down to cover his face to make use of the IR controls easier when lighting is poor. Beyond that, he has censors on the heel and toe of each foot as well as on the longest finger in each hand. These will let him know when he has run into something. He also has a sonic sensor on his chest to pick up loud sounds in his environment.

The Robosapien X comes in a variety of colors including blue, red and white, so you have some choice where color is concerned. He stands at a whopping fourteen inches tall, which is pretty tall for a toy robot.

Robosapien is made of durable plastic. This isn’t the toy your child is likely to break in a day. However, he does tend to fall over frequently if you run him on thicker pile carpeting so be aware of that.

How It Works

The Robosapien X operates using an infrared controller, or an included iOS/Android Dongle plugged directly into your smart phone or tablet. Using one of these methods you can not only control your bot but also program it to do other things. The number of routines is amazing.

This bot operates on four D batteries, two tucked into each foot. You will need a Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartments. The Robosapien X can get about six hours battery life from a single charge if you are playing nonstop.

The remote for the robot takes three AAA batteries. Like the batteries for the robot itself, these are not included. The Dongle for your smart device also takes three LR-44 batteries, the type used in many watches. These are included.

If you don’t want to power the remote using batteries, simply use your smart phone and the downloadable app. In fact, we found the app to be easier to operate than the remote.


Your new Robosapien X robot is completely controllable and completely programmable. Want him to raise his right hand? There’s a button on the remote for that. Want him to dance? Rap? Do kung fu? There are buttons for all of those actions too. In fact, there are twenty-one buttons on Robosapien X’s remote control. Each button has three functions, accessed by pressing the desired button once for the first action and then that button plus the select button once or twice for each additional action.

This remote is not intuitive, so unless you want to just sit and punch buttons to figure out what exactly they all do, then you would be best off to read the manual first. Small children may get frustrated with all the buttons, in fact, even though they are color coded so that you have a visual guide to the three sections. The top section of buttons controls RoboSapien’s arms. The middle set controls leg movements, and the bottom set concern the programming of new routines.

The Robosapien X is 100% programmable. This means that by using your remote or the app on your smart device, you can program in routines for him to do which you can then save and replay later. These routines incorporate in input from all four of Robosapien X’s sensors. For example, you could have a routine set up so that when you tap the sensor on his right heel, he walks forward and gives you a high five, turn around, walk to the left and pick up an item. These routines can get quite complicated, and with the Robosapien X you can now save them to execute later. Your robot will remember exactly what you have asked him to do. If you are using the smart phone app, these routines could even have an unlimited number of steps.

If you do not want to program your own routines, this bot is still a lot of fun. With just a few button presses, he could give you a high five or show you his kung fu moves. He can even dance while playing his own dance music.

WowWee have updated the movement for this Robosapien X. It is now much more fluid and lifelike than ever. Furthermore, it boasts faster running and turning as well as an improved gait. This makes your new robot pal look even cooler than ever before!

The Robosapien also features sound effects to let you know how he is feeling and what he is thinking. He can grunt, burp, groan and make a variety of other sounds. These all enhance play significantly, though the voice does get rather annoying after a while in our opinion.

Speaking of sounds, the Robosapien X can hear sounds in his environment using the sonic sensor on his chest. Normally when he hears a sharp sound, he will grunt. However, using the programming functionality on this robot, you can record a sonic routine that triggers when he hears a sharp sound instead.

The App

The free RoboControl app for Android and iOS devices works on most newer smart devices. It makes controlling your Robosapien X even easier. The app also contains a few features that you will not otherwise have access to. To use the app, simply plug the black-and-white robot head-shaped dongle into your smart device’s headphone jack and launch the app.

In path tracing mode, draw a path for Robosapien to follow on your device screen. He will follow your path. Be careful to draw around any obstacles in the room. Though Robosapien can tell when he runs into objects. However he cannot avoid them.

The app also allows you to program routines for your Robosapien X with unlimited steps. This way you are not limited to the number of steps the remote will allow. The app will allow you to save your routines, just as the remote will.

The app also features all the commands the remote has, but with much clearer labels. This means that if you want, you can ditch the complex remote entirely and simply use the app.


That’s the end of our Robosapien X review! Over all, the Robosapien X is a fun robot toy.  He has sixty-seven functions, programmable into an almost infinite amount of patterns. However, the novelty may wear off quickly for less advanced users who are not creating routines. Further, if you run the Robosapien X on thick pile carpet, he can fall over. It is best to run him on a hard, flat surface. The Robosapien X does not do stairs. We also found that his voice could get a bit annoying after a while, but that is of course subjective and you may not have that problem.

The bottom line is this: if you want a robot who is adorable, fun to play with and fully programmable, this may be the robot for you. If you don’t want to create routines, then you might be served better by another bot. Even so, the Robosapien X is a fun one to play with, especially if you have the patience to master the controls.

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