WELL’s MB Lineup Offers Versatility for Every Player


With so many airsoft sniper rifles to choose from in today’s market, Well’s MB lineup is usually lost in the shuffle. I decided to look at their sniper rifles today to see whether these rifles were worth getting or not. Here’s what I found.

WELL MB-03 (VSR-10)

First Impressions

The MB-03 is suited for players seeking a VSR-10 inspired rifle for their sniping loadout. WELL offers players a choice between four different exterior finishes: Black, Desert, Imitation Wood, and OD Green. This makes it easy to match the MB- 03 to your ideal playing environment. Each finish is weather resistant and sutiable for most playing conditions. The overall package includes the MB-03 rifle, a standard 30-round magazine, and a speed loader. Players may also purchase both a scope and bipod as add-ons.

The MB-03 weighs about 5.4 pounds and is 46 inches long. Its barrel measures 16.9 inches with a stock diameter of 6.08mm. The rifle is constructed primarily of polymer, yet features a full-metal bolt assembly and trigger box. With a Picatinny top rail fashioned from metal, the gun accepts one’s preferred optics while remaining durable. Everything is built around an ergonomic, M700-inspired stock design for comfortable shooting.


The MB-03 boasts a muzzle velocity of 400-450FPS with .20g BBs with standard components. However, players will likely want to use heavier ammo for increased range and accuracy. WELL recommends .25g or higher, which aligns with feedback from other reviewers. Players can expect accurate groupings out to approximately 150 feet or more, depending on BBs and out-of-the-box velocity. As with most airsoft rifles, each product will vary slightly in terms of stock performance.

However, the MB-03 has aspirations beyond its standard configuration. The rifle is compatible with Tokyo Marui upgrade parts, which are both reliable and widely available. Without a doubt, players can transform the 03 into a fearsome sniping package. The stock setup provides a great foundation for parts swapping. For this reason, improved performance is easy to find. We suggest a tight-bore barrel and a

spring upgrade, especially given the metal assembly. Coupling this with heavier BBs ensures optimal range and accuracy.

The Bottom Line

The MB-03 is a budget weapon with rave reviews and outstanding potential. Players should view the weapon as a high-quality platform that can grow alongside them. Given the solid construction and performance, WELL’s MB-03 will last a long time when cared for.

Just be on the lookout for some misfeeds, a somewhat-common issue with the rifle. However, this problem is heavily outweighed by the MB-03’s cost to performance ratio, which is excellent.


First Impressions

The MB-04 represents a departure from the traditional M700 form factor, instead offering a more modular appearance. The design is noticeably modern and comes in one finish – black. Featuring a large bolt pull and pistol grip, the rifle is easy to reload and comfortable to shoulder. The box includes the MB-04 rifle, a 30-round magazine, and a sling. Players can also purchase a package which includes both a scope and bipod. Keep in mind that this bipod can sometimes be wobbly.

Like most sniper rifles, the MB-04 has a polymer stock. However, it features an adjustable cheek pad, a rubber butt pad, and a full-metal barrel. Its receiver and rail systems are also metal. The rifle is noticeably heavier than its MB-03 cousin – almost twice as heavy, in fact. The MB-04 weighs approximately 10 pounds, which may turn some players off. However, this is a side effect of its impressive durability. The rifle is 120 centimeters long, the barrel accounting for half of that total length.


The MB-04 impresses with a stock muzzle velocity of 450-490 FPS with .20g BBs. As always, you’ll want to use heavier ammo to find that performance sweet spot. Without upgrades, the rifle can accurately hit targets at about 150-200 feet. The hop up is effective, but is tricky to access, requiring a screwdriver. This can make quick adjustments tricky and increases the risk of breakage without care.

The MB-04 is not a VSR-10 clone, which means it lacks compatibility with many Tokyo Marui internals. Based around the MK/UTG L96 blueprint, it is still quite customizable. Grab yourself a tighter barrel and watch your accuracy sore. We also recommend a metal gearbox, as the standard plastic internals are subject to durability issues over time. However, this sniping package is quite capable without any major upgrades.

The Bottom Line

The MB-04 is made with budget players in mind, just dipping its toes into the mid- range market. At $135, the rifle offers an impressive mix of upgradeability and performance. The design provides flexibility that will appeal to many types of players. If you’re a stationary sniper, this weapon will be golden in your hands. However, mobile players might find it a little heavy for their tastes.

WELL MB-05 (Shadow Ops SR-22)

First Impressions

The MB-05 shares design similarities with its predecessor in the MB lineup, offering the same modular build. Present are the familiar adjustable butt plate and open grip which make handling a breeze. However, the MB-05 comes in three finishes: Black, OD Green, and Tan. For this reason, the rifle is better suited for environments requiring some form of concealment. Optional packages include a 3- 9×40 scope and bipod.

