Syma S107G Review: The Low Cost Copter

syma s107g review

Did you ever want a low-cost RC helicopter with perfect precision, one which would take off and land on soft surfaces, one that was light and portable enough to be taken anywhere? If so, the Syma S107G might just be the helicopter you’ve always wanted. We created this Syma S107G review to see for ourselves how good this bad boy really is.

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What is the Syma S107G?

 The Syma S107G is a micro helicopter of the highest quality. It has a three-channel remote and a trim control for the perfect flight. It also has the latest in gyroscope technology, meaning that this little helicopter will fly perfectly every time and can land on soft surfaces that aren’t quite flat.

Syma is one of the leading R/C helicopter manufacturers. They are located in Hong Kong, China. They have been making R/C helicopters for over ten years.

What’s in the Box?

  • Syma s107G mini aluminum helicopter
  • USB charging cable for computer charging of your Syma S107G
  • Control with Three flight channels and a port for charging your helicopter
  • Owner’s Manual with spare parts list
  • Extra tail rotor

 First Thoughts

 The S107G comes in a tight little package. Opening the box is a snap. Simply snip the pieces of tape on either end of the box and slide the Styrofoam inner package out. The helicopter and remote are held in with small wire ties. Simply untwist these ties and everything comes right out without a hitch.


 The Syma S107G comes in a variety of colors so you can find your favorite one. It is approximately 7.5 inches long, so it can land in your palm and almost fit in a pocket. The body of this tiny R/C helicopter is made of metal instead of plastic. This makes for much more precision in parts, allowing for a better flight overall. It also features a free-floating, flexible coaxial rotor, which has less of a likelihood of breaking if you crash the helicopter.

 How Does It Fly?

 The Syma S107G is a joy to fly. It can take off from both hard, flat surfaces and those which are softer, and there’s no wrenching of the controls needed. It takes off straight away and flies smoothly. There is no spring in the throttle. This means the throttle will stay in the exact position you put it in without springing back which gives you much more control of your helicopter.

The Syma S107G is also incredibly stable. If you poke it enough, it will eventually fall. However, it takes several pokes to make this happen. This helicopter will fly exactly where you tell it to with absolute precision.

There are also three channels on the remote. This allows you to control Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Backward on your RC helicopter.

Charge time on this helicopter is between thirty and forty-five minutes and you can either charge directly from the transmitter by plugging your helicopter in, or charge from your computer or a non-included wall adapter using the included USB cord. Syma even included a generous amount of wire so that your helicopter isn’t just awkwardly hanging out of the side of your computer.


 The Syma S107G is perfect for everyone who wants a light-weight easy-to-use helicopter. This means that both beginners and experts can easily use this tiny R/C vehicle.

The controller for this helicopter features settings to allow it to fly in all directions. This one is not limited to up and down, left and right. That means that it is super versatile.

It also features a very flexible upward-facing coaxial tail rotor, meaning that there are two rotors stacked atop one another. When it is not in the air, these rotors will flop around loosely, as they are free floating. When the helicopter is in flight, however, the rotors stabilize on their own. These rotors spin in the opposite direction of one another, which cancels out the torque that each produces. Further, this spin provides added gyroscopic action which makes the helicopter much more stable. And if you crash the S107G, this kind of rotor is far less likely to break, limiting the amount of rotors you have to replace. If you do crash it and break something, spare parts are really easy to find, however.

This little copter also features the latest in gyroscope technology to keep your flight stable. No need to worry about drifting or rolling or flipping unless you want that to happen. Your helicopter’s movements will be just as smooth or as robotic as you want them to be.

Your new helicopter is powered by three motors, two in the main body and one in the tail rotor. This way you get amazing lift and power when you are in the air.

The Syma S107G also features a light under the nose. This means you’ll be able to see it if you’re flying in a darkened room. There is also a power indicator which allows you to charge the helicopter in a foolproof manner. When charging your Syma S107G, the light will turn red. When it finishes charging, the light turns green so you always get a full charge every time.

Speaking of charging, doing so is a snap. Either plug your Syma into your PC for between thirty and forty-five minutes, or plug it directly into the transmitter’s built-in charging port. The transmitter takes six AA batteries. These are not included. Charging from the transmitter will drain your batteries much faster than charging from your computer will. However, the option is there should you need it.


That concludes our Syma S107G review. The Syma S107G is an amazing little copter for indoor flight. It is fun, easy to use and perfect for both beginners and experts. Unless you are getting cocky, crashes are relatively infrequent due to the helicopter’s stability, and right out of the box you can fly it. No need to do anything but charge up that battery. We found this bird to be absolutely perfect and a lot of fun to fly, and we’d recommend it to anyone.

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