Traxxas Stampede Review: Ready to Race Monster Truck

traxxas stampede review

Are you looking for a good RC monster truck? Just getting into the hobby or trying to get someone you know into it? Wanting something that can drive in almost any conditions?

Try a Traxxas Stampede on for size. This bad boy can handle almost anything you throw at it, and even better it comes assembled straight out of the box. No need to choose your own transmitter and receiver. It comes with all of that and the batteries are included. However, Traxxas cars are easily modified, just in case that default setup doesn’t suit your fancy. We were impressed, so we decided to create this Traxxas Stampede review.

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What is a Traxxas Stampede Ready to Race Monster Truck?

 The Stampede is the best of monster truck fun. It features waterproof electronics which means that this truck will easily take anything you want to throw at it, mud, rain or snow with no problem. Also, it’s tall enough to clear anything the ground has to offer. This means it’ll mow right over those big rocks and dirt clods. This Stampede also has more horsepower than ever before and is packed to the brim with other amazing features as well.

What’s In the Box

  • Traxxas RC monster truck (colors vary)
  • Remote control for controlling your truck
  • Manual
  • Wall adapter for charging your truck

Traxxas Stampede Video

Check out the video below to see the Stampede in action!

First Thoughts

 As always, Traxxas are incredibly careful when packing their RC vehicles. Everything inside the box comes wrapped in layers of plastic. The truck itself comes wrapped in a layer, but there is another layer wrapped around the body and taped on. This prevents dinging and scratching of the paint job on your truck and also prevents any damage that would occur during transit from the warehouse to the store. The ends of the package are also capped off with thick Styrofoam braces to hold everything in place so it will all remain secure.


 The Stampede comes in a variety of colors, everything from pink to silver. The paint scheme, however, takes cues from Courtney Force’s funny car design. It also features 2.4 gigahertz radio bands and a fully independent suspension for ease of driving. This grade-a monster truck also features a Titan twelve-turn 550 motor modified for racing and is a two-wheel drive.

The Traxxas can get up to thirty minutes per charge with the stock battery and charger combo, and charging takes forty-five minutes. If this isn’t enough run time for you, however, the Stampede can be upgraded to a li-Po battery and a much better charger for increased charge and run times.

The Stampede is made of durable polycarbonate plastic. This means it can withstand almost any abuse you dish out and still keep right on driving. Waterproof electronics mean that you can drive through puddles, in mud and even in snow without damaging your truck. But enough with the technical talk. How does this bad boy drive?

Driving Your Stampede

 The Stampede is amazing to drive. It maneuvers like a dream, shredding through grass and over dirt clods. It also will fly over rocks without any problems due to its drive over anything height and tough suspension. And if you want to bash off road, the Stampede has you covered. It’s a pro at popping wheelies and catching big air.

If the ground happens to be slippery, don’t worry. The Stampede’s Revo-spec Talon tires provide traction on any surface, tearing through rocks, gripping onto pavement and kicking up a ton of roost. The tires also include performance-tuned foam inserts to increase stability on any surface.


 The Stampede features a precision 2.4GHZ radio system which means there’re no frequencies that you have to fiddle with. Just switch it on and drive. If you’re getting a young or new driver into the hobby, this truck also includes a training mode. The training mode limits the throttle power to about half while keeping power to the brakes at full. That way, your new or young driver can get the hang of controlling the truck before they go all out. This mode even lets you hand off the transmitter to someone who’s never driven at all before with confidence.

To increase your runtime and minimize your downtime, the Stampede also comes with a four-amp DC peak-detecting fast charger. This charger has circuitry to ensure that you get a full charge every time. Simply plug it into a wall outlet, and it starts charging as soon as the battery is connected. The powerful charging LED flashes green when charging is in progress and then turns solid green when you’re finished. That way there’s no under-charging or over-charging.

To accompany that charger, this truck also comes with a Traxxas Power Cell NiMH Battery with iD™. This battery pack is optimized for a powerful punch and features heavy-duty welded tabs and silicon-jacketed wire along with flexible, low-resistance cells.

To make the Stampede just as fast as it looks, Traxxas included a waterproof XL5 speed control. This type of control features smooth high-frequency operation and superb high-power handling.

Another great feature of the Stampede is that you never have to adjust the differential. Traxxas loaded this beast with a planetary differential. Simply take your new monster truck out of the box, charge a battery and go have some wheelie-popping fun.

Speaking of charging, the batteries in this monster truck are very easy to remove. Traxxas uses a quick-release battery hold latch. Simply pop the latch and out come the batteries, for quick, easy charging.

Quick Note

 If you are planning on getting this truck for a child under the age of sixteen, please supervise them as they operate the vehicle. Even though there is a training mode, adult supervision is still necessary, and all maintenance and charging on the vehicle should be done by an adult for safety sake.


 This concludes our Traxxas Stampede review. If you’re looking for a monster truck that will handle anything you throw at it, including wet, muddy tracks, snow, jumps, wheelies and monster bashing, look no further. There is a reason Stampedes are the favorite monster truck of many hobbyists, and this particular model is a perfect example of that. It was a dream to drive, took on any terrain, and kept right on going. If you do manage to break something, however, Traxxas offers inexpensive replacement parts, making it easy to repair your truck and be up and running again in no time.

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