traxxas slash review

Traxxas Slash Review: Short Course Racing Truck

traxxas slash review

Are you looking for a perfect car to go off road with, a car that will handle loam, dirt clods, mud, grass, and pretty much anything else you throw at it while still being able to do some laps at the track?

If so, the Traxxas Slash 4×4 might just be the truck for you. Traxxas, headquartered in McKinney, Texas  has been making excellent RC cars, boats and quadcopters since 1986. In fact, their slogan is “The fastest name in RC”, which they have definitely been living up to if this car is any indication.

Stability control is an important innovation to the RC hobby. To that end, the Slash comes with TSM (Traxxas Stability Management). How well does this type of stability control size up? Should you cut the check for a Traxxas Slash or buy another model? That is what we set out to find out today with this Traxxas Slash review.

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What’s In The Box?

  • Traxxas Slash 4X4 Short-course truck
  • Manual
  • Remote control

Note: With this truck, you will need to pick your own transmitter and receiver, as well as what type of battery you would like.

First Thoughts

The people at Traxxas do an amazing job of securing their products in the packaging. Not only is the truck itself wrapped securely in plastic, but they have also wrapped the body in an extra layer of plastic as well. This prevents scratches and dings to your vehicle as well as any shocks, drops and falls that could occur during shipping. The ends of the box are closed off with thick styrofoam braces. Your new RC truck isn’t going to go anywhere and is secure inside the box.


Your Slash’s body is clear. This means that you can paint it any color or pattern you want. Furthermore, you get to choose your own transmitter, receiver and battery  for extra customization and power.

The body is made of polycarbonate. This means that the Slash will take a lot of abuse and still keep right on going, perfect for those of you who want to bash off road.

How Does It Drive?

All the things your Slash has going on under the hood are amazing, but what do they say about the way it drives? Firstly, the Slash is good for bashing and racing, if you aren’t a serious racer. If you want to race competitively, you will need to make some modifications to it. If, however, you want to head down to the track and get some laps, the Slash is perfect.

If you are a basher and just want to drive, the Slash is your truck. It will drive through mud, loose dirt, clods, grass, gravel  and even snow without a problem. Seeing as it has four-wheel drive, the Slash has extra traction not offered by a two-wheel drive car. Because all four wheels are powering, you also have improved control in the air. An adjustable differential and sway bars also add to the stability. This means that no matter which you are doing, either bashing or racing, your Slash has you covered.

The charge time for the Slash depends on what battery/charger you install in it, as neither battery nor charger comes with this fully customizable power house. This RC truck will get up to sixty miles per hour, depending on the combination of transmitter, receiver and battery used.


The Slash features an adjustable, silicon-filled differential and sway bars. This means that you can customize it for almost any terrain or track you might be running on.

Beyond that, this beast has waterproof electronics with low voltage protection and a rigid, low center of gravity chassis. This means that it can get some blazing fast speeds.

The Slash also boasts hard-anodized and PTFE-coated aluminum GTR shocks with titanium nitride-coated shafts as well as Blue-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum C-hubs, steering blocks, rear hub carriers, and axle nuts.

Driving an RC vehicle means that something will inevitably break and need replacing. To this end, Traxxas offers parts at an inexpensive price so you can fix whatever has broken. Smaller parts or things that break more easily can actually normally be found for under five dollars. What’s more, these parts are widely available. They can be purchased anywhere where RC vehicles are sold as well as through your local hobby shop.

The Slash also comes with TSM, (Traxxas Stability Management.) This means that your car will correct its stability whenever possible. Furthermore, you will get a smoother ride, with less squirreliness and fishtailing on slippery or loose surfaces.


Over all, the Slash is an amazing truck. However, there’s one downside. If you are bashing off road, dirt and debris tends to get trapped under your truck and can damage components. Installing a dust cover can fix this issue.

However, if you happen to live in an area with hot summers, your Slash may slow down as the motor heats up. It is always important to keep an eye on your motor temperatures, especially if you live somewhere where the ambient temperature tends to be over a hundred degrees. If you happen to live in an area like this, it is best to run your Slash either in the morning while it is cool or at night. This way you won’t have to let your car cool down between runs.


This concludes our Traxxas Slash review. This RC truck is an amazing bang for your buck, and a lot of upgrades come prepackaged with this one. It drives like a dream, whether you are racing or bashing and will take tons of serious bashing abuse without a problem.

If you do happen to break something, parts are inexpensive and readily available and the truck is almost completely customizable, so you can have any configuration of transmitter, receiver and battery you like. You can also paint the clear body yourself, adding to the fun. If you want a powerful, customizable and versatile vehicle, the Slash may be the one for you.

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