The stock is constructed from a weighty, durable polymer, and includes a top rail fit for optics. Resembling marksman-style rifles, the MB-05 looks imposing and ready for battle. A metal barrel and bolt assembly can take abuse in the field, offering

peace of mind to shooters who jostle their rifles often. The rifle is 45.6 inches long with an inner barrel measuring 19.7 inches. It comes with a 22-round magazine.


The MB-05 shines when it comes to out-of-the-box power, shooting a brisk 490- 530FPS with .20g BBs. With so much power available straight away, stepping up to heavier BB weights shouldn’t be an issue. If players do choose to upgrade, that option is available. The MB-05 accepts Maruzen Type96 components, opening the door for higher velocities and reliability. This is especially useful for key internals and the trigger assembly, fashioned from plastic.

Owners report success shooting human-sized targets in excess of 150-200 feet. Reloading is reliable, though the bolt mechanism can take some time to loosen up. The included hop up is adjustable, but reviews are mixed on its overall quality. Overall, we recommend upgrading to metal internals and a tighter barrel for players who value both longevity and accuracy. However, the gun is no slouch with standard components.

The Bottom Line

Largely inexpensive considering the overall package, the MB-05 is a solid sniper rifle for those with a modest budget. It’s a great option for beginner and advanced snipers due to its upgrade potential. While built solidly externally, players may want to invest in some internal upgrades to avoid problems down the road.

WELL MB-06 (SR-2)

First Impressions

The MB-06 marks the first major change in appearance for the MB lineup, blending assault-rifle styling with a modern sniping platform. It has an M4 pistol grip and its retractable stock can be set to five different positions. This helps players customize the rifle to fit their frame. The MB-06 has a polymer body which helps cut weight, especially compared to other members of the MB line. It weighs 5.25 pounds

without scopes and attachments. Included in the box is the MB-06 rifle, a 27-round magazine, a speed loader, and a sling.

The rifle is 42 inches long when fully extended and 39.2 inches when fully retracted. It is compact in comparison to traditional sniper rifles, making it more maneuverable and concealable.


The MB-06 claims a muzzle velocity of 440-450FPS with stock internals. Those internals are of the L96 variety, and players can upgrade these with equivalent parts. When using heavier BBs, this may be a necessity.

With standard internals, the rifle can hit targets approximately 150 feet away. Players wanting to extend that range should consider spring upgrades and a tighter barrel. Aside from the stock, most parts are made from metal.

The Bottom Line

The MB-06 is a solid rifle for beginners and intermediate players. It offers good accuracy without upgrades and shoots at a mid-high velocity. It is a budget rifle that doesn’t force newer players to make performance compromises. While some reviews report stubbornness with the bolt mechanism, this typically works itself out with time. Until then, rounds can occasionally chamber themselves inconsistently.

WELL MB-07 (VSR-10)

First Impressions

Like the MB-03, the MB-07 emulates the VSR-10 while incorporating unique design elements. The barrel is fluted and features a large muzzle break, which looks intimidating. A built-in Picatinny/Weaver rail allows players to mount their favorite scope. The MB-07’s polymer stock comes in four different finishes: Black, Desert,

Imitation Wood, and OD Green. It comes with a metal bipod and 30-round magazine, while an upgraded package includes a 3-9×40 scope.

The rifle is 49.6 inches long, with a 16.9-inch barrel. While this is adequate, we have seen longer barrels in other MB models. Weighing in at 7 pounds, the MB-07 is hefty without being unwieldy.


The WELL MB-07 shoots a respectable 390-400FPS. While not the quickest shooter of the bunch, the MB-07 should still be perfectly serviceable in mid-range skirmishes. For longer-range battles, players can benefit from upgrades.

The rifle shoots accurately up to 150 feet, though precision tapers off beyond that. While heavy BBs are a great asset, a spring upgrade is necessary to extend that range. The trigger box is on the cheaper side, which can lead to firing issues down the line. Make sure to firmly hit the magazine into place to avoid feeding hang ups.

The Bottom Line

The MB-07 is great for beginners and intermediate players who don’t shy away from minor upgrades. It’s a capable long-range weapon, though it doesn’t boast the range of similar alternatives. Thankfully, players don’t need deep pockets to purchase the MB-07. Players seeking good performance for the price should have no reservations pulling the trigger.

WELL MB-09 (VSR-10)

First Impressions

One of the first things players will notice about the MB-09 is the unique stock design. WELL replaces the solid stock with a cutout design, saving weight while adding some flair. At the front, a curved shape lets the stock rest comfortable in the hand. The stock is polymer to save weight, though the MB-09 is available with a

genuine wooden stock. Alternatively, WELL offers three exterior finishes: Black, Imitation Wood, and OD Green.

The barrel is fluted and metal, as is the bolt assembly. The MB-09 measures 46 inches in length and weighs 5.4 pounds. Being a VSR-style rifle, it comes with a VSR trigger box. The package comes with the MB-09 rifle and a 21-round magazine.


Out of the box, the MB-09 slings BBs at 450-500FPS – sufficient power for long- range shooting. Owners report that WELL’s estimates are accurate. If players do elect to upgrade, they can choose from an assortment of Tokyo Marui VSR-10 components.

The MB-09 can hit targets over 150 feet away with ease, especially with a quality scope. VSR-10 rifles are typically renowned for their accuracy, and this is no exception. The hop up is easily accessible on the barrel and provides good results when dialed in. The bolt is a bit stubborn at first but is very strong. As an added bonus, the rifle fires quietly despite its high power.

The Bottom Line

The WELL MB09 is a great gun for players of all skill levels. It offers decent customizability with styling that’ll turn heads. This is a great gun for both open and urban environments, and its bevy of available accessories makes sniping a breeze. It’s an accessible option for most players.

WELL MB-11 (VSR-10)

First Impressions

The WELL MB-11 is another VSR-10 clone, yet offers unique design features to set it apart. It has a hollow, polymer stock that emulates assault-style weapons. Furthermore, an ergonomic pistol grip makes the rifle easy to handle while providing a natural feel. The package includes a scope, bipod, mounting rings for

easy attachment, and a 21-round magazine. Sling mounts are also present. It shares a muzzle break with some of its MB cousins.

The MB-11 is 46 inches long and is hefty in weight. However, the polymer design ensures the MB-11’s carry weight isn’t excessive. A contoured cheek pad translates into superb shooting comfort. Both the bolt mechanism and trigger assembly are fully metal, making the rifle shock resistant and durable.


The MB-11 underwhelms in terms of muzzle velocity, rated at 370-380FPS. Compared to other MB models, this is slightly below average. However, players have the option to upgrade all internal components built to Shadow Op, Maruzen, and Angel specifications.

Ranges realistically hover around 40-50 yards with heavier BBs, though this can be extended under perfect conditions. In its standard configuration the MB-11 is quite accurate, though this can be improved via upgrades. An adjustable hop-up system allows players to shape their shots accordingly. The rifle is quiet, and a featherweight trigger pull makes shooting easier.

The Bottom Line

The MB-11 is made for snipers seeking an accurate VSR-10 platform with killer looks. The performance is decent for the price, though this could be improved easily with minor upgrades. The rifle throws in some nice customizability to boot, adding value to the package.

The MB-11 is suited for shooters of all skill levels, but is most at home on the intermediate portion of the spectrum. The gun marginally prices itself out of the budget category, yet won’t empty the wallet.


The WELL MB-12 comes in the same package as the MB-11. However, it is rated for an improved 445-455 FPS with stock components. In addition, the internals of the rifle differ. Built using VSR-10 internals, it’s compatible with all Tokyo Marui VSR-10 upgrade parts. The previous model, the MB-11, was compatible with Maruzen and Shadow Op upgrade parts.

*Everything else appears to be equal, including build and length.

WELL MB-13 (SR-2 Shadow Op)

First Impressions

The MB-13 has the closest design in relation to typical assault-style rifles, thanks to its hybrid form factor. Arguably the most-modern option in the MB family, it features an AR-15 inspired pistol grip and extendable stock. This polymer stock is textured for improved handling. However, the rifle remains a ranged weapon at heart, complete with a mounting rail for optics. Included in the box is the MB-13 rifle, a 30-round magazine, and a bipod. A 3-9×40 scope is an optional upgrade.

The rifle is the lightest of the bunch, weighing in at only 4.4 pounds. It’s also compact, measuring a stubby 38.5 to 42 inches depending on stock extension. This gun is made to handle a plethora of environments, while keeping a lower profile. It has both a metal barrel and receiver.


WELL’s MB-13 propels BBs at a speed of 430-440FPS, optimal for mid to long range combat. It comes pre-upgraded with a high-powered spring. Thanks to its ergonomic design, players will want to use it in any environment, and should feel confident doing so. Upgrading the barrel and piston guide will also help players squeeze more velocity out of their MB-13, though this isn’t critical. For players who elect to do this, keep an eye out for Shadow Op and Type96 components.

Range is middling to good, though adjusting the hop up is essential out of the box. This can be a tricky process, however. An Allen wrench is required to tweak things,

which isn’t user friendly in the field. Thankfully, this is not something players will often have to do.

The Bottom Line

Players will love the MB-13 because it stands apart from other offerings in the lineup. It’s a quality sniping package without looking like a traditional sniper, and offers great portability. Beginner and intermediate players will mainly appreciate the MB-13, though skilled players could make usable upgrades